Live broadcast of official show of changing goods into goods: sales volume fraud organization water army shouting leaders are good-looking

 Live broadcast of official show of changing goods into goods: sales volume fraud organization water army shouting leaders are good-looking

Make complaints about the recent development of a grassroots cadre in charge of e-commerce in the west, who is busy with the news, and is awfully busy. Leading cadres often want to find him to be net red and traffic, so that he can recommend live service platform. Leaders should be face-saving. There must be a large number of audience and sales volume during live broadcasting. The simplest way is to find netred or large to wipe the traffic. Now netred and traffic platforms are in a hot business. Live broadcasting goes on one after another, and the related fees are also rising.

In order to make the traffic and sales volume of the live broadcast good-looking, some places have made great efforts - some places have specially issued papers and made the dispatches, which not only let Party members and cadres be spectators, but also stipulated the minimum consumption amount; some places have earned money at a loss and made the sales promotion at a price lower than the cost, regardless of the traffic and sales volume good-looking, no matter whether the business plan is not cost-effective; some places have signed the second contract u201dFalse order, rehearse the completed transaction in the live broadcast, or return the order after placing the order

Whats more, some places also organized a large number of water forces to sing personal praise when leading live delivery, creating an atmosphere of screen swiping. No matter how the leaders perform in the live broadcast room, they will all shout leaders are good at caring for the people; no matter how the leaders look, they will all shout leaders are good at looking; there are also flattering sailors who call leaders are the peoples lucky stars and show the bottom line naked on the network platform.

Live delivery of goods was originally a new way for leading cadres to promote resumption of work and production and help the masses get rid of poverty and become rich. Its ultimate purpose was to help local products, especially agricultural and sideline products, find a market. If the live broadcast with goods becomes the leaders charm show, the leaders personal style is far more than that of agricultural and sideline products. If the service to the masses becomes the work of the people and the loss of money, and even fool the people through all kinds of fakes and rehearsals, isnt the live broadcast with goods gone and changed? Whats the point of such live delivery?

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the Central Committee has continued to crack down on formalism, bureaucracy and other four styles, effectively improving the style of the party and government, and improving the image of cadres. But style building is always on the way, and there are still some bad habits and practices. Once there is a chance, it will change its face, revive itself and make a comeback. However, no matter how well Yirong is practiced, as long as it goes against the original intention of serving the masses, it cant escape the bright eyes of the masses, let alone the supervision of Party discipline and state law.

The impact of the epidemic has not yet completely receded, and the sales of agricultural and sideline products are still facing various difficulties. The live delivery has opened a door for both supply and demand. In line with the attitude of relieving the peoples worries and doing what they can, the leading cadres have no wrong in trying to carry the goods live for the local agricultural and sideline products. What they fear is that the overlord will take the lead, blindly compete with each other and even cheat each other, and engage in formalism to the extent that people lose money and work. After all, each leading cadres own situation is different, not necessarily suitable to go to the front when the anchor, when the network red. Leading cadres in behind the stage to create a good atmosphere for the live broadcast of goods, do a good job in ensuring that the same is to bring goods to the masses, the same will be affirmed by the masses. On the contrary, if you dont plant trees, youll only enjoy the cool. When the sub anchor has been addicted to the show, hell be disrespectful of not doing his job, which makes people laugh.

(function(){( window.slotbydup=window .slotbydup||[]).push({id:u5811557,container:ssp_ 5811557, async:true });}) (); relevant recommendation is to bring goods for poverty alleviation! The first Secretary of the State Party committee walked into the special live broadcast room of the enterprise, vice mayor of Enshi, Hubei Province, joined hands with Yingke, the host, the anchor, and the anchor to bring the goods. The 4-hour turnover exceeded one million yuan. Secretary Luliang and mayor of Shanxi province appeared in the live broadcast room to bring the goods to Zhumadian. Pingyu: the county head, live bringing the goods sesame products. Hot online sales source: Xinhua News Agency Author: Wang Jintao, Han Zhen, editor in charge: Li Tianyi_ NN7528