Crazy helmet! Mask snatching routine reappeared: helmet 58 days before yesterday 88 yesterday 108

 Crazy helmet! Mask snatching routine reappeared: helmet 58 days before yesterday 88 yesterday 108

As he expected, things got worse.

Two days later, two people in Shenzhen and Zhengzhou said, the two most popular items in 2020: Masks + electric vehicle Helmets u201cu201d

The above-mentioned people from Shenzhen commented that policies stimulate domestic demand, and it is estimated that Huaqiangbei will also be full of helmets in these days!! After watching others sell masks, then watch selling helmets.

The policy pull he mentioned comes from the recent notice of the Ministry of public security that the whole country will carry out the one helmet one belt security guard operation. Many places said that from June 1, riding motorcycles / electric vehicles without safety helmets and driving without safety belts will be strictly checked.

In addition, according to local media reports in Henan, from June 1, Henan will carry out the one helmet area counseling and rectification activities simultaneously with the whole country, with the focus on: car drivers and passengers do not use safety belts as required; motorcycles and electric bicycle riders do not wear safety helmets as required.

Its getting hotter and hotter, the mask hasnt been taken off, and the helmet will be put on again. However, the sudden demand burst out in a short time, and the price of helmets rose rapidly.

In response, some netizens said, at the beginning of the month 58, yesterday 88, today 108, I would like to see if the business wants to go to heaven.

My same helmet, last years 30, the first two days to buy again, when I joined the shopping cart, it was 35, I forgot to place an order, I got up in the morning to have a look, 851.

Whats more, the price rise is not included, and the early stage of the panic buying masks set up again.

According to the sales data from an online shopping platform, the top ranked businesses have received 120000 goods recently Three point two Ten thousand people received the goods, and the hot situation can be seen.

It is understood that the helmet materials for electric vehicles / Motorcycles mainly include ABS engineering plastics, composite materials, fiberglass and carbon fiber, but the price of carbon fiber materials is naturally very high.

If this event continues to ferment, its hard to say that it will not be transmitted to the secondary market. Then, after the concept of masks, there will be the concept of helmets to take over?

(author: Dong Peng editor: Wu Yanling)