Think you want to sleep you want to wake up with you

 Think you want to sleep you want to wake up with you

He will speed up the frequency of chatting with you, will also lower the tone of speaking, will occasionally make a joke with you, and will occasionally play a Jiao with you.

He will start to care if you are a little too close to the other members of the opposite sex, and will be jealous from time to time to ask you to admit that he is the only one.

He will report his daily itinerary to you, make long and long telephone porridge with you, and even occasionally say good night to you in the early morning.

When we meet, he is always staring at you. Whether its eating or watching a movie, his eyes are hot and tender. As long as you look at him for a second, your face will burn red. Hes always happy with your reaction, and no matter how angry you are, he doesnt change, as if only you are the center of his life.

He will send you a message just after the separation. He will immediately respond to your past expressions. He will echo every word of you, praise your dress and make-up, and even start to say that he likes you.

The performance of all this is to think of your continuity and expense.

I want to sleep with you

A boy who likes you will want to sleep with you.

No one can sit still in front of the person you like. As long as you stand there and dont even do anything, its an invincible temptation for him. Because in front of the person who loves you, your breath and your eyes are the best aphrodisiac.

In fact, sometimes, desire is the respect of people who like it, and the body is the signal of love.

When you really like a person, you cant help but want to get close to him, hug him firmly, kiss him carefully, and feel the temperature and enthusiasm of every part of his body.

The person who loves you will always subconsciously make intimate moves and enjoy all the sweet interactions with you. He wants to sleep and your heart cant be covered.

But we must distinguish his sincerity. There are always female readers in the background of my wechat asking me, how can I tell if a boy just wants to sleep or really loves you?

My method is actually very simple. The boy who loves you will always wait for you to be ready and will not impose his desire on you. He cares more about you than desire itself, so he will control himself. And the hypocritical people just want to sleep with you, they cant wait, because they care about themselves.

I want to wake up with you

Salinger once said: some people think that love is sex, marriage, a kiss at six oclock in the morning, but I think love is a hand that wants to touch and take back. When I ask you what your love is, how will you answer me? Its a night of joy, a vow, or a long stream of water.

But I believe that there are still people who are willing to live in pairs, to love and know each other, to support and respect each other, to start well and end well, to hold the hand of the child and grow old together.

I always think you mean to want to wake up: to open your eyes to see you, to be bored with you all day, to have you in every day of life, to have you in every season, to have you in every life.

So it must be the boy who has finished your life in his mind that will say this sentence with you firmly. Before sleeping with you, he will definitely make plans for your future, start planning your next life, and bring you into all his considerations in detail.

Because for him, you are not only a couple sleeping together, but also a partner walking through life together.

In fact, I think in such a fast-food era, its not difficult to meet people who want to think of you and sleep with you. Its hard to meet people who want to sleep with you and wake up with you every day in the later half of their lives.

I believe that everyones luck is limited. Its the first prize to meet a good man.

So if you have such a person who is treating you well, you must cherish it and never regret it until you lose it.

Because what I want you to understand is that love, not like, not a company for fun, but a ship with a normal tone and a river that has never been far away.