Helmet on fire! In these two provinces, there is a fine for not wearing helmets, and more than one concept stock is subject to rise and fall

 Helmet on fire! In these two provinces, there is a fine for not wearing helmets, and more than one concept stock is subject to rise and fall

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In the morning of May 18, helmet concept stocks strengthened. By the end of the afternoon, national technology and Nanjing Julong were up and down, while yizhimi, tostar, Sanfu outdoor and Jihua Group were up.

How the helmet caught fire

Because of its economic and convenient nature, e-bikes are loved by the masses. In daily travel, it is not uncommon for the riders of e-bikes not to wear safety helmets. However, this kind of behavior is very easy to cause fatal injury to the head after an accident.

On June 14, 2019, two electric bikes collided in Hangzhou. Pay attention to one detail. After the collision, the driver landed on his head. But because one of them was wearing a helmet, he could get up immediately; while the other was not wearing a helmet, he fell to the ground on the spot and died a week later.

On April 21, 2020, the Ministry of public security informed that since June 1, 2020, it will carry out the one helmet area security guard operation in the whole country! During the operation, the public security traffic control department will strengthen law enforcement management, investigate and correct the behaviors of motorcycle and electric bicycle riders not wearing safety helmets and vehicle riders not using safety belts according to law.

What is a helmet area?

Belt refers to safety belt, one helmet refers to safety helmet.

Later, more efforts were made, and the helmets of electric vehicles, which had received little attention before, became the hot selling products online and offline.

On May 15, local regulations on electric bicycles were born in Jiangsu and Zhejiang. Relevant regulations have been formulated for wearing helmets on bicycles and carrying minors on e-bikes.

On May 15, Jiangsu Province passed the regulations on the administration of electric bicycles in Jiangsu Province (hereinafter referred to as the regulations), which will come into force on July 1 this year. The regulations are clear,

Similarly, on May 15, Zhejiang Province passed the regulations on the administration of electric bicycles in Zhejiang Province, which also made clear provisions on whether to wear helmets when riding electric bicycles. According to the regulations,

If the driver or carrier of an electric bicycle does not wear a safety helmet, the traffic control department will impose a warning or a fine of not less than 20 yuan but not more than 50 yuan.

In 2019, the wearing rate of E-bike helmets in Zhejiang Province reached more than 90%. With the increase of the wearing rate of helmets, the number of deaths caused by E-bike accidents decreased by 310 or 15.5% year on year. Chen Yi, a lawyer from Zhejiang times business law firm, said that as a meat wrapped iron means of transportation, e-bikes have certain risks. The significance of legislation to enforce the wearing of safety helmets is not only to protect drivers themselves, but also to enhance the safety awareness of all traffic participants.

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How hot is the helmet

The sudden demand burst out in a short period of time, and the price of helmets rose rapidly.

On micro-blog, there were friends Tucao, in April make complaints about twenty yuan, one hundred. In summer, if you wear a mask or a helmet, Im afraid you dont have to rely on agastache to survive.

According to Dahe Daily, in some milk powder selling and parent-child communication groups, the topics discussed in recent days are what is the price of helmets and do children have helmets?.

In Zhengzhou, the capital of Henan Province, a shopkeeper in the small commodity market said that after May, more and more people bought helmets for electric vehicles. I heard that it was the traffic police who began to check them and fined them. There is not enough supply in the store. When preparing to stock up, the manufacturer said that there is no inventory, so it needs to make a reservation. Some retail prices have doubled, wholesale prices have also risen, and the reason is that manufacturers have increased and less goods have been sold..

Multi tier distribution monopoly, which is also a reason for the rise of helmets. In an electric vehicle market, businesses said that before buying electric vehicles, helmets were also given away, and now people often come to buy them specially. In a brand store, the salesmen said that their electric car helmets are specially equipped, 200 yuan each.

The Dahe newspaper selected several stores for consultation in Taobao and Jingdong Mall. On the afternoon of May 16, the price of helmets sold in store a was about 86.4 yuan. On the morning of May 17, the helmets sold in store a had been removed from the shelves. The price of helmets sold in the first place was 188 yuan, up about 120 yuan in one night. At the same time, each helmet is limited to 5 for each person. If there are more than 5 helmets, there is no way to place an order. The price of helmets in store B is about 200 yuan each. Although the single page shows that there are more than 10000 helmets in stock, it is also limited to 5 for each person. The reporter said that he wanted to take more photos. When he was able to coordinate the delivery, he was told by the customer service, now the whole country requires wearing helmets, and hundreds of helmets are sold every day, so the purchase restriction is implemented.

In addition, according to Henan business daily, some community e-commerce also began to sell helmets. An owner of a community in the East District of Zhengzhou said that some people in the community had sold helmets a few days ago, which was more crazy than selling masks. The news of selling helmets said that yesterday, a car of 150000 yuan was robbed in five minutes.

However, a police officer from the traffic police detachment of Zhengzhou public security bureau said that the public base of riding electric vehicles in Zhengzhou is very large. Considering the production of safety helmets and the popularity of one helmet area, oral warnings will be given priority to first, and then, according to the actual situation, more clear punishment measures will be formulated as soon as possible.

Related concept stocks rose

By the end of the afternoon, national technology and Nanjing Julong, the concept stocks of helmets, rose sharply, while yizhimi, tostar, Sanfu outdoor and Jihua Group, etc. The main products of national science and technology are EVA / TPR environmental protection materials and products, modified engineering plastics, etc. Nanjing Julong said on the interactive platform recently that the companys polymer modified material products can be applied to helmets.

Guojin Securities pointed out that by analogy with masks, helmet automation industry broke out, and yizhimi and tostar are the core beneficiaries. It is understood that at present, the price of helmets in summer has increased 2-3 times, the price of helmets in winter has increased 3-4 times, and the daily sales volume of many stores has increased 10 times. Similar to masks, helmet automation industry will usher in a short-term explosion, directly benefiting companies: yizhimi (injection molding machine), tostar (rectangular coordinate robot + injection molding machine auxiliary machine + injection molding machine), Xinjie electric / Huichuan Technology (parts).

Guojin Securities believes that according to the requirements of the one helmet one belt new policy, the demand gap for new helmets will exceed 200 million.

How to choose qualified helmets

The above-mentioned traffic police detachment of Zhengzhou public security bureau suggests that citizens should put safety first when purchasing by themselves. Its better to choose a helmet that meets Chinas 3C certification standard.

The full name of 3C certification is China compulsory product certification. The 3C mark is generally pasted on the product surface or molded on the product. If you look carefully, you will find multiple ellipse CCC secret marks. Each 3C sign is followed by a random code, and each random code has its corresponding manufacturer and product.

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