These three taboos that make love overturn will make men alienate you more and more

 These three taboos that make love overturn will make men alienate you more and more

My father-in-law also told me that he wanted me to have a son and a daughter, and only recently did he know that he had been swiping more than 100000 credit cards from me.

Im worried about our future. I dont want to go to his remote hometown in the countryside. I just want to settle down in the place where I work. But his parents and relatives constantly brainwashed me to his hometown, which makes me feel less and less secure.

Quarrels break down again and again. He is a man of avoidance. Every quarrel is a silent escape, or nothing happens. Even if I communicate actively, he is silent.

For example, in terms of economy, two people are open and frank, they go to their parents houses in turn for the new year, how to solve the quarrel, how to share the housework, etc. as long as two people disagree, they can put forward and communicate face to face.

But even if we reach a consensus to make this rule, we still havent had several days, because I found out that he swiped more than 100000 credit cards from me, and the two fell into a cold war deadlock again.

After marriage, the economic conditions have not improved, but also because of family size, parents in law and relatives involved, we have a lot of contradictions, feelings are increasingly alienated.

Far married, no house, no money, he is still in debt. Now I am in a dilemma every day. I dont know whether to divorce or to continue.

The mans biggest problem is to objectify women. He gives the hostess and all readers the feeling that he regards a woman as a tool man.

Its hard to feel love in this relationship because of these non-negotiable rules.

Before marriage or a long-term relationship between two people, it should be made clear whether the other party and you are the same person in the world, and whether you have a set of harmonious and consistent three views.

I can give a pessimistic prediction:

No matter whether the mistress chooses to divorce or continue, if she doesnt change or try to become a better herself, even if she meets a man who really loves her, it will inevitably fall short and its hard to have a good result.

There are three reasons:

First, the woman has a strong desire for control, and this control should be carried out in the guise of a so-called family rules agreement.

How to do it every night, how to do it every day, when two people have a conflict, the script has to be written according to her, when she is out of control, the other side should hold her tightly and so on.

These are really terrible. No man with autonomy can accept them.

Second, she idealized all the problems.

How can a dodger who runs in the face of an attack have the energy to open his hands and hug you?

You are asking for a superman. Only Superman like you from the stars can do this.

Third, lack of flexibility.

I know that myself, but I cant.

I have repeatedly said that what we can do is to get up early with flexibility, which is quite possible.

This can only be done by robots.

Finally, I hope this girl can become a strong, willing to respect others, able to understand the reality and flexible woman, which is the real human.