Ma Huateng has been absent from the two sessions for eight consecutive years due to physical reasons and has submitted more than 40 proposals

 Ma Huateng has been absent from the two sessions for eight consecutive years due to physical reasons and has submitted more than 40 proposals

Photo of Xinhua news agency, Ma Huateng was interviewed in representative channel in 2018.

Speed up new infrastructure construction and build a circle of friends of industrial Internet

Suggestions on accelerating the formulation of national strategy for industrial Internet to strengthen the digital economy is Ma Huatengs first proposal this year. It is suggested that Chinas digital economy is moving towards a new era with new infrastructure as the strategic cornerstone, data as the key element and industrial Internet as the advanced stage. We should put the industrial Internet in the new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial reform to plan, from the height of national strategy to focus on promoting, and constantly expand the strength of Chinas digital economy.

It is suggested to strengthen top-level design, formulate a national strategy to systematically promote the development of industrial Internet, and focus on the promotion of new infrastructure, digital transformation of all walks of life, smart city, scientific research and innovation, network information security, etc. Ma Huateng suggested accelerating new infrastructure such as cloud computing and building a strategic foundation for the development of digital economy; focusing on the construction of data in Taiwan, further promoting data opening and sharing, innovation promoting the construction of smart cities and smart villages, and improving the level of digital governance; continuously promoting the open source collaborative innovation ecology, creating the circle of friends of industrial Internet, and improving science and technology Research and innovate the digital level, increase investment in industrial safety at the same time, and guarantee the high-quality development of digital economy.

In addition, the proposal also mentioned that we should take the industrial Internet as a breakthrough and focus point, build an international level industrial Internet platform, and promote the process of Internet and digitalization in all walks of life of the national economy. For example, in the field of manufacturing, we should speed up the construction of intelligent factories, cultivate a batch of basic and industry-wide industrial apps, and actively explore new models such as application sharing manufacturing; in the field of retail, we should encourage a large number of physical stores to explore the use of digital tools such as cloud, small programs, live broadcast, etc., carry out online and offline integrated independent operation, enhance the ability to reach users and serve users, and promote Contactless economic development.

Build Pearl River mouth National Park into a smart National Park

This year is the fourth year of Ma Huatengs proposal for the construction of the Great Bay area of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao. As a long-term representative of the National Peoples congress working in Shenzhen, Ma Huateng put forward in the proposal on promoting the construction of the first demonstration area of socialism with Chinese characteristics in Shenzhen to make a new breakthrough. In the overall planning of the demonstration area, we should do a good job in the top-level design, cross regional coordination of resources, and solve the current land shortage problem in Shenzhen; in the innovation driven, we should realize the comprehensive with the international advanced scientific research system In terms of risk prevention, we should do a good job in the construction of emergency response system, innovation of regulatory system, and be prepared for all risks.

2020 is the key year for the construction of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Bay area and Shenzhen pilot demonstration area to be fully spread and promoted in depth. Ma Huateng has made suggestions on the construction of the Great Bay area for three consecutive years. The suggestions are more and more specific from concept to implementation. He also promotes Youth Exchange and education in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao through Tencent youth camp and youth travel and other open platforms. This year, he will submit the suggestions on overall planning of the marine ecological restoration of the Great Bay area and the construction of the Pearl River Estuary National Park. This is the fourth time that he put forward suggestions in the field of ecological civilization construction.

Ma Huateng said in his proposal that compared with the cooperation in the fields of science, technology and education, the cooperation in the field of ecological environment protection in Dawan district is relatively lagging behind. It is necessary to encourage the participation of social forces and accelerate the pace of Dawan District in the field of marine ecological civilization.

He suggested that, under the leadership of the leading group for the construction of the Great Bay area of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, a coordination mechanism for cross-border ecological restoration and natural protection should be set up; the ecological restoration and renovation of the Pearl River Estuary should be carried out in an all-round way; the construction process of the National Park of the Pearl River Estuary should be accelerated; the scientific and technological forces should be attached great importance to make the National Park of the Pearl River Estuary a smart National Park; social participation should be encouraged to make the Great Bay Area China and even the world The communitys natural education centers, such as young people from Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, can participate in the cooperation of natural conservation and natural education, and enhance the exchange of young people in the three regions.

