Taiji leader is hard spoken back by Ko in 4 seconds: you can discount the nose of the opponent until the Kung Fu point

 Taiji leader is hard spoken back by Ko in 4 seconds: you can discount the nose of the opponent until the Kung Fu point

For Mas 4 seconds less than the defeat, the circle of friends is a good voice.

After all, Ma once said that he could beat a man of 200 Jin with one finger, and that his palm could practice the meat ball of Taiji master switch, and beat any Kung Fu in the world.

After all, Ma Mou Guo once won the European MMA champion Pete in the video without any power to parry, and said that he had defeated the opponent with four or two sets of thousand jin of Taijiquans aoyi.

After all, rivals later said they were hired by Ma to make videos.

So, Mas four second fall really relieved many peoples spirits.

After seeing the video, someone asked, is he dead?

Someone replied, I dont know, but Hunyuans Taiji should be dead.

However, Ma doesnt think so. He exposed his swollen eyes today and claimed that he could have broken the nose of the other side until the Kung Fu point.

It seems that the masters are all practicing the hardest Kung Fu with only the mouth! Can Chinese Wushu fight now?

There seems to be no need for an answer.

Is it time for us to take a rest from the trend of the martial arts in China?

Once upon a time, the Chinese Wulin was a harmonious place. Many experts from all schools practiced each other with low hands, and all of them were safe.

When you meet a meeting, forum or competition, you can give me a compliment. I will give you a compliment and earn money from each other.

Who knows but like monkey sun, I dont know where to jump out of a Xu.

Xu, as a man, still has some roots. He studied martial arts in a famous martial arts school in Beijing in his early years. He has two brushes indeed. However, he is a man with an open mind and an open mouth. Since he won a non entry MMA competition against foreigners, he claims to be the first man in Chinas comprehensive combat MMA.

There is an old saying in China: there is no first in literature, and no second in martial arts.

Many old fellow Jin Yongs novels know that in the martial arts circle, whoever dares to call himself first is sure to be unhappy.

But Xu claimed that for a long time, no one came to smash the scene. First, he was not well-known in Wulin. Second, in the current Wulin circle of friends, he was friendly and made money. Everyone had made a convention and nobody took him seriously.

Xu doesnt get into the mainstream circle when he looks at it. When his eyes turn, he tries to make a plan: dont you ignore me? Good! Ill hit you one by one!

Skill display of martial arts masters

To say that Xu is really in a good mood, with the help of the network live broadcast to his image of fighting against fake fighters in Wulin, openly challenging all sects.

Yes, you are right. Its to challenge all sects and declare war with old Buddha Cixi.

In his mouth, Shaolin Kung Fu is not worth mentioning. Taiji masters are only suitable for health preservation. All kinds of clamors are not willing to fight!

The big gate sect in the Wulin is naturally lazy to deal with this hunk, but there are always some people in the forest who are not angry. Xu is also hot with the help of the live broadcast, and wants to rub off his enthusiasm.

The first one who came out to fight was great Xia Lei, a fat man who called himself the founder of Lei Mu Tai Chi.

From then on, Xu Lei and his wife began to broadcast the cross air scolding war for more than a month. One scolded each other for cheating paper and chicken, and the other for arrogance and ignorance.

Scold to scold to go, two people finally make an appointment under the line real knife real gun to draw.

Who ever thought that after the Taiji leader came off, it would be better to fight for a long time than a chicken thrown into the tiger cage of the zoo.

The friends who have seen the feeding in the zoo must know that the chicken will fight hard under the tigers mouth, while the great Xia Lei will simply be eaten by a hungry tiger from Xu. He will lie down in 20 seconds, and his nose will bleed when he gets up. He looks pretty miserable.

So far, he is still active in Weibo and various video platforms, with 150000 Weibo fans. He continues to practice his own Lei Mu Tai Chi, and even continues to make an appointment with others. He says, I cant beat Xu, can I still beat you? The posture of.

Lets press big Xia Lei to continue talking about Xu.

After beating up a Taiji master, Xu expanded a little. On the live broadcast, he challenged others with parents and sisters. What is the first Dharma protector of Shaolin Temple, what is Chens Taiji successor, what is the first monk and a worm, and even the bodyguard of Taobao leader... All became shit in his mouth.

However, Xu, who called himself a fighter of fighting fake, was also a chicken thief when he called for battle. He claimed that he only played at the sect leader. After all, most of the leaders are old and much easier to deal with than the young and strong apprentice sun.

In the face of Xus arrogance, for a while, the people in the Wulin were excited. It was like that the heroes were beating Xiao Feng, a Qidan man. More good, offer 10 million, to find martial arts master Ko Xu.

