Suspected Huang Jingyus predecessor Fang Rensheng: Zeng Jiabang has cheated and Zhang Yi is still ill

 Suspected Huang Jingyus predecessor Fang Rensheng: Zeng Jiabang has cheated and Zhang Yi is still ill

On May 18, in the face of the doubts of Huang Jingyus fans, the netizen repeatedly sent several pieces of content as Wang Yuxins voice. She not only published Wang Yuxins last words before her suicide, but also directly called Huang Jingyu. It was revealed that Huang Jingyu cheated on Zhang Yi in marriage, and directly said that when his relatives died, he asked Wang Yuxin to keep filial piety for himself, while he and Zhang Yi opened a room in a hotel in Beijing The reason for divorce is also due to Zhang Yis provocation and destruction. She said that Wang Yuxin helped Huang Jingyu to prescribe the medicine.

Some netizens found that Wang Yuxin praised Zhang Yis Micro blog before choosing Qingsheng, and wrote in his latest micro blog, please remember our agreement, which is the only requirement after the breakup. the assistant said that Huang Jingyu promised Wang Yuxin that he would not be on the same stage with Zhang Yi when he divorced.

In addition, she once again mentioned that Huang Jingyu had domestic violence and had beaten Wang Yuxin very seriously. This is not the first time that Huang Jingyu has been exposed of domestic violence. Long ago, his team issued a statement denying the rumors of marriage and domestic violence, only acknowledging that Huang Jingyu and Wang Yuxin broke up peacefully.

Although the assistant has a lot of information, there are still many fans of Huang Jingyu shouting for evidence at the bottom, hoping to give the real hammer of the information directly.

The original text is as follows:

Huang Jingyus team and Zhang Yi, the third party, are you going to wash white, and do you have to repeatedly roll on sister Yuxin? Who would want to give up her life? Sister Yuxin is also a person who loves life very much. After your divorce, she almost never mentioned you again. The last micro blog sent under the condition of her weak willpower is probably subconscious love and hate. Today, all of this is caused by your brain powder. Xinxin sends a blog. Id like to tell you how to die soon. Why not die early and give birth early? Ill tell you what happened. Xinjie said that you should not forget that agreement. Its a silly girl. When you divorced, Xinjie told you that because Zhang Yi challenged Xinjie, she was the one who broke it Bad your marriage, her only requirement is that you cant stand together. So you didnt make the play. Your boss told you that you two would never cooperate. She thought if she left the world, you would still keep your promise! I think sister Xin is ridiculous, do you still have a promise? Is it credible? In order to wash white specially looked for several numbers to connect Xin Jie every day, are those facts? Do you have resources if you dont wash white? Even if you are married to 18 women with p-legs, you are also a resource tycoon. When you are ill, Xinxin will prescribe medicine for you to live in harmony with your family. When your relatives die, Xinxin will be filial. In case you are sad, she will send a selfie to let you not be sad. What about you? You opened a room with Zhang Yi in the magnificent hotel in Beijing. We didnt have a brokerage company and a team operation to guide the real public opinion and make people deviate. Why can you go to the red sea? Why can you shoot a police film? You can! Xinxin said you need to be good. After all, you are also ex husband. You once loved each other. You beat her in oceanwide international. It was so serious! What would you do if the police went to record the confession and detained it for 14 days that day? In a word, theres time to heal the stabbed wound. Xinxin cant walk out of the shadow. Only we can help her out slowly. But shes really weak now. She woke up after two days of coma after gastric lavage. She didnt know the pain of gastric lavage. Those fans who scold you also have family members. They dont want to treat others with quality, but please be rational and chase stars!

Huang Jingyus ex girlfriend wrote late at night: goodbye to the big boy who once loved me deeply

Wang Yuxin, former girlfriend of Huang Jingyu, wrote in the early morning of the 16th, saying: goodbye to the half of the world full of malice, and to the big boy who once loved me deeply. Later, he also praised a micro blog on Zhang Yi, which worried netizens.

In the early morning of May 16, Wang Yuxin, former girlfriend of Huang Jingyu, sent a message to say goodbye to the world, suspecting the idea of suicide. On May 17, a netizen who claimed to be Wang Yuxins assistant confirmed Wang Yuxins suicide, saying that Wang Yuxin had been out of danger after a day and a night of rescue, and was in a coma. He said that Wang Yuxin and Huang Jingyu had too many complicated things. Maybe it was because of the shadow behind these complicated things that Wang Yuxin had depression. It was because everyone misunderstood Wang Yuxin and scolded Huangs team for brainwashing which was very successful.