Digital technology and innovative mode help small and medium-sized enterprises rescue

In addition, in his proposal, Ma Huateng called for digital technology to help rural revitalization and enhance the resilience of small and medium-sized micro enterprises.

2020 is the decisive year of Chinas poverty alleviation. In the proposal on Strengthening Rural Revitalization in the post poverty alleviation period, Ma Huateng proposed that we should vigorously enhance rural digital productivity, accelerate the bridging of the digital divide between urban and rural areas, promote the high-quality development of agriculture and the overall revitalization of rural areas, and let farmers share the development dividend of digital economy. In terms of rural governance, it is suggested to support the rural Internet information platform and expand the reach scope of grass-roots governance; in terms of rural economic development, establish a long-term mechanism to prevent poverty return through digital upgrading; in terms of rural public services, with the opportunity of developing new infrastructure, break the geographical restrictions and help digital education, digital medical and other resources to expand to rural areas more deeply u3002

In the proposal on using digital technology and innovative application mode to help small and medium-sized micro enterprises rescue, Ma Huateng pointed out that financial and tax support is an important means to help enterprises get rid of difficulties, while digital technology represented by big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence can also help small and medium-sized micro enterprises.

In the near future, new modes such as human resources on the cloud and shared employment can alleviate the difficulties faced by small and medium-sized micro enterprises, increase their anti risk ability, dredge the capillary of the economic market; strengthen the digital upgrading of financial services, improve the accuracy of financial services, and dredge the last mile to help small and medium-sized micro enterprises. In the medium and long term, strengthening the cloud platform and promoting the comprehensive digital upgrading of traditional small and medium-sized micro enterprises are conducive to improving the overall strength of small and medium-sized micro enterprises. As one of the first batch of enterprises selected in the national digital transformation partnership action (2020), Tencent will also support the transformation of small and medium-sized micro enterprises through the digital ark plan, such as reducing costs, attracting customers, setting up special funds, and opening technology.

Help medical staff to reduce the burden of institutional and technical

The field of medical and health care is also the direction that Ma Huateng continues to pay attention to. This year, in his suggestions on promoting system and technology innovation, improving medical and health services, and increasing the sense of access of medical personnel, he proposed that we should further deepen the reform of medical and health system, promote system and technology innovation, improve medical and health services, increase the sense of access of medical personnel, and help them solve practical problems Difficulties and problems should be avoided to lay a solid human foundation for the construction of a healthy China.

We pay more attention to doctors not only because of the epidemic, but also because the medical and health undertakings and peoples health needs have developed to a new stage in China. Doctors safety and health are the solid foundation for the health of the whole people. Ma Huateng suggested that we should increase investment to promote reform, further improve the incentive mechanism, help medical personnel achieve institutional burden reduction; extend new infrastructure to In the field of medical and health care, we will further speed up the construction of smart hospitals to help medical staff achieve technical burden reduction; we will refine the management of patient relations and rebuild the harmony between doctors and patients; we will allow grassroots family doctors and rural doctors to fully enjoy the policy and technology dividends, promote the medical model to adapt to the aging trend, and close the gap between urban and rural areas.

In addition to the six proposals mentioned above, Ma Huateng also proposed to further improve the level of financial science and technology in China, and actively respond to international competition and challenges in the context of financial opening.

In the proposal on further improving Chinas financial science and technology level and actively responding to international competition and challenges in the context of financial opening up, Ma Huateng said that in terms of core competitiveness of financial science and technology, the comparative advantage between China and developed economies lies in the huge market demand, the popularity of Internet application, the strong innovation ability in the application level, and the easy formation of large-scale and market-oriented applications While developed economies have more advantages in relying on technological innovation and mastering more core technologies. Under the guidance of stable policy environment, the main body of Chinas financial science and technology market can maintain its competitive advantage in the context of domestic financial opening and play a more active role in the international financial science and technology arena only through hard work and continuous improvement of its own innovation ability.

The suggestions are as follows: take innovation for development as the main line to create a favorable environment for the sustainable development of domestic financial science and technology; issue top-level guidance to promote the development of financial science and technology industry, stabilize policy expectations; smooth the cooperation between the main bodies of Finance + technology industrial chain, and promote the comprehensive digital upgrading of financial services.

Collected and written by: Ma Ningning, reporter of Nandu

Source: Qiao JunJing, editor in charge of Southern Metropolis Daily