At present, Xu and these martial arts experts have not had time to make an appointment. The Chinese Martial Arts Association made a statement that Xu Leis war was against the Military Morality and was suspected of violating the law, which should be firmly opposed. Relevant departments also quickly blocked the online action, so that Xus attempt to continue to hype himself stopped abruptly.

The melon eaters who are waiting to watch the bustling show their regrets one after another. Im afraid that all the major sects will be secretly relieved. Although Xus martial arts are not comparable to Xiao Feng, his own martial arts are just a few Jin or two. Its impossible to beat 10 primary school students.

Xu was forbidden by the group leader. Many people in the Wulin could not get out of the way, but they saw the shortcut to become popular - Yue Jia. As a result, such as the master of lihetiao, who specializes in cleavage, the Shaolin Dharma protector of 600000 fans of microblog, the master of Yongchun who doesnt have enough to eat, and his apprentice who is too slippery at the bottom of his feet, and so on.

The field of engagement has also expanded from the internal conflicts in the Wulin to the entertainment industry of Jet Li, Donnie Yen of Wujing, to the foreign professional boxing fight of Pacquiao McGregor, and even some people have to challenge the old boxing champion Tyson. It is estimated that the next step will be to fight the iron man Hulk and destroy hegemony.

But the ideal is very full, the reality is always very bone feeling.

Every martial arts competition is like a sitcom, especially the PK between traditional martial arts practitioners and professional fighters. The master of martial arts is often put down for only ten seconds.

This time, master Tai Chi only carried for four seconds, just like stubborn bronze met the strongest king, who is the war five slag can be seen at a glance.

Therefore, we have to admit sadly that Chinese martial arts have basically lost the ability of actual combat since they were handed down today. Im afraid that the ancient killing skills of killing enemies before the battle have long been lost.

In fact, in the main description of the outlaws of the marsh, the author, Shi Naian, explained the difference between professional fighters and amateurs.

After all, Shi Naian was born in the rebel army at the end of the Yuan Dynasty. He once worked as an assistant under Zhang Shicheng, the leader of the rebel army. He really killed many people. Therefore, Schneier is very clear about the martial arts of the green forest heroes.

In the fifty sixth and fifty seventh chapters of the outlaws of the marsh, the battle between huyanzhao and the leaders of Liangshan can be seen.

Huyanzhao, who is under the control of runing County, is an official and a unified army. Although he has been defeated by the chain horse, he still shows strong force in the face of Li Zhong Zhoutong, who is the king in Taohua mountain. In the match with Zhoutong, the little overlord, he said, two horses are in contact, but the battle is not six or seven, Zhoutong has no strength. Turn his horse head and go up the mountain..

Seeing that he couldnt beat huyanzhao, Li Zhong and Zhou Tong moved to Erlong mountain to rescue the soldiers: Lu Zhishen and Yang Zhi.

Against Lu Zhishen and Yang Zhishi, who used to be both Imperial Court military officers, Hu Yanzhu fought four or fifty rounds without a match, wondering how can we get out of these two! So good! Its not green forest!

This is the strength gap between the professional warrior and the green forest hero in Schneiers description.

Another example.

Small whirlwind Chaijin is a descendant of the royal family of the Later Zhou Dynasty. He has a group of Heroes in his family. One of them, coach Hong, is a martial arts master who thinks highly of himself.

After meeting Lin Chong, he had to compete with the 800000 leader of the forbidden army.

After a few moves, Lin Chong and coach hong knew that the other side was only putting on airs, and that it was inconvenient for them to do much, so they took the initiative to admit defeat.

However, the head of Hong thought that the leopard head was afraid of him and shouted to continue to work. Chai Jin gambled with silver again. Lin Chong had to teach him a lesson. In less than three rounds, the head of Hong lay down in shame.

Is the scene familiar?

So when will the martial arts Convention be over?

In the era of traffic king, in front of money and interests, and with the connivance behind the major live platforms, who will give up this profitable project?

You cant see that even the basketball player Xi re Jiang is challenging the UFC champion Li Jingliang, telling you quietly: Xi re Jiang has opened a net red restaurant, and its not far from retiring.

Finally, I want to praise a classmate. When Xu had come to the door to fight, he chose to pick up the phone, dialed 110 as an ordinary citizen, and used legal means to curb the bad social atmosphere of starting to fight, which can be called a model of Wulin.

Its just that:

Challenge the whole Wulin with your mouth

Legs and feet are invincible

Call for several months in the air

Four seconds in the arena

Cattle, ghosts and snakes

The electric mother Lei Gong is praised

True or false win or lose is red

Source: Netease sports manuscript Author: Xiang Wentian, editor in charge: Cao Liqiao, ns1806