If you want to write online, youd better master these 10 skills first

 If you want to write online, youd better master these 10 skills first

This article will tell you, the impact of the novel signing 10 skills, I hope to help you less detours!

1u3001 300 words at the beginning, leading role

The protagonist, as the direct promoter of the plot of the novel, can get on the stage as soon as possible, so as to catch the interest of the readers as quickly as possible.

As the saying goes, the worlds martial arts are only fast. Thats the point.

Once the protagonists image is imprinted in the readers mind at the beginning, then the next thing will come naturally.

To remind you that for the readers who just entered the novel, if you read a long period, even the protagonist doesnt see it, its no exaggeration to say that 80% of the readers will directly pass the novel. No matter how wonderful the follow-up of the novel is, the readers cant see it and it doesnt have much significance.

2u3001 Chapter 1, there must be conflicts

For a novel, contradiction is just like the catalyst of plot development. It is easy to attract people because of its good bedding, good description and distinct contradiction.

Why do many people like reading online? Whats more, its a very sadistic novel? Isnt it because of the intense contradictions that attract readers hormones?

At the beginning of the novel, that is, the first chapter, there are contradictions and conflicts, which can bring the readers emotions up as early as possible. If the contradiction is OK, it will only attract readers to constantly want to read the next chapter, and constantly want to know more about the plot of the novel.

3u3001 The first three chapters have to have gold fingers

There is a cruel situation that needs to be recognized. In most websites, there are millions of novels of the same type in series at the same time. How to stand out from the crowd? How can a novel do without an assassins mace? Just like the protagonist in your novel, how can you become the protagonist without two brushes that are far superior to ordinary people?

In the first three chapters, there are golden fingers, which readers would like to see very much. In other words, readers have to consider whether your novel has developed into a potential for long-term pursuit?

The emergence of a key plot that affects the main line of the novel can go through such a process.

Foreshadowing or foreshadowing -- > contradiction -- > Development -- > tipping point -- >

When the contradiction points set in the first chapter are developed and heated, remember to write the tipping point in the first 30000 words (about 10 chapters). If you write too early, the effect will not be as expected; if you write too slowly, the time has passed, not only you, but also the readers will suffer from internal injuries.

5u3001 After the climax, there must be new contradictions

Although the protagonist, as the only one who has opened the novel, cant open it all the time, gradually grow up and gradually become stronger is the more appropriate plot setting.

Therefore, after the first climax of the opening chapter, a new plot is immediately launched around the growth of the protagonist. For example, in online games novels, kill the next boss or complete the next collection task according to the task instructions.

6u3001 When the novel is about to go on sale, it needs another climax

At the same time, from the perspective of the novel itself, choosing to explode at this time is the biggest tipping point in history. It is also to be able to attract readers, retain readers, and then increase the number of novel subscriptions and other data.

7u3001 Heterogamete at least three

Now, many people are criticizing the stallions, some say playful, some say YY... So, in many cases, many authors try to avoid writing about the opposite sex.

However, this is too extreme. Imagine that the characters around the protagonist are basically bad old men. After a long time, will readers feel bored? Do you think its weird?

This is a very normal phenomenon. Whats more, the outstanding and powerful protagonist (man), which sister paper doesnt like it?

However, it should be noted that the opposite sex around the protagonist should not be too much, so as to avoid loopholes in the design of the protagonist by some readers. So, at least three, but not too many.

8u3001 7 points for bedding, 3 points for fighting

Whether its the tipping point or the process, fighting is also crucial. After all, this is the best time to ignite the contradictions, and it can also play a role in building a strong interest in the novel in the minds of readers. However, the fight should not be too long, otherwise, too tense and hasty plot will backfire. So, a three-point fight.

In a word, in the vast majority of cases, what readers can often remember is that it is the process of contradiction developing into the tipping point, that is, the foreshadowing.

Try to recall the novels you have read. Is the memory of this process far greater than that of fighting?

9u3001 Write less about each chapter that has nothing to do with the protagonist

For many new people, when writing, because the focus is not clear, they always think that they can write more points, so this directly leads to more plots that have nothing to do with the theme of the novel. Readers a look, Luo Li bar a lot of wordiness, see I really suffocate panic.

Therefore, for this part of the plot, we must reduce the length as much as possible. Its better not to exceed 300 words. If you can take one sentence with you, you can take one sentence with you. The so-called smooth transition of the plot of the novel means that.

10u3001 Avoid frequent scene switching in each chapter

The so-called scene switching refers to the change of the protagonist from one place to another. A chapter is about 3000 words. If the frequency of scene switching is too fast, the reader will probably be upset and confused. Moreover, this will lead to the lack of detail and chewiness in each scene segment.

So, instead of wasting a lot of energy by switching scenes frequently, its better to switch scenes less and write them carefully.


Otherwise, if you waste time and dont talk about it, you will also get rid of your enthusiasm for writing.

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