5g trend in Europe from Ericsson

 5g trend in Europe from Ericsson

Ericsson has reached 91 5g business agreements

Last year, we talked about opening 5g globally. Now it has come true. Ericsson devices have opened the worlds first 5g network, Bao said. Our 5g devices are currently used in more than 30 commercial networks on four continents. Ericssons wireless technology allows operators to reuse spectrum, site and mobile infrastructure, and has supported 5g independent networking new use cases.

In the past year, Ericsson has increased its 5g market share in China and won the 5g core network agreement of BT. At present, Ericsson has signed 91 5g commercial agreements with operators.

Bao Yikang said: we have a proven overall solution that can reduce the network energy consumption curve, which means 5g is sustainable. And the key to 5gs success is a strong ecosystem. Ericsson is committed to developing ecosystem and developing new products for consumers, such as cloud games, virtual reality, augmented reality, etc.

5g is fast covering

Swiss Telecom is Ericssons European customer. About four years ago, we launched the 5g program for Switzerland with Ericsson, the University of Switzerland and industry partners, said Daniel Staub, vice president of mobile networks at Swiss Telecom. By the end of 2019, we have actually reached 90% coverage.

Daniel Staub said that in order to become the first operator to launch 5g in the Swiss market, our strategy must be supported by key steps: network first, then wide coverage, and then speed up. To be successful, we have to work closely with Ericsson, chipset manufacturers and terminal manufacturers. It is very important to use 5g to push the whole ecosystem forward. In order to improve 5g rate, Swiss Telecom not only relies on 5g Technology launched in 3.6ghz frequency band, but also hopes to have low-frequency band to deploy, which is very important for improving and realizing high-quality 5g indoor coverage.

In addition, Swiss Telecom attaches great importance to the transformation to cloud core network to improve flexibility and reduce cost structure. 5g brings huge extra complexity to the network. Weve long realized that we can only solve this problem by improving automation and using analytics, otherwise we wont be able to best tune and optimize the network, Daniel Staub said

When it comes to 5g experience, Daniel Staub believes that there are three main points: first, 5g is an ecosystem, not only a technology in the network, so it is very important to work closely with terminal equipment, chipset and device manufacturers. The second is that 5g and 4G are closely linked at first, and to deal with this complexity, we also need to deal with different customer needs dynamically. Therefore, dynamic allocation of spectrum resources is the core to maintain this flexibility. Therefore, dynamic spectrum sharing is the key technology to be deployed. Third, the complexity of 5g is increasing, so analysis and automatic network optimization are very important.

At present, Swiss Telecom also meets the publics concern about 5gs impact on health, because 5g will be a more and more dense network, and the publics concern has formed a public opinion, which is unfavorable for further increasing the density of base stations.

Internet of things has great potential in 5g

When we look at the Internet of things from the perspective of mobile operators, its impressive, said Jon gamble, an Ericsson technology expert. We have the opportunity to study the whole life cycle of the car. If you can grasp the various networking use cases throughout the whole life cycle of the car, you will know that there are many business opportunities in it.

Today, a car factory that has reached the level of industry 3.0, if it has 10000 square meters, there are about 1000 robots inside, which are respectively connected with their own brain and PLC. Its a very efficient factory, but not a flexible factory, because it cant change the products quickly. 5g can provide the same performance and reliability as cable connection, so all cables can be removed, there will be no 1000 points to be reprogrammed, but only one brain, which will change the layout and production mode of the whole factory.

In addition to robots, there are automatic guided vehicles in the factory, which usually run on rails that need to be reprogrammed. 5g can provide accurate positioning to centimeter level. Through the digital twin technology, you can also copy the factory digital to a certain cloud environment, where you can join the supply chain, integrate research and development, manufacturing and transportation, which will also require 5g.

After the car is shipped out of the factory, it should be delivered to consumers through logistics. The port is an important node in automobile logistics. In the port, the enterprises private network is used. Many things are carried out automatically, such as automatic guide vehicle and traffic control tower, which need to be connected to the vehicle remotely. This connection should be reliable and fast, especially when there are people around the vehicle, the time delay should be lower. The low delay and high reliability of 5g network can meet the demand.