How do I like Xiao Zhan and dislike him?

 How do I like Xiao Zhan and dislike him?

He fell down the altar, ten thousand people spit.

Today, as a spectator, I want to talk about the whole process from liking him, to feeling nothing, to disgusting.

(no money, no white washing, welcome to discuss rationally, if you read the full text first)

On June 27, 2019, the TV series petition was launched, in which Xiao Zhan played Wei Wuxian.

The play is based on the novel the ancestor of the devil kingdom.

Xiao Zhan is besieged, cut off, stabbed, misunderstood and backed up for many times.

But even if he suffered more grievances, he was still warm and kind.

Xiao Zhans understanding and analysis of Wei Wuxians whole character is quite thorough, said Yang Xia, the chief producer of Chen Qingling

This is a very high evaluation, but also the biggest recognition of Xiao Zhan.

After that, I went to search a lot of his information, only to find that this big boy is not simple.

He didnt come from a scientific background, but he didnt give up.

It was also at that time that I began to notice the big boy.

From designer to star, and in a short period of time, its really not easy.

As everyone cheered for him, he said humbly:

I just changed my career and jumped a slot.

Low key and humility are his first impressions.

In an interview with surging news, Xiao Zhan confessed:

I dont think Im ready to be an idol. The responsibility of an idol is greater.

Yes, there are many idols, but not many good ones.

Besides, he is a new star, and there are many things to learn.

Fortunately, he realized this and didnt become arrogant because of his popularity.

His response was very just: how old are you? When my mother and brother are here, dont shout.

Three views and being responsible are his second impression on me.

He called for attention to the left behind children and to protect the innocent childhood of the children in the mountains.

He also served as a charity night publicity ambassador and charity performance guest.

Xiao Zhan once said: I think its very important for everyone to do their best and give their love. Then I hope you can move forward with me with love.

His fans responded one after another and made great contributions to the public welfare.

Kindness and positive energy are his third impression on me.

This is enough to prove that his position has weight.

From becoming popular to the top flow star, it just seems like a flash.

In fact, it has paid countless sweat and hardships.

At that time, I thought: as long as this big boy continues to maintain such a state, he will certainly have great achievements.

However, the good times are not long, this love is severely destroyed by the reality.

The shift will start two months ago.

Xiao zhanfen fights in the same circle, I believe many people have heard about it.

Let me summarize the incident briefly.

Falling down mainly said that Wang Yibo, a junior high school student, fell in love with Xiao Zhan, a woman with gender cognitive impairment.

Xiao Zhans fans are not happy when they see it. They never stop doing it.

In the fans circle, there was a ban activity immediately.

Ao3 was banned.

For a while, the author of the platform had no place to write, while the readers seemed to have lost their spiritual food.

The war began.

The course of the war will not be described. All you need to know is that Xiao Zhan became the biggest victim.

Seeing the battlefield becoming more and more intense, Xiao Zhan studio issued an apology statement.

But there is not a single word in this statement that is at the heart of the matter.

Whats more, Xiao Zhan has evaporated from the world.

No response.

Let fans control and comment on their own, human flesh, and even force the same humanistic writers to a dead end.

Xiao Zhans fans have also become the leaders of the reporting army.

Few people know that in just a few months, according to incomplete statistics, Xiao Zhan fans reported 37 platforms or bloggers in total.

Some people may say: This is the behavior of fans. Whats the matter with Xiao Zhan?

But Xiao Zhans silence is the most direct outbreak point in this farce.

If he can make a sound in time, or can pull back the crazy brain powder.

This incident also attracted the attention of the official media, but Xiao Zhan still chose silence.

This is also the beginning of my love to no sense.

Idols lose their voice, and men fall.

When Xiao Zhan came back to the public view again, it was two months after reporting the storm.

On the night of May 6, he tweeted an interview video.

In 11 minutes, you can sum it up in two words: apologize.

But when I finished watching the video, I was stunned, thats it?

He apologized in the video, two months late.

Sincerely say sorry to them.

I have seen this picture many times.

But unfortunately, I didnt see the so-called sincerity.

Whats more, its still in the back.

