Nearly 100000 people queued up to sell more than 170 million a day. This rush is a bit of a bull

 Nearly 100000 people queued up to sell more than 170 million a day. This rush is a bit of a bull

On the fifth anniversary of May 16, the mall realized sales of 171 million yuan all day, a year-on-year increase of 23.02% compared with the same period of last year, and 95685 people entered the store all day, a year-on-year increase of 7.62%. The shopping malls purchase rate for the whole day reached 61.98%, a substantial increase of 39.97% over the previous year.

The annual sales of 37 brands in the store for the fifth anniversary exceeded the million mark. The sales of cosmetics category exceeded 40 million yuan, up 27.14% year on year; the sales of gold jewelry category increased 28.12% year on year, and the sales of small household appliances category increased 97.75% year on year.

The 330ml healthy water of the popular Japanese skin care brand, Albion, can be obtained with 426 yuan only, less than 6.7% of the original price, which is lower than the local promotion price in Japan.

Ferragamos spring and summer 2020 new products also take part in the discount activities, which can give a discount of 5-7%.

For this round of promotion, international watch brand integrators quickly allocated 300 famous watch support counters from across the country, and also raised the sales target of this day to more than 20 million yuan.

In addition, a large number of light luxury brands spend more than 500 yuan to give 300 yuan coupons, and 10 light luxury brands spend more than 3000 yuan plus 200 yuan worth of membership points (equivalent to 200 yuan deduction).

For this store promotion, new world Daiwan department store started planning three months in advance, communicating with the brand side on personnel allocation, goods management and pre purchase services. Many cosmetics brands are very supportive. They not only cooperate with the shopping mall to make a big discount, especially for some popular categories, but also prepare enough supplies. Pop ups, online bonus products and new products all participate in promotional activities, and try their best to ensure supply.

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