Story, collection, courage to live

 Story, collection, courage to live

Since then, when its windy, 466 will take care of the garden. When he is tired and depressed, he just has a look at the garden and has the confidence to keep going.

Surprisingly, since the garden, the whole prison has changed quietly. When the wind blows, more and more inmates will help him to take care of the garden; when the harvest comes, he will distribute the tomatoes to the inmates and then let them give them to the prison guards. After eating the prisoners tomatoes, the prison guards hands with whips are no longer so insolent, and their attitudes are much more amiable.

One kind of garden lasted 18 years until 466 was transferred to another prison.

The prisoner is former President Mandela of South Africa. He said: although a few tomatoes are not enough to change fate, they add a warm color to the cold prison, show people hope and have the courage to live!