When talking about the relationship with fans, he thought: idols and fans are equal. When doing their jobs well, they should guide fans to do something positive.

There is no grievance against malicious criticism, rumors or slander, but it is impossible to think about it, he added

He cant think, and the public cant even think.

Its better to say than to sing.

Xiao Zhan didnt realize that his fans had been demonized.

At 21:35 on April 28, blitz generated 100 million sales.

From 0 to 100 million, it took only 93 hours and 35 minutes.

What kind of concept is this?

Cai Xukun was the champion of digital album sales. For example, the sales volume of young was only 66 million.

Shake ones body to change the crazy current in the top current.

In other words, its thanks to the iron fans who have nothing to do with him.

Iron fans advocate forced purchase.

He accepts too much malice, and our fans can only make up for it by giving him more love.

Xiao Zhan, you really broke their hearts.

Its just for you, but you say that the behavior of fans has nothing to do with me.

One or two?? Whats the difference between you and passers-by?

Originally, I really dont deserve to be a fan, after all, I didnt buy one.

Netizens once called the sale cult style sales promotion.

Its also on TV.

A mother asked for help from the TV station. Her daughter threatened her to pay for Xiao Zhans album.

The mother tried all her best to persuade her. It was useless. But she had no choice but to turn to the TV station.

There are many more such examples.

It is these immature children who think that to spend money for idols is to love them.

For this phenomenon, Xiao Zhan lost his voice again.

Here, my insensitivity has become anger.

Xiao Zhan, can you sleep soundly in the evening after you keep silent again and again?

Compared with cult style sales promotion, the teacher tiantuans response to Xiao Zhan is even more fierce.

The teacher led the students to shout: brother Xiao Zhan, you are very good. We like it very much. Rush!

The slogans, dances and songs were all arranged clearly.

I dont know what students have learned in class, but if this phenomenon hasnt been exposed, its estimated that these childrens assistance ability is absolutely first-class.

Teacher: whats his name? Student: Xiao Zhan Teacher: who is Xiao Zhan to me? Student: boyfriend Teacher: awesome!

One teacher recommended Xiao Zhans songs to the students, but one student was very rebellious.

On the screen, he posted the subtitle the battle of Xiao will be over..

As a result, waiting for him was a cruel insult.

See this, you still dare to provoke Xiao Zhan fans?

I dare not.

Cult style sales promotion advanced to cult style assistance.

As expected, this behavior has shocked the educational community.

Officials have come out to talk.

Xiao Zhan cant sit still because of the big things.

I dont need help, he replied in a tweet.

Why dont you say I dont need your help when you buy albums in the form of cult fans.

Why dont you say I dont need your help when fans report crazily.

Why dont you say I dont need your help when the children are borrowing everywhere

Now I know and say, but I think the official may let you die.

Xiao Zhan, are you really not going to make a change?

On the evening of May 13, the peoples daily commented on a micro blog.

Circle the students desks and chairs.

Professional bottom line can not be broken, rational circle can not be out, rice circle can not circle everything.

This interpretation is really powerful!

Netizen said: Xiao Zhan panicked.

It seems that the official photo is the most deadly.

But none of this makes sense.

From time to time, he made a statement, apologized and responded, so that when people saw the name, they would react against it conditionally.

Its no joke.

For example, I saw a piece of news two days ago. I thought it was funny.

But when you see the last part, the small print part links the news of Xiao Zhan.

In that moment, I felt slapped, but I couldnt tell others who was slapped.

So soon I quit the page.

Really, individual fans can stop. Dont let Xiao Zhan, like the virus, fill everyones life by force.

The onlookers were tired.

As for what you say: compensate him, protect him, love him and hurt him.

This is just your imagination.

What a star wants to please is capital, just like a brain powder does.

In the end, we are just a piece of capital.

Whats more, no matter how crazy they are, no one tells them: should we do this? If not, what should I do?

No matter the stars or the ordinary people, we should remember that saying less and doing more are more important than anything.

In the end, Ill end with what Xiao Zhan said when he became popular.

I dont think Im ready to be an idol.


I hope Xiao Zhan can really understand the meaning of this sentence.

Author: Ling Yi