Results of national grain inventory: food ration safety is guaranteed

 Results of national grain inventory: food ration safety is guaranteed

It is understood that policy grain includes central reserve grain, minimum purchase price grain, national temporary storage grain, national one-off reserve grain, local reserve grain, etc., which account for a large proportion of the total grain inventory. It plays an important role in regulating the supply and demand relationship of grain market, maintaining social stability and responding to major natural disasters or other emergencies.

It is the focus of social concern that the quantity of grain stored in the grain depot is not real, the quality is not good, and the storage safety is not safe. To this end, after the national grain clearance and inventory in 2009, 10 years later, China carried out the national inventory again in March 2019.

After one years investigation, we found out the background of policy grain inventory comprehensively, and formed 770000 pieces of data in quantity inspection working papers and 1.63 million quality inspection data. For the first time, we established a national policy grain inventory quantity and quality database by region, nature, variety, storage point and storage location, and handed over a clear account and safe account to the people. At the same time, we also checked The hidden dangers and problems in the management of policy grain Inventory were corrected, and the management level of grain inventory was further improved.

In order to ensure the accuracy, a total of samples were taken from this inventory One point three More than 10000 inspectors have formed more than 1300 census teams to investigate Two point one Ten thousand policy grain storage sites and 200000 grain storage locations will be comprehensively surveyed one by one, so as to make sure that they should be fully checked, thoroughly checked, accurately checked and marked throughout the whole process.

There are also innovations in the inspection methods and working mechanisms of this great inventory. For example, big data, intelligent grain depot and other information technology, as well as modern inspection methods for the quantity and quality of grain in stock, have been fully used in this big inventory. In the self inspection, supervision, census and other links, deputies to the National Peoples Congress and members of the CPPCC were invited to participate, and retired workers, large grain users and third-party social regulators familiar with grain business were hired as social supervisors. External supervision was strengthened to enhance the authority of the inventory.