A middle school in Qingyang charges 510 yuan for online classes in winter vacation

 A middle school in Qingyang charges 510 yuan for online classes in winter vacation

The reporter contacted Qingyang No. 1 middle school educational administration office by telephone to inquire about the tuition. The teacher in the schools Academic Affairs Office answered the phone and said that after learning that some parents of students had reported to the Education Bureau, the school had already reported to the Education Bureau to explain the reason for the make-up fee. As for the questions such as whether the fee should be charged, whether the charging standard is reasonable, and whether the fee should be refunded to the students, etc., they need to wait for the specific instructions of the leaders of the Education Bureau. The teacher also said that make-up classes and fees for winter holidays are not unique to Qingyang No. 1 middle school, but are common in the local area.

A staff member of the Education Department of Qingyang Municipal Bureau of Education said that the 510 yuan charged by grade three of Qingyang No. 1 middle school to students is the make-up fee for the winter vacation from February 2 to February 24 this year and the following 10 days of weekend time. The reason for charging is that the school is short of funds, teachers have to work hard to make up lessons during holidays, and the particularity of senior three is emphasized.

Visiting local teachers, students and parents in Qingyang, Chinanet reporters learned that it is common to make up lessons on weekends and holidays. Some high school sophomores in the local middle school have already paid in advance the make-up fee for the summer vacation. In addition, the school clearly stated that it would charge for materials and make-up fees in the enrollment brochure of the 2019 senior three students.

Some senior three teachers also feel very aggrieved. In order to pursue the entrance rate of college entrance examination unilaterally, the school and the Education Bureau, regardless of the national policy, forcibly arrange teachers holidays to make up lessons for students. After being reported by the parents of the students, the Education Bureau and the school asked the teachers to refund the tuition to the students. As early as may 2015, a senior three teacher in Ningxian No.1 Middle School in Qingyang called on the Internet, how can we compensate for the holidays we have sacrificed? To this end, Qingyang municipal Party Committee Office responded on the Internet: according to the Interim Measures for the management of public expenditure of rural primary and secondary schools, public expenditure of schools shall not be used for personnel expenditure, schools cannot solve the problem of teachers supplementary subsidy.

The topic of making up lessons during holidays is a hot topic of public opinion almost every year. At the beginning of 2013, the Gansu Provincial Department of Education issued the emergency notice on prohibiting primary and secondary schools from using holidays to make up lessons, which requires the provincial municipal (prefecture) education bureaus and relevant school running units to prohibit making up lessons by using holidays in any form, effectively guarantee the legal rest rights of primary and secondary school students, and return a complete holiday for students. For senior three students who really need to organize supplementary courses in summer and winter, Gansu Provincial Department of education requires: strictly implement the principle of three voluntary. That is, students are voluntary, parents are voluntary and teachers are voluntary; if supplementary courses are made in holidays, primary and secondary schools shall make overall arrangements for making supplementary plans, and report to the education administrative department for approval and filing according to the schools management authority; strictly limit the supplementary time. The administrative departments of education at all levels shall strictly examine and approve the make-up time of summer and winter vacations for senior three, and the number of make-up days of summer and winter vacations shall not exceed one-third of the number of summer and winter vacations respectively.

In order to further strengthen the construction of primary and secondary school teachers morality and style, standardize the school running behavior of primary and secondary schools, vigorously promote quality-oriented education, effectively reduce the students academic burden, and resolutely correct the problem of strong educational style reflected by the people, the Ministry of Education issued the regulations on forbidding primary and secondary schools and on-the-job primary and secondary school teachers to make up lessons with compensation in 2015, forbidding primary and secondary schools to organize and require students to participate in To compensate for the missed lessons, the violator shall be punished by circulating a notice of criticism, administrative sanctions, etc. The Ministry of education stressed that the provincial education departments are the main body responsible for the management of paid supplementary courses. In areas with weak supervision, frequent problems and strong social repercussions, the main principals of the education departments will be strictly investigated for their responsibilities. A students parents, who were reluctant to give their names, lamented that the relevant regulations of the Ministry of education had become a false article in Qingyang City and could not be implemented. When could the illegal practice of paid supplementary courses, which has been forbidden for many times, stop?

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