How can Hong Kong have a future if education is not decolonized?

 How can Hong Kong have a future if education is not decolonized?

In 1945, the examination questions suggested that Japans war of aggression against China, but the two materials were selected in 1905 and 1912. The contents were either Japans acceptance of Chinese short-term legal and political students, or Japans loan to China to support the northern expedition, all of which were Japans assistance and support to China, without mentioning Japanese aggression against China.

According to this material, what conclusions can be drawn? Is it Japans contribution to the development of modern China?

One Hong Kong educator said well: if students agree with each other, it is to guide them to be traitors.


As a professional assessment institution, the historical topic setting of the Hong Kong assessment Bureau seriously violates the impartiality and neutrality, which requires serious reflection and review.

Test paper chart above. Source: Network

To this end, the assessment Bureau reflects on the fact that the history department, like other subjects, has a examination committee, which is responsible for drafting examination questions and marking guidelines, and the final version shall be made only after all members accept it. It seems that the formulation and evaluation of test questions are the result of collective decision-making.

A Hong Kong general education teacher reported to Hong Kong literature that Lu Jiayao, senior manager of the General Education Department of the assessment and Development Department of the assessment Bureau, had abused his power. Mr. Lu Jiayao announced at the meeting of examiners that Mr. Zhang Ruihui, director of Hong Kong Association of education professionals (including teachers from kindergarten to University) was the chairman of the examination paper, who was responsible for the preparation of the examination paper and the reference of the examination paper.

In addition to being a general education teacher and a council member of the association, the chairman of the examination paper is also an anti-government figure in the illegal occupation and practice storm.

Private goods

Lets look at Yang yingyu, manager of the history section of the assessment and Development Department of the Hong Kong assessment Bureau. According to Hong Kong media reports, he is suspected of repeatedly making inappropriate comments on Facebook, such as where is new China without Japanese invasion? Yang yingyu openly published cold-blooded hatred and strong political opinions on social media, beautifying the history of Japans invasion of China, which was shocking and angry.

The Hong Kong Federation of educational workers questioned that Yangs political stance had affected the setting of test questions. The Hong Kong Education Association is anti symmetric. Teachers enjoy freedom of speech and the right to express political opinions and speech in the private sphere is personal privacy and should be respected and protected.

In view of the proposed questions of the history department, the Teaching Association believes that the main topic is open-ended questions, and the scoring focuses on the examinees comprehensive grasp of important historical facts, rather than the examinees position. The materials are only auxiliary comments, and the examinee does not have to agree with them, and they also need to quote historical facts when answering, rather than relying on reference materials alone. It also denounced the Bureau of education for once again putting politics above education and demanded that the decision to cancel the subject be withdrawn.

What the Teaching Association says is really a kind of sophistry.

As a matter of fact, the dispute over the diploma examination in Hongkong is no accident. According to Hong Kong Wen Hui Po, the 2017 history examination paper quoted the 1982 opinion survey of a certain pressure group, saying that 70% of respondents expect Hong Kong to maintain the status quo of British colonial rule, and asked candidates to infer a worry about Hong Kongs future.

Since the word worry was coined, the authors position is self-evident. As always with rhythm, how can it be called open topic?

For many years, there have been many misleading political questions in the general examination papers of diploma examination, and the opinions of attacking the practice of one country, two systems and slandering the SAR government and the state have been set as high score reference answers. The examination paper has become a strong assistant of Hong Kong Independence, and the poison question is a more pan political education that disturbs the convenient opening of the campus.

Hong Kong civil society protested outside the association. Picture source: big official document collection all media

long-standing abuse

According to Hong Kong media, Hong Kong schoolchildren have been exposed to the contents of Anti China and beautifying colonial history as early as kindergarten.

A Hong Kong elementary school common sense teacher said in the course that the Opium War was caused by Britains efforts to help China eliminate opium;

A junior high school Chinese history, science and Education Book quoted the view of British historians and criticized Lin Zexu for recklessly banning opium unilaterally without considering the impact of smoking ban on Sino British relations, which is unwise and eventually leads to war;

Since 2009, general education has been a compulsory subject in Hong Kong high schools, but it has been used to export extreme political concepts. Dai Yaoting, one of the sponsors of illegal occupy China, once participated in the process, transforming the general education textbook into a guide to occupy China.

The teachers and teaching materials that wantonly overthrow the black and white and beautify the colonial rule have appeared again and again. Who in the end is engaged in the politics over the profession?

In 2010, the HKSAR Government proposed to add national education and moral education courses as compulsory courses for primary and secondary schools, which was defeated by the opposition. The long-term lack of national education, the political misleading of general education courses, and the irresponsible instigation and demonstration of some teachers have poisoned many students in Hong Kong, incited them to take to the streets or even abuse violence, and become the pawns and chips played by Hong Kong rioters.

According to data released by Hong Kong police recently, 8001 people were arrested, including 3286 students. From June last year to the end of January this year, the Hong Kong Education Bureau received 171 complaints about teachers professional misconduct, most of which involved hate speech and curses.

Teachers, originally, are the holy profession of preaching and dispelling doubts. Now, a group of teachers in Hong Kong have tampered with the truth of history, planted radical political positions in students, and introduced chaos and violence into the campus. It is a shame for teachers and for the education sector in Hong Kong.

More than 20 years after Hong Kongs return to the motherland, education in Hong Kong has not completed the de colonization reform, which has led many young people in Hong Kong to be full of prejudice against the country and one country, two systems, which is deeply regrettable and worrying. The education system is full of chaos. There are many problems in teachers, textbooks, examinations, schools, management and even institutional design, which have resulted in various bad results.

Hong Kongs education sector must get rid of the harmful group as soon as possible and cut off the political Mafia extending to the campus. First of all, we must start from rectifying the teaching content and de colonizing in terms of the standard of values to clean up the source. Otherwise, a generation of young people will be poisoned and the whole Hong Kong society will pay the price.

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