Canadian Aborigines attacked by racial discrimination shouted go back to Asia

 Canadian Aborigines attacked by racial discrimination shouted go back to Asia

According to CBC, the 27 year old Aboriginal woman, Dakota Holmes, recalled that she was walking her dog on the streets of Vancouver on the 15th night. She sneezed a few times due to seasonal allergies, but a man came to her and started shouting racist words, he yelled because of racial prejudice against Asians He thought I was from Asia and told me to go back to Asia. I dont belong here. Let me go home.

Not only that, the man also made a big fight against Dakota. He punched her twice in the face, then hit her to the ground. Finally, Dakotas dog scared the man away, and she was able to escape.

Dakota later said it was not the first time she had experienced a similar racist incident. Im an aborigine, which is something I often have to face. Im used to it, but whats important is that I hope my story will attract peoples attention, so as to prevent it from happening to other people..

Aaron roed, the media liaison officer for Vancouver Police, confirmed the incident and said an investigation would be launched into hate crimes in the area. Aaron said in a statement that the police are trying to establish a strong relationship with ethnic minorities in the community and encourage anyone who has been subjected to hatred, prejudice or discrimination to report to the police.

According to the report, Dakotas encounter is one of a series of recent incidents of discrimination against Asian Americans in the region, which has been condemned by leaders at all levels of the local government. There was also a 92 year old dementia Asian American who was pushed out of a convenience store, and two Asian women wearing masks were reviled on the bus.

The frequent occurrence of these incidents is related to false information about Asian Americans during the epidemic. The British Columbia Federation of Indian chiefs (ubcic) condemned in a statement that the current unacceptable, deeply disturbing and ugly racism experienced in Asian communities is on the rise because of the recent increase in false information about the risk of the new crown virus.