After Cecilia Cheungs divorce, the price of luxury houses will not be reduced and the photos of Faye Wong wont be sold again

 After Cecilia Cheungs divorce, the price of luxury houses will not be reduced and the photos of Faye Wong wont be sold again

The villa after the snow looks like the castle of the princess, full of Fairy Spirit~

There is also an indoor balcony on the second floor, which is super romantic and super girl design.

Cecilia Cheung has been exposed in a variety show in the mainland as well as one of her many luxurious houses in Hong Kong.

After the porch is the first super spacious kitchen, the middle of the super large island with dining table function.

At the other end of the kitchen is a large window with a view of the sea.

The interior decoration is warm and comfortable, and the lazy sofa looks very life like~

However, according to Hong Kong media, Hong Kongs real estate industry has suffered a lot from the impact of the epidemic. Cecilia Cheung bought the luxury real estate in Hong Kong in 2011 for HK $128 million. Now the price she put down has dropped from 200 million to 175 million and to 150 million now, but she still cant sell it

The mansion is located in century building in rigendry. It has two buildings, two 28 years old, one ladder and one group design, and only 22 units.

The interior decoration looks old-fashioned, and the dining tables and chairs are all in line with the rules, nothing special, but it can be seen that the space is very large, which is very luxurious in Hong Kong.

When it comes to Cecilia Cheung, its hard to avoid mentioning Nicholas Tse. Over the years, their lives and their sons little things have always been the talk of the public from time to time.

Not long ago, Nicholas Tse published his daily cat tease on the social platform. In the video, he had a lot of fun with the cat at home. It was a cat slaves narcissism.

The design of home decoration looks very fashionable, and the color is the current popular gray tone.

There is a wall with a relatively high saturation of green, with gray green curtains, the overall tone is very hierarchical, over obvious, compared with the full gray, it is more rich, but also very patient.

Nicholas Tse has two cats, one is a black miso and the other is a white Dashi. Nicholas Tse often basks in his friendly interaction with cats, and the screen is almost missing two words: doting.

Many netizens said that it would be nice to see him without seeing his two sons for a long time. But peoples private life audience are not much to speculate, stars should also have their own way of life.

Poke the atlas below and walk into the mansion where Cecilia Cheung and Nicholas Tse live respectively~