US aerospace aircraft carries out secret mission propaganda to pay homage to anti epidemic workers

 US aerospace aircraft carries out secret mission propaganda to pay homage to anti epidemic workers

The X-37B flight carried several test loads, according to the United States International News Agency Orlando on May 17.

The invincible American spirit inspires us to work together, cooperate and innovate to overcome adversity, US Air Force Secretary Barbara Barrett said in a statement. While dedicated to the nations medical workers, emergency workers and essential personnel, we also pay tribute to those who have contributed to keeping America strong.

General John Raymond, commander of the U.S. space command, said in the same statement: the U.S. space forces and the joint launch alliance pay tribute to every American fighting in the anti epidemic line. We are proud to show the determination and national unity of the United States in the difficult times with the ussf-7 mission.

Data picture: the Cosmos V rocket carrying out the ussf-7 mission is ready to launch, with the words strong America on the nearby sign. (Yahoo News)

Data picture: US Air Force X-37B space plane. (DOD website)

This is the sixth mission of the X-37B aerospace plane (also known as the orbital test vehicle), code named otv-6.

According to the report, the U.S. Air Force and the space force have two reusable X-37B space planes, both made by Boeing, which are used for the secret mission of low earth orbit that can last for several years. The robotic spacecraft is a bit like a miniature version of a space shuttle, powered by solar panels. The first flight of the X-37B took place in April 2010.

Some details of the otv-6 mission have been released. Space officers have said the flight will carry two NASA experiments to study space radiation and the impact of space on food materials and seeds.

According to the mission description, the space plane will also deploy the small Falcon 8 satellite made by the US Air Force Academy, and also carry a new type of optical energy directional transmission experimental equipment built by the Naval Research and experiment institute to demonstrate the technology of converting solar energy into radio frequency micro wave energy, and then transmitting it to the ground.

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