31 year old Japanese mans wife died of cancer, living in a 30 u33a1 apartment and indulging in handicrafts

 31 year old Japanese mans wife died of cancer, living in a 30 u33a1 apartment and indulging in handicrafts

Mr. huci lives in a very ordinary small apartment in Japan. He has a small single room on the second floor.

I didnt expect that when I entered the kitchen, only less than 1 u33a1 was the porch for shoes. The fridge is close to the wall. I feel that only one person can pass through the aisle.

Because the kitchen is too small, there is not enough storage space. Mr. huti cleverly made a multi-layer shelf by himself. All the utensils needed for cooking can be put on it. Its super space saving! Its worthy of being a man who loves to do handwork. Hes really good at hands-on! Although the kitchen is very small, Mr. huti likes cooking very much. He bought a lot of seasonings and put them in a small box, which can save the place and keep them well.

Then he went inside and entered a small room, which was both a living room and a bedroom. A simple one meter wide bed, a red fabric sofa and a simple bookshelf were placed. But for such a small single room, the rent is about 89000 yen per month (about 6000 yuan), and the total area may be less than 30 u33a1! Home furnishing house has to make complaints about the price of housing in Japan.

There is a fabric board on the wall. Dont think its a simple board. This is made by Mr. huti himself, and can be taken down at any time as a clothes ironing rack. Make sure you look in the eyes. Mr. hutch is really a delicate boy who knows how to live.

Most of the books on the bookshelf are handmade tutorials. Occasionally, there are several instructions for using computer software. However, the title of this book is always want to wear your own dress which is very confusing. Does Mr. huci have a hobby of womens dress?

Whats more, it can be seen from the make-up bag made by Mr. huti that his life is really super exquisite! Sunscreen, hand cream, and emergency medicine that you can take with you at any time. I believe most girls dont put these into their make-up bags!

Such a love of handcraft, the sewing machine is essential at home! Mr. huti is very cute. He also demonstrated how to use it to the program group.

When asked why Mr. huti is such a young girl, it brings up a painful past. Mr. hutchs wife died of breast cancer three years ago. When I first got married, I found that there was a lump in the breast, but the doctor said it was benign. Later, because of the influence on my work, I decided to resect it, I found that it was three negative breast cancer (the most dangerous breast cancer), and it has developed to phase II. After more than a year of company and treatment, his wife was taken away by the disease. His wife loved handicrafts very much before, and would make some fun small things for Mr. huti. Therefore, Mr. huti became interested in handicrafts and regarded them as a memory of his wife.

After reading it, you really feel super. And after his wife left, Mr. huti always insisted on popularizing some knowledge of breast cancer, taking part in some related activities, warming his heart, and at the same time, there was something powerful that no one else had ever seen.

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