Chinas new crown vaccine will be used as a global public product

 Chinas new crown vaccine will be used as a global public product

Xi Jinpings speech at the opening ceremony of World Health Assembly (source: video synthesis)

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the seventy-third World Health Assembly video conference, Chinese President Xi Jinping announced:

u2460 Within two years, China will provide us $2 billion in international assistance to support the epidemic affected countries, especially developing countries, in their fight against the epidemic and in their economic and social recovery and development.

u2461 China will cooperate with the United Nations to establish a global humanitarian emergency warehouse and hub in China, strive to ensure the supply chain of anti epidemic materials, and establish a green channel for transportation and customs clearance.

u2462 China will establish cooperation mechanisms among 30 Chinese and African counterpart hospitals and accelerate the construction of the headquarters of the African Center for Disease Control and prevention.

u2463 After the R & D of Chinas new crown vaccine is completed and put into use, it will make Chinas contribution as a global public product to realize the accessibility and affordability of vaccine in developing countries.

u2464 China will work with members of the G20 to implement the debt repayment initiative for the poorest countries, and is willing to work with the international community to increase support for countries with particularly severe epidemics and pressures and help them overcome current difficulties.