International Review: American politicians obsessed with dominating vaccines attempt to stage snake swallowing the elephant

 International Review: American politicians obsessed with dominating vaccines attempt to stage snake swallowing the elephant

Obviously, the inside story of the storm is not simple. The worlds only superpower once again extended its dirty hand to global vaccine research and development, and carelessly exposed its ambition to dominate the vaccine, resulting in public outrage.

As early as March this year, the U.S. government was exposed by the media that it was trying to buy up the vaccine research and development technology of a German biotechnology company for 1 billion US dollars, which could only be used by the United States. As soon as the news is disclosed, it will be criticized all over the world. German politicians also denounced the US move as showing the ugly face of Washington to the world..

There are more suspicious, local time 15, the U.S. leaders said, the U.S. on January 11 has begun to develop a new coronavirus vaccine, hope to appear by the end of the year. As soon as this remark was made, the time point of January 11 immediately attracted the attention of the international community, which was two months earlier than the announcement of national emergency by the leaders of the United States in mid March! Did the U.S. government put epidemic prevention and control aside in order to dominate the global vaccine market?

In contrast, at a recent International Pledging Conference launched by the European Union to respond to the new crown epidemic, 7.4 billion euros were donated to promote vaccine research and development, production and fair distribution. However, the U.S. government, as the world leader, has become an Iron Rooster. According to U.S. officials, the U.S. government is now investing billions of dollars in its own research. This was criticized by the new york times as an attempt by the United States to fight alone.

In order to realize its ambition of dominating vaccine, American politicians have once again used the usual rumor and sabotage tactics. On the 14th local time, the State Department of the United States concocted a statement accusing China of trying to steal the research results of the new coronavirus in the United States. U.S. Secretary of State John pompeio later forwarded the statement on social platforms. However, netizens are more worried about Chinas vaccine being stolen by the worlds largest hacker empire.

On the other hand, the American politicians always value interests over justice. As long as theres a lot of money to make, whether its a national disaster or a black heart money, its their success to be able to enjoy alone, which is crucial to human life! Therefore, in the vaccine research and development related to the safety of all human life, these politicians spare no effort to play the prank of snake swallowing the elephant.

People have seen that since the outbreak of the new crown, from openly robbing multi-national epidemic prevention materials, to cut off the supply to who, and then to trying to dominate vaccine research and development, the extreme selfishness of some politicians in the United States has become a stumbling block for global anti epidemic cooperation. As Richard Horton, editor in chief of the lancet, a famous medical journal, criticized, the US approach is a crime and betrayal of all mankind. Some Western observers also sharply criticized that the U.S. governments policies of extreme egoism and unilateralism were actually digging its own grave.

Viruses have no borders. Helping others is self-help. In order to novel coronavirus pneumonia, the World Health Organization launched an international cooperation initiative in late April with global partners to accelerate the R & D, production and fair distribution of new crown pneumonia related vaccines, diagnostic tools and therapeutic tools. Recently, the news that China and Canada have cooperated in vaccine research and development has boosted peoples confidence in overcoming the epidemic. More than 140 national dignitaries and experts also stressed in the joint open letter that governments and international partners must work together to develop a global safeguard to ensure rapid mass production and free access to all people in all countries when developing safe and effective vaccines. French Prime Minister Philippe pointed out that the vaccine against the new coronavirus should be a global well-being, and there is no doubt that all people have equal opportunities.

Obviously, greedy American politicians will not have many people on their way to failure alone.