Jiangsus case of naked headless female corpse 18 years ago

 Jiangsus case of naked headless female corpse 18 years ago

Its frightening Its scary! In the morning of September 20, 2002, at about 5 oclock, a villager in Xiaoji town hurriedly knocked on the door of the villagers directors house, and his face was white. no, I saw a womans body in the ditch, undressed, and her head cut off!

It turned out that in the early morning of the same day, the villagers yearned for the same thing and came to the rice field canal to fish. He did not think that the fish had not seen it, but first saw a headless naked female body! He was so scared that he left the scene in a cold sweat and found the village cadres to explain the situation. After hearing the story, the village director immediately called 110. Upon receiving the alarm, Yangzhou and Jiangdu public security organs quickly set up an expert group, and the police rushed to the scene of the crime for investigation as soon as possible: the body of the dead was naked, and the head of the body was missing

u25b3 reward notice issued by the police 18 years ago

Who is the dead? If we make clear the identity of the dead, we can find out the suspicious people through their social relations and interpersonal communication. The police immediately organized the police to visit the surrounding areas and investigate the local missing persons one by one.

How to find out the culprit with few clues?

Who is the murderer? Why kill Cai? There are few clues. The case is in a deadlock At this time, the police suddenly thought that Cais husband said that Cai had said before that he went out to buy a mobile phone. Did something happen in the process of buying a mobile phone, which led to the murder? Along this line, the police combed the mobile phone stores in the vicinity of a temporary residence of CAI, and checked the suspicious personnel.

After combing and visiting, the police found hundreds of suspicious people, who either visited the mobile phone store at the stage of the crime, or moved away from a temporary residence or a mobile phone store not far away from Cai shortly after the crime. Since then, the police have pursued these personnel one by one.

Year after year, the police are running around, one suspect after another is washed away, and the truth seems to be slowly emerging. However, the problem facing the police is that there are always some suspicious persons who cannot be contacted or traced for various reasons. The police can almost judge that there must be a real murderer among these people.

u25b3 police meeting to discuss the case

Cheng is the one with the most suspects. Chengmous temporary residence was not far from a mobile phone store and caimous temporary residence, and within half a year after the crime, Chengmou moved out of his residence. On the eve of the crime, Cheng appeared in the mobile phone market. The most suspicious thing is that for more than ten years, Cheng disappeared without any information, as if the world had evaporated.

Are you Cheng? Please cooperate with our investigation! On the morning of April 16, at the gate of a construction site, the police stopped Cheng. Are you in court? Cheng was very calm at first, because he owed more than 100000 yuan, he was listed as Lao Lai by the court. He thought the police were the executive policemen of the court. listen to the accent, are you from Yangzhou? Cheng quickly panicked, his body began to tremble, and cold sweat appeared on his forehead.

Killing and throwing bodies after sex!

According to the account, at 9:00 a.m. on September 19, 2002, Cheng, 38, came to a mobile phone store in Yangzhou to buy a mobile phone, and met Cai, who also bought a mobile phone. Caimous mobile phone was stolen. With the general economic conditions, he only plans to buy a two or three hundred yuan mobile phone. When Cheng saw it, he said, why dont you buy a good mobile phone? Cai said that he didnt have the money to buy a good mobile phone, and Cheng put forward suggestions: you accompany me once, I will give you three or five hundred yuan, so you can buy a good mobile phone. The two reached an agreement in the mobile phone store. Later, Cai follows Cheng to Chengs residence, and they have sex.

u25b3 Cheng identified the crime scene

u25b3 Cheng identified the site of the body throwing

u25b3 Cheng identified the site of the body throwing

Cheng drove from west to East. He had planned to throw corpses at Wanfu gate. When he arrived at Wanfu gate, he found that there was a lot of traffic and it was not convenient to throw corpses. Later, he went all the way to the East, came to Yiling gate, and saw that the river had stopped the ship, which was not suitable for throwing corpses. As a result, Cai changed the site of the body throwing - a small river at the junction of Wujian and Xiaoji.

u25b3 Cheng identified the site of the body throwing

(function() {(window. Slotbydup = window. Slotbydup| []). Push ({ID: u5811557, container: ssp_, async: true});}) ()); however, by the time of the arrival of the small age, it was already dark. I thought that I would not throw it again, so I found a nearby ditch to throw the corpse. Cheng explained that after throwing the body, he cut off Cais head with a kitchen knife, put it in the back compartment of the vehicle, and then drove away from the scene quickly. Later, Cheng drove to the riverside near Yangzhou port and threw away Cais head, kitchen knife, clothes and his belongings. I hid for 18 years and thought I would not be caught Cheng said to the police. We checked for 18 years, some retired, some transferred, but what hasnt changed is the belief and determination that a case must be solved, you cant escape! Wu hengming, who took part in the investigation when the case happened 18 years ago, said. The highest law of the peoples Republic of China recommends that men rape and force their young girls to prostitution: punish women more severely and quickly; get drunk late at night and return them to their boyfriends; unexpectedly, they are raped by the old king next door; Fu university teacher denies raping more than one female student; they are both in love with a drug addict in Zhangjiakou who falsely accuses the civil police of rape and is approved to arrest. Source: modern express author: Cao Feng editor in charge: Zhang chao_na1563

I hid for 18 years and thought I would not be caught Cheng said to the police.