China has fully controlled the spread of new coronavirus

 China has fully controlled the spread of new coronavirus

[compilation report on May 18 of overseas network] the national two sessions in 2020 will be held this week, and overseas media have turned their attention to Beijing. Foreign media pointed out that Chinas economy improved in April driven by the resumption of production, the rebound in industrial added value was encouraging, and the upcoming two sessions showed that China had fully controlled the spread of new coronavirus.

After two months of delay due to the epidemic, Chinas largest annual political conference will begin on May 21, the Nikkei Asia review said in an article on May 17. In an interview with Russias satellite news agency, Ne Zhdanov, from the Department of modern history and world politics at the State University of Tyumen in Russia, said that the two meetings were not only a routine political meeting, but also a symbol of Chinas complete control over the spread of the new coronavirus. A large number of representatives from all over the country will attend the meeting in Beijing, which shows that Chinas current epidemic situation is different from that of the United States and European countries.

Both Lianhe Zaobao in Singapore and Bloomberg in the United States pointed out that the focus of market attention is on how Chinas economy recovers from the impact of the epidemic. Many institutions believe that this year China will set stable employment as its primary goal. China is expected to put labor market and social stability first, Qu Hongbin, chief China economist at HSBC, said in the report, adding that China will provide policy support for small and medium-sized enterprises, self-employed enterprises and export enterprises. Ding Shuang, chief economist of Standard Chartered Bank Greater China and North Asia, believes that China may adopt flexible economic growth targets to stabilize expectations.

In the next week, Chinas two sessions will be a major focus in Asia, ing said recently, adding that the Chinese government is expected to spare no effort to maintain stable economic development this year. In an article in the Hong Kong times, Liu Kun, Chinas finance minister, wrote Thursday that China will launch a more active fiscal policy as the downward pressure on the economy increases. Economists also expect the Chinese government to announce some important new stimulus plans before or during the two sessions, it said.

In an interview with the Russian satellite news agency, Xu Xuemei, a researcher of the Institute of world economy and development of the Chinese Academy of international studies, also gave her own views on the recovery of Chinas economy after the outbreak. At present, state-owned enterprises, including state-owned enterprises, are in the forefront of resumption of production. Therefore, we can see the recovery of economic order and activities through large enterprises driving small enterprises to gradually return to the state of full resumption of production. Xu Xuemei said, on the whole, if the level of resumption is high and the epidemic prevention and control is effective, (China) should be able to take the lead in the global economic rebound and lead other countries. Personally, I am optimistic, because the time of the two sessions has been determined, and the prevention and control situation in all regions is also positive, so I think Chinas domestic economy will have a more obvious recovery compared with the global economy in the second quarter.

Chinas economy, which was first hit by the outbreak, improved in April driven by the resumption of production, the Wall Street Journal said in an article entitled Chinas economy slowly recovered from the downturn triggered by the new crown epidemic. The rebound in industrial added value is encouraging, but Chinas economy is still facing resistance, which may strengthen the Chinese governments determination to introduce more measures to boost the economy during the two sessions.

Referring to the topics that the representatives of the two sessions may pay attention to, nizhdanov told Russian satellite news agency that the representatives of the two sessions will pay great attention to the social field, especially the health system. A lot of people will talk about the prevention of epidemics in the future, because in todays globalized world, the cost of epidemics is very high. 2020 is the year when Chinas poverty alleviation will come to an end. According to nizhdanov, affected by the epidemic, Chinas economic growth will slow down, but it still has the ability to lift the remaining poor people out of poverty in an all-round way.