It can help T14 tank to cross the river quickly and intensively develop new equipment such as bridge building tank

 It can help T14 tank to cross the river quickly and intensively develop new equipment such as bridge building tank

Reporter of Russian daily asked: what work is being carried out to manufacture new engineering equipment and promote robots?

Yuri stavitsky A: we (the Russian Army) have been working continuously to produce the most modern engineering equipment. Especially now, we are developing robots for engineers, such as imrtk-rt multi-functional heavy mine sweeping robot. It is used for clearing obstacles in anti tank minefields and sweeping mines in all areas. This system is remotely operated.

In addition, the imrtk-shr multi-functional engineering robot is also manufactured for the Russian assault battalion and the clearing camp. It can help the engineering assault force to complete the task under the enemys firepower in the urban and industrial building environment. Work has also been arranged with industrial enterprises to develop new engineering equipment components - passive exoskeleton and assault engineer backpack.

Q: what other new equipment might appear in the engineering corps?

A: in order to improve the mobility of the army, we are making new tools and earthwork mechanization equipment to break through the fault and obstacle areas. For example, the general purpose armored engineering vehicle made of t-72b3 tank chassis is undergoing national test. It is equipped with combat modules to kill the enemys living forces and light armored vehicles.

In addition, the manufacture of mtu-2020 bridge tank is also in progress. Its carrying capacity is increased to 60 tons, which can help the latest tanks such as t-14 Amata cross the river quickly.

We are also developing tmm-7 heavy mechanized bridge. It is made of lightweight composite materials, and the bridge structure is extended to 16 meters. The new bridge construction mode, modern hydraulic equipment and higher automation level of bridge installation program will shorten the bridge construction time.

Upvs-5 water intakes to meet Arctic and Arctic needs are also under development.

Photo: the new mtu-2020 bridge tank of Russian army in the exhibition. (official website of Russian Ministry of Defense)

Photo: Russian Uranus - 14 unmanned engineering vehicle.

Q: what are the tasks of Russian army engineers?

A: the task of the engineer is to provide complex engineering support that requires the professional skills of the personnel, and to use engineering equipment, engineering ammunition and engineering equipment. Engineering soldiers shoulder many tasks, the most abundant of which are building defense works, manufacturing and maintaining engineering obstacles, demining, paving roads, setting up and maintaining ferries.

The diversity of tasks is the reason for the wide variety of engineering equipment: as one of the most complex and technical arms, Russian engineering soldiers have more than 800 kinds of technical equipment.

Q: What combat training have Russian military engineers carried out and what plans do they have in the future?

A: the centralized training of the engineering assault force requires that the roadblocks be cleared and buildings be occupied in the shortest time through the areas with various obstacles such as mines and bombs.

Modern combat and special equipment make the Russian engineering assault force even more powerful. This refers to the latest ovr-zsh general minesweeping suit. In addition to the strong protection of special protective equipment, it also includes special hydraulic tools, door breaking tools and ladders.

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