Youth has you 2 was modified to broadcast on Saturday and Sunday, Liu Yuxin ranked the top

 Youth has you 2 was modified to broadcast on Saturday and Sunday, Liu Yuxin ranked the top

From the beginning of the program, Liu Yuxin has maintained a stable high popularity, but also suffered a lot of criticism. Liu Yuxin expressed his thanks to the youth producers who support and love him when he released his thoughts, I know you choose me very hard, and thank you for being willing to like me who is not good at expressing with short hair and shorts.. At the same time, she also told everyone that she would constantly try and challenge the new side, so that she could have more possibilities. In fact, as early as in the last program, Liu Yuxin once revealed the idea of meeting you with the image of a womens group with long hair and skirt.

At the same time, Yu Shuxin, Yu Yan, Xu Jiaqi, Kong Xueer, Zhao Xiaotang, Jin Zihan, an Qi and Xie keyin have successfully retained the top nine seats, but their rankings have changed a lot. Nai Wan, Liu Lingzi, Dai Meng, Wang Chengxuan, Lu kehuo and Shangguan liking followed closely, ranking 10 to 15 respectively, becoming the most likely trainees to launch an impact on the previous nine.

Frequent golden sentences in Yang Nais online teaching

In addition to the announcement of the third ranking, Yang Nai, a new x tutor who teaches career experience online, has become a highlight of last weeks program. In the face of Xu Jiaqis question should we explain when misunderstood, Yang Nais suggestion is that its enough to explain clearly to the people he cares about, if your expectation is that the whole world loves me, you will always be sad, adjust the expectation to: the people who like me can understand what kind of person I am, thats enough.. A speech not only solved the confusion of Xu Jiaqi, but also made the audience in front of the screen hold their heads.

Not only that, Yang Nais golden sentences in the program, such as to live a successful life, you have to pay your own unhappiness, only resist this difficulty to bear the final good, everyones soul is free, we do not need to be defined by others, the success and failure of love does not depend on whether you are good or not, depends on whether you are fit or not, are all It has aroused the resonance of many netizens.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor in charge: Du Jiayue (nk6020)