Interview with Wang Linkai: dirty braids and tattoos dont mean bad kids

 Interview with Wang Linkai: dirty braids and tattoos dont mean bad kids

In the interview, sister Yi asked the little ghost if there were any tips to share with you in terms of modeling. Guess what the little ghost said?

Lets approach the 21-year-old underage, Wang Linkai.

Netease fashion beauty and taste

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Exclusive interview with Wang Linkai (source: Netease fashion)


Netease fashion: earrings, necklaces and other accessories are indispensable for almost every look you wear. Do you have a special interest in accessories?

Kid: I think accessories can highlight a persons temperament, make the whole person different, and also be a persons expression of fashion details. Even at home, I always wear earrings, necklaces and other accessories after I get up, not for anyone to see. These are my own yearning and pursuit. They are cool and can bring me confidence and strength, so I think accessories are more important.

Netease fashion: what are the usual fashion inspiration sources?

Netease fashion: what is the style of daily wear?

Kid: there are all kinds of styles, but I would like to compare with hiphop.

Netease fashion: which style do you like best?

Kid: dirty pigtails. (looking at the hairdresser) Hey, the hairdressers eyes are wrong~

Netease fashion: how to add your own style to the ordinary wear?

Little ghost: there will be some accessories that belong to me. When you see this accessory, you will know that its a little ghost. There are pants chains, earrings, rings and necklaces.

Netease fashion: if I were a jewelry designer, what kind of accessories would I design?

Kid: industrial metal wind, used metal wind, or full of diamond necklace or full of diamond rings, all kinds of colors of diamonds.

Netease fashion: how to get to know Ido? What is the impression of Ido?

Kid: This is the second cooperation. First of all, I like Ido brand very much. I felt the idea and creativity of brand in the first cooperation. It knows what it wants very well.

Netease fashion: whats the reason for the boom porcelain series with Ido? Why did you choose this one?


Kid: I havent been home for four months. Its estimated that my home has been boom. After two days, Ill clean up the house first. Its almost ready for everyone to take photos. Its not too scary.

Netease fashion: do you usually make a mess at home?

Kid: in fact, Im just lazy. I didnt want to move the clothes after I folded them. Take one piece of clothes at a time. Even if it doesnt, dont make it disorderly.


Torture from the soul

Netease fashion: who do you save first when Darlene and AJ fall into the water?

Netease fashion: how many pairs of AJS are there at home? What would you do if you came across a pair of special favorites that you couldnt buy?

Kid: a lot There are too many to count. If you cant buy it, dont buy it until you can.

Netease fashion: which thing will make you crash when you uninstall the game or throw away your AJ?

Kid: Ill measure each others importance and give up the less important one~


Stubborn Taurus boy?

Kid: Im very opinionated and stubborn. Take hair, hairdresser once tried to cut my hair short, and then I told hairdresser to keep a shawl long hair! At that time, I had already thought about it. I must keep a long hair with a shawl for the new year. This is a goal I set for myself this year.

But when I came back to work, the hairdresser said no, I cant do your hair. I have to cut it! I said, after cutting, its very common! It seems that Im naive, just like a 16-year-old, not cool at all. I want to keep a shawl and long hair, and then the hairdresser insists on cutting it off. Its like a standoff in a day, and then go back to their respective rooms. The next day, I thought about this problem, and finally I compromised. I still believe that the hairdresser can give me a handsome hairstyle~

After I finished, I made a tiktok. The comment below was wow Lin Lins return to sixteen years old.


Netease fashion: after cutting this hairstyle, have you ever thought that you may not think of this as you?

Kid: Yes, its a different person after cutting this hair. My name is linlinzi now. Lin Linzi when shes cute and a kid when shes cool

Netease fashion: except for the short hair style, its actually pretty!

Little ghost: (looking at the hairdresser) I hear that. Im a little small. When I cut my hair again, this little Liu Haier is like a child. Hes not very rusty and ruffian. I was a special ruffian at first, especially hot blooded and a little cold , this hair is cut very well, its helpless.

Netease fashion: your hair has changed a lot of colors, for hair color is also very stubborn?

Kid: This is also the embodiment of my stubbornness! Because when dyeing, the company is afraid of strange colors. If they dont look good, Ill say it doesnt matter. Theyll say you think about it again. Ill say OK. And then the next day, Ill finish it and show it to you.

Netease fashion: obsession with maintaining the image of Sa?

Netease fashion: in fact, these concepts can be passed on to you through your works and stage. Music like yours has a great attitude, which makes you feel that this is a kid. Does it have to be displayed in appearance?

Kid: from stage design to clothing to shape to music, it should be a systematic personality, not only shape, but also I have a very strict plan for myself in my heart.

Netease fashion: as a Taurus, have you ever done anything that is stubborn but regretful afterwards?

After the trial, I found that it was really difficult, and the effect was not very good. On the day of the performance, everyone was going to perform on stage. At last, I decided to cancel the part, because when the effect was not good enough, I didnt want to show it to the audience.


Business ghost

Netease fashion: work arrangement in the second half of 2020?

Kid: the next work arrangements are variety show and music. New songs may have some different surprises. Life programs will continue to be recorded, followed by some music rap type programs.

Netease fashion: where does the inspiration of ordinary creation come from? How to write it down when inspiration comes?

Netease fashion: many artists like to create in the bathroom. Do you have this habit? Will you go to the bathroom for creation?

Kid: I dont go to the bathroom specially, but I have some inspiration occasionally when Im in the bathroom. I dont want to create today, so Ill go to the bathroom quickly. Because when you are in the bathroom, people are more relaxed, your thinking will be more agile, and you can grasp something immediately.

Netease fashion: what does music mean to you?

Kid: goal is also a way to prove yourself.

Netease fashion: how would you like others to evaluate you, prefer your people or your works?

Netease fashion: are you more like a mature adult or a simple child?

Kid: I think there are two sides. When we are with the staff in private, our working atmosphere is very childish. If I hit you, you have to hit me and return it.

Netease fashion: whats exciting about you recently?

Kid: lots of interesting variety shows. Changshas food is really delicious. I recorded a program in Changsha. There are many friends Im interested in. We create music and talk a lot.

Netease fashion: are you worried that you will be fat if you eat more delicious food?

Kid: No.

Sister Yi

In the past two years, the kid has grown up a lot. Although he is still the middle-aged boy we are familiar with in private, he is 100% dedicated as long as he works.

Source: Netease fashion editor: Chen Siyu nb12921