Qingpingle: is love, hate, and ignorance guilty? The most painful thing is not to ask

 Qingpingle: is love, hate, and ignorance guilty? The most painful thing is not to ask



But the minister will not let go of these opportunities, and even wish that HUAIJI would die! At this moment, huirou cant care so much. Go straight out, she will protect her beloved HUAIJI through her own efforts. Huirou is wearing long hair and carrying a string puppet. She went up to the court hall in spite of the obstruction of the attendants. He recited Sima Guangs song the moon of Xijiang, the song in Baoji and the song in mournful way, which was made by Sima Guang for the beautiful encounter. The first half of the poem is about his environment, and the second part is about his inner feelings.


Baoji is made up of pine and lead. The green smoke and green fog cover is light, and the catkins are uncertain.

If we dont see each other, we cant be merciless. After Shengges dispersing, the wine wakes up at first, and the moon in the deep courtyard is quiet.

Hui Rou appeared on the court like this, and she asked Sima Guang, who did you write this word for?? Have you ever had love? Where is she? Did you abandon her? Do you think that love, hate, and infatuation are all guilty, and people should live like puppets? I, my father, my mother, should be the most exquisite and beautiful puppets for people to worship! Of course, Sima Guang will not answer this question positively. In a word, the princess has a thousand reasons and there is no way to keep HUAIJI. HUAIJI has to leave the Imperial City, which is the last line for officials and ministers.


In fact, people should not live like puppets. Even if it is exquisite and beautiful, it can only be worshipped.

Love, hate, hatred and infatuation are human nature, of course, not a sin. The most painful thing is not to ask but not to.