My friend: she shouldnt have been there

 My friend: she shouldnt have been there

On May 12, a cultural media company in Beijing filmed a short documentary about extreme sports in Tianmen Mountain scenic spot of Zhangjiajie. The lost wing mounted pilot has been trained systematically in wing mounted flight in foreign countries and has hundreds of wing mounted flight and skydiving experience. However, due to the lack of mobile phones, GPS and other equipment, coupled with the continuous rainfall in recent days, it is very difficult to search and rescue because of the heavy fog in the mountains, low visibility and precipitous and complex terrain.

She may not have enough experience with the venue

On May 17, Wang Fei (pseudonym), a friend of Anan, introduced to the Red Star News reporter that Anan had about 600 parachute jumping experiences, and already had D certificate for parachute jumping, including about 200 wing flight experiences. This data is very experienced in the circle of domestic wing flight.

My wing outfit technology is a few grades inferior to her. Her level can be ranked in the top five among domestic girls. Wang Fei said that another reason for the high ranking of Anan is that there are few people playing wingwear in China, but for Tianmen Mountain, her experience is still insufficient, I dont think she should be there.

In Wang Feis eyes, Anan is a bright and brave little girl. Now she is out of touch. People in the parachute jumping circle are worried. There are more than 200 active parachutists in China. They are familiar with each other and often make an appointment to jump together. The parachute jumper with ANN is the first flight coach of many domestic wing mounted pilots.

In 2018, the 7th World wing flight Championships was held in Tianmen Mountain

According to Wang Fei, Anan had completed several test jumps before the accident. According to this statement, the Red Star News reporter also contacted Zhang Wei (pseudonym) who was parachuting with an at that time. Because he was busy with rescue work these days, he refused this telephone interview, but he also told the reporter: later, he planned to make a conference with all relevant personnel present to explain the whole incident, in order to hope that more search and rescue teams could enter Field participation in search and rescue.

The terrain of Tianmen Mountain is complex and the weather changes rapidly

Because of its special high-risk, wing flight has few participants all over the world, which should be said to be a very small project. Domestic wing flight participants are very limited, and the development time is less than ten years. Apart from a few players who fly for a long time, it should be said that there is a big gap between the level of the absolute majority of domestic participants and the international high-level players.

Li Liangdong, founder of Fangze sports, who has rich experience in super extreme sports organization, introduced to reporters: we have cooperated in Zhangjiajie Tianmen Mountain for many times to hold wing mounted flying world championships. There are very few wing mounted flying venues with natural advantages like Tianmen Mountain in China, so many events and training are completed here. However, Tianmen Mountain area also has the characteristics of large fluctuation and fall, large and rapid change of mountain meteorological conditions, so every organization activity needs to use enough awe, scientific and rigorous attitude to carry out route survey, take-off point preparation, first, second and even third landing point selection. We should carefully consider all details and adhere to the principle of safety first. Even so, we still need to know that we are working on the most dangerous and extreme project in the world, and that accidents can happen at any time.

2017 karabao wing flight World Championships in Tianmen Mountain

I think the focus now should be on finding people and appeasing family members. I hope netizens dont easily infer information on the Internet that hasnt been confirmed by in-depth judgment. Li Liangdong finally said.