Thanks to the express sanitation personnel, Kimura said its very important to have income after the outbreak

 Thanks to the express sanitation personnel, Kimura said its very important to have income after the outbreak

Netease Entertainment Daily reported on May 18 that according to Japanese media modelpress, Kimura Taua invited friends as guests to talk about life, life and other topics on the tokyofm radio program Kimura flowsupportedbygyao! u300bOn May 17, the latest issue was broadcast, which was recorded at home by Takuya Kimura. He shared some messages from the audience, including many voices from the medical staff. At the same time, he thanked the express delivery and environmental health personnel, saying that it was important to have income after the new crown epidemic.

Under the epidemic situation, people try to stay at home to avoid spreading the virus. Many program listeners send messages, including many medical staff who are fighting against the new coronavirus on the front line. A 30-year-old nurse hopes Kimura can cheer for them and look forward to the end of the epidemic as soon as possible. Another medical staff in his fifties thanks the previous program listeners for cheering them on, saying that they will continue Keep working. Once again, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks and respect to all the medical staff at the forefront, Kimura said

In addition, Kimura thanks the express delivery and sanitation personnel, he said: because of the epidemic, we all stay at home and try to reduce going out, but the express delivery personnel and the sanitation personnel who clean up the garbage have to work every day for the normal operation of our lives, thank them very much.

In the TBS Japanese drama alife ~ love you ~, Kimura played surgeons chongtian Yiguang. In order to play this role well, he had a close relationship with doctors who were medical supervisors. In April, he also read letters from medical staff on the official YouTube channel of jennes office to convey the real situation of the medical scene. At that time, he said: what the media reported was only one side, I I hope to let you know more about the front-line situation, so through the familiar doctors, I have received many letters from medical staff and shared them with you. In addition, Takuya Kimura also supports the project Johnnys smileup through the social contribution of the office! Project donated masks, protective clothing, etc. to medical institutions, saying it would continue until the end of the epidemic.

On the same day, there was a message from the audience that they had been reading and studying at home. Some college students said that they could not meet their friends but could only contact them online. Kimura said: in fact, the tools now are very convenient. Imagine that if there is no smart phone now, Im afraid the situation will be very bad. Now the video can see the appearance of each other. It may also be important to know what we have learned and what we should do in the future.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor in charge: Li siou nbj11322