Lin Yanjun sings a new song to deliver warmth in the opening season of the happy base camp

 Lin Yanjun sings a new song to deliver warmth in the opening season of the happy base camp

This happy base camp welcomes the dynamic start of the school season. Lin Yanjun joins the class as a literary and art student with a handsome appearance of academic style. His personal charm breaks out as soon as he appears, and he fans the crowd with solo dance of the single opponent. At the same table campaign stage, students expressed their desire to make Lin Yanjun the same table. At last, Lin Yanjun and Wu Xin became partners. Du Haitao gave up his seat and pulled the chair for Lin Yanjun. Lin Yanjun was a gentlemans salute and also offered to help Du Haitao pull the chair. In the contest, Lin Yanjun calmly kept his balance after turning blind for ten laps. The competition on the bridge was extremely fierce. Lin Xuechang kept a gentlemanly demeanor and did not restrain the female students walking ahead. Although he reached the end one step later than his opponent, he won the first round by pressing the button first with his witty and sensitive response. However, the next initial Guessing ring Section, heart has Lin Xin combination began to encounter the game Waterloo, people laugh and laugh. Lin Yanjun needs to perform MF in this link. He wanted to interpret the word magic, so he imitated the Harry Potter movie and waved his magic wand, but Wu Xin guessed that it was the magic cube. Lin Yanjun had a good idea and solemnly explained that right, right guess, this is the magic cube! , but the referee still decided not to score. Lin Yanjun, who was confident of winning, not only met Waterloo in the team, but also ushered in the ultimate boss when the PK between the teams. In the trampoline game that night, one team held clear water in their hands, the other team had to constantly interfere with the trampoline, so that the clear water in their hands would spill out, and finally more teams would win. Lin Yanjun is confronted with Du Haitao, the strongest heavyweight player on the field. When attacking, Lin Yanjun makes every effort to jump and shake on the trampoline, but Du Haitao is as motionless as standing on the ground. The water in his hand hardly spills out. The two exchange. Lin Yanjun originally came up with a clever plan to lower the center of gravity and raise the position of the water basin. As a result, just after Du Haitao jumped, Lin Yanjun became a big player I have an earthquake! The body is not under control, not only the water basin is not well protected, even people fall out of the trampoline with water, but the game time is not over, Lin Yanjun is forced to return to the trampoline, and continues to be hit by Du Haitao, and Wu Xin shouts this group is not fair! , the scene is hilarious and heartbreaking. After the netizens read, they said: Lin Yanjun really tried his best.

At the happy base camp that night, Lin Yanjun sang his new studio song you are so beautiful live for the first time. You are so beautiful is a musical answer given by Lin Yanjun after one years precipitation, which will continue the warmth of nearly 17 years. This song was written by Li Chaoxiong, a famous Hong Kong lyricist, when SARS was raging in 2003. It has been sung by Mok since then. Lin Yanjuns version has been rearranged and produced by the luxury lineup and his unique interpretation, which makes the work present the unique texture of Lin Yanjun. After the cold winter of the epidemic, Lin Yanjun chose to perform the song again, willing to polish the darkness with love and bring warmth and strength to people.

In the off-line debut of this issue, the dance beauty design specially highlights the water color, creating the artistic conception that Lin Yanjun and his fans rely on each other and act as a strong shield behind each other. At the same time, the dancers interpret the single cover and the stage effect complement each other. Lin Yanjuns live singing skill is very stable, and his voice is clear and pleasant, which is called beautiful circle by the audience.

Since his debut, Lin Yanjun has always used music to convey positive energy, and has been leading teenagers with positive influence, looking forward to more music works.