Today is the beginning of all hope

 Today is the beginning of all hope

Always wake up in the sound of birds, a series of melodious, gentle and fresh morning music, through the crack of the window, stir up the passion of the bottom of my heart, linger and whirl in my heart, continue the broken dream into the greetings of reality, give the emotion a thrill of moving, let people start from the intoxication of Tianyi, resonate with the natural audio, and sing with the rhythm of the sounds of nature. Fortunately, every singing morning is a surprise gift.

Always go out in the sunrise, and the door of the heart will open. The warm, soft, comfortable and flexible breath of the time will bathe, wash, touch and kiss the mind in the itch, and the mind will get the maximum comfort and expansion, to reach a relaxed and happy state of open, comfortable, clear and bright, and inspire the persistent and tenacious energy of the foot bottom.

Always walk among the flowers and plants, focus on the bright, gentle, soft and shy smiles, taste the sweet, sweet, fragrant and floating intoxication, express their love with the mountains and rivers, talk with the living beings, and communicate with their hearts, feel the taste of life, appreciate the charm of life, and look forward to the warmth of life.

I cant imagine that the green, the red and the thin are all matched into a picture, and the bee fly and the butterfly dance become interesting. I am a landscape.

Every day starts in such a wonderful place and starts out in such a joyful place. All things in the natural world are like a sleeping and sober spirit. They are fresher, more flexible and beautiful than before. They are playing up warm and sweet days, embellished with bright and graceful life, enriched with simple and plain time, and also give people a kind of strength, a kind of hope, let the heart start, and soul Also set out, meet a more looking forward to happy fate, arrive at a more eager for elegant distance. This is not a holy blessing, a kind of friendly kiss!

Today is the beginning of all good fortune, the beginning of all good hope. I firmly believe that every day is coming with tenderness and affection, and we should live up to it. We should treasure and enjoy it more. Everyone also comes to the world with a unique mission, which should not be wasted. Any ordinary and insignificant is not the reason for laziness and wandering. It should make every moment solid and honest.

I believe that all the beautiful, all the expectations, will come as scheduled one by one on the way to come, walk with you hand in hand, and keep going, so that every day will become a fairy tale story.

Author: qiangshenglong, born in Baiyin, Gansu Province, likes to have fun in writing, share kindness with pen, and understand the world with emotion. Works are scattered on various public platforms. This article was first published in Bai Cao Yuan bookstore. Please reply reprint in the background