The divorce of excellent women is not so simple as carrying suitcases and walking away. They also have to experience the pain of skinning and bone removal!

 The divorce of excellent women is not so simple as carrying suitcases and walking away. They also have to experience the pain of skinning and bone removal!

A smart, emotional intelligence of the hospital vice president (female occupation), her husband was found cheating for two years?

As a middle-aged man of literature and art with a directors dream, her husband has been eating soft food for decades. How does the hostess bear it?

While she is raising her family alone, she can also free up her hands to make delicious three meals a day, keep the housework in order, worry about the childrens math tutoring class and the piano lessons. How is this done?

Xiaosan has beautiful white skin and long legs, a golden father and a good family. Why should he follow such a waste wood uncle? Im afraid its not true love but the lack of heart and eyes.

My dear friends, colleagues, close friends, neighbors and mother-in-law all knew her husbands affair earlier than she did. They even traveled to Jeju Island with dog men and women, but they never mentioned it to my daughter. Whats the evil done by my daughter to gain such a batch of 24K pure gold plastic friendship?


Looking at the play from the perspective of grounded marriage, we can still find a lot of fascinating plots, but this does not affect that I still play it. Because in the past two years, many shuangwen and shuangju have given us the illusion that modern women, especially those who are able to earn more money, divorce is as simple and easy as throwing rubbish. It doesnt take much effort to get what belongs to them. After tearing up the Dog Man and woman, the beautiful new life will begin immediately, and the future is promising.

In the past, women were afraid / unwilling to divorce, because of the economic or ancient ethics and morality, they would rather be complete. Now? Why is it so difficult for a modern woman with a higher education, a sound personality and mentality, and no need to depend on her spouse financially?

Is it the thought of men are superior to women in East Asian traditional culture? Not seen. In the original play, Dr. Forster, an Englishman, thought about forgiving her husband more than once after he was betrayed. As long as he was willing to confess, he could start again. And the friends around him were also tolerant and tolerant. When a man played, they were all instinctive needs and would eventually go home to persuade her. It can be seen that the difficulty in separating a close relationship is beyond the traditional cultural differences.

Since watching the drama, I have summed up that the reasons why it is difficult for excellent women to divorce are probably as follows:

First, success is excellent, and failure is excellent.

Excellence is a womans trump card, and sometimes her life gate. Just like the perfect hostess in the play, she is outstanding in her career, supports her husband, handles housework and raises her children. Her life is perfect. So when the affair breaks the imperfect relationship between husband and wife, the first reaction of ordinary people is I will kill the two dogs and men; the first reaction of excellent women is that they want to protect the excellence and perfection, so they instinctively divorce Its a rebound.

Then there will be several times when the hostess considers the plot of choosing to forgive.

Second, womens identity anxiety in the second half of middle age (after 40 years old).

In the play, the age of the female host is set to be over 40 years old. It has to be admitted that, compared with men, age and appearance are more lethal than women, and the anxiety of the hostess has been highlighted in the drama for several times, whether its looking back at the wedding photos and feeling very old or knowing that her husband has cheated, she exclaimed, Ive come to the end as a woman..

Young women, after divorce, worry about how to go if their life is still so long; mature women, after divorce, worry about whether I can bear to settle down after half of their life.

Many articles like 40 years old is the best age for women describe that womens abilities at this stage are at the peak, their physical strength is good, they can play well in the workplace, they have enough running in with their partners, their children are older, and their life has finally ushered in some warmth in the past. But the truth is that age anxiety is always there, and women dont ignore it because they are good.

Third, let principle become a constraint.

Principle is a kind of restriction formed after human society, because with the principle, the society can develop, so, generally speaking, it is a kind of praise to say that someone has principle. People who dont like principles are more willing to use instinct as a reason. In the play, a male neighbor who adores the mistress says that there are only two kinds of men in the world: the man who has cheated and the man who has been found to have cheated. Its a typical way of passing the blame on instinct.

In the face of instinct, the feedback of the female owner is: instinct is not only for men; and women do not cheat because they will not cheat, only because they are husband and wife, they feel that the principle of living is right, so they are self-control.

This strong sense of principle once trapped the hostess, making her hesitate to divorce because of the consideration of the growth of her children, the establishment of her family and her past love. Even at the beginning, she thought that as long as her husband was honest with each other and admitted to cheating, she would let bygones be bygones.

Principle is the basis of supporting marriage, which brings responsibility, obligation, responsibility and rationality, but principle will also become the handle of others to deal with themselves, becoming my son is very tired in order to live with you in the mouth of mother-in-law, my mother pays more attention to work than me in the mouth of son, and its your badness that destroys us in the mouth of cheating husband.

Principle should have been a shield to protect the family, but one day it will become a blade to its own.

In the play, a ministers wife learns that her husband has cheated through a disease diagnosed by her husband. Although she is very angry, she later tells the hostess (confirmed by the hostess): I will not divorce. I am the one who made him this day. I dont want to divorce him, because of my background, financial resources and character. I dont want to give up what I have paid in the past years.

Ordinary women invest in their own life in marriage, while excellent women not only invest in their own life, but also have their own ability, financial resources, contacts and other resources. The more you invest, the harder it is to cut.

There may be some bugs in some plots of the couples world, but the emotions expressed after the betrayal are in place. In the face of betrayal from our partner, our faith in marriage and love will not collapse in a flash, but will experience hesitation, bondage, suffering, and finally loss of reason.

Whats more chilling is that the drama tells women that the boundaries between strong and weak, right and wrong in the marriage world are actually very easy to be blurred and changed.

A good woman, a good wife and a good mother do not mean a winner in a marriage.

Its just like the hostess is crushing her partner in all aspects, and she doesnt look overbearing or despise her partner at all. But in her husbands affair, she became a traitor. In the trailer of the seventh episode, we can see that two years later, my husband returned home triumphantly with a senior junior and a new born daughter, lived in a mansion and entertained old friends. Those neighbors, colleagues and friends who once betrayed the mistress agreed not to go, but finally came to the scene and toasted. Instead, the mistress became a thief and once possessed something that didnt belong to her.

Excellence, kindness, tolerance, and devotion are virtues that may not be positively responded to in the emotional world. There is really no justice or reason.

Whats more, adults dont expect their children to understand and understand.

Many people saw that they were very dissatisfied with the womans son. He knew his father had cheated for a long time, but he chose to keep quiet and go to baseball camp happily with his father. When he saw his mother turning over his fathers study, he pressed his mother not to move and separate from his friends like his classmates parents did after divorce. When his mother picked out his fathers cheating, his feedback was so? So what? You think that if one party makes a mistake, the child will become your teammate and stand with you to blame his father. Children may not.

In childrens world, they care more about whether their family looks complete and whether the familiar environment still exists than adults pain. We cant accuse children of unconsciousness and ignorance. For a teenager, they dont know what to betray and cant have immediate pain. The only thing they can do is to use their own strength to maintain the small world that has been broken and collapsed.

Perhaps, what we can do is to tell the truth to the children, hoping that it will take a day, time and experience to let them know which is right or wrong.

In the divorce war, no matter how good it is to stop loss in time, you should also be prepared to lose some important things. Even if you are a reasonable party, you should be prepared to face the criticism of the whole world. This may be life, right and wrong, gain and loss will be diluted in love and betrayal.

After the sixth episode, I didnt go after the play any more. I saw the original plot, which made people unhappy, so I abandoned the play.