Sand dune exposes stills sweet tea and extermination of tyrants reveals the mysterious planet civilization

 Sand dune exposes stills sweet tea and extermination of tyrants reveals the mysterious planet civilization

The movie dune presents the audience with a mysterious and moving journey of heroes. In order to protect his family and people, Paul euridi (played by Timothy chalmay), a gifted teenager, is determined to go to the most dangerous planet in the vast universe and start a thrilling adventure. At the same time, various forces have joined the battlefield in order to seize a precious resource on the planet that can release the greatest potential of mankind. In the end, only those who can overcome their fear can survive.

In the stills released by Empire magazine, sweet tea played by Timothy chalmay, Paul eritredi, and destroy hegemony played by Josh Brolin, Ginny harlek, came to the precious spice mining site on the planet of urakos. The two men stood on the wings of the aircraft, fully armed, supporting each other in the desert, standing in the wind, and the relationship between the characters was obvious. As a Weapon Master of the Eritrean family, when the family moved to the dangerous planet of ercolas, he did his best to protect the Dukes family and teach the protagonist Paul weapon knowledge. Director Dennis Villeneuve revealed that this scene in the stills will be a very important scene in the film and a critical moment for the dune Heroes: this is Pauls first contact with the deep desert, where he is fascinated and has a similar feeling of going home.

In another still picture, Paul is dressed in a cool white suit, with a calm face and a weapon in his hand. As the successor of the Duke, he is undergoing severe training. He is always ready to fight for the family when he is on a mission. It will also be a long adventure for the young successor. Paul is a very complicated character. Although he has been prepared and trained to become an heir, is this really what he dreams of? said Villeneuve? This is Pauls inner contradiction. He has a tragic fate. He may become someone he doesnt want to be. But young people will eventually grow up to be king. Whether Paul can make the right decision will control his future. Villeneuve believes that he will eventually become a real man. Its a very beautiful story. A young man who is endowed with power tries to find his own identity and understand his position in the world. In order to survive, he will do something that his ancestors have never done. He will use his curiosity and empathy to open up his new world.

Like the paratrooper, insist on the actual shooting in the desert, and build the sand dune world with details

It is reported that the movie dunes (temporary translation) will completely present the grand dune world in the form of two films, and it will take more than a year to design the expected sand insect shape. In an interview with Empire magazine, director Villeneuve and art director Patrice vimet looked for clues from Herberts entire ecosystem of sand worms. We start with every little detail to make such a beast look reasonable, from the texture of its skin to the way its mouth opens when it eats in the desert. It took us a year to design to find the perfect shape for the prehistoric visual effect. I believe we will live up to our expectations.

The sci-fi action adventure movie Dune (translated temporarily) is jointly created by American legendary film industry and Warner Brothers film company. It is adapted from Frank Herberts novels, directed by Oscar nominated director Denis Villeneuve, Timothy chalmay, Rebecca Ferguson, ossa Issac, Josh Brolin, stran scarsgard, Dave Batista, and Starr Stephen McKinley Henderson, zandaya, David damazilian, Zhang Zhen, Charlotte lamplin, Jason MoMA and Javier Baden are starring in the upcoming global release.

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