He Jiong: why dont I make friends

 He Jiong: why dont I make friends

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Why are more and more people afraid to speak

Recently, when he Jiong talked about public statements in please refrigerators, there was a paragraph that aroused strong resonance among all of us.

I can express my attitude, but I also worry that sometimes it will be over interpreted.

He Jiong has been a host for 22 years. He has been recognized as a high Eq. he Jiong is one of the best people in the entertainment circle.

Although the news was refuted later, those vicious comments on the Internet have remained on the Internet forever, and hurt he Jiong, who was reviled innocently.

Thousands of refined bars will maliciously distort others opinions, but if public figures dont speak out, they will say that they are not responsible for it, all for the sake of whitewashing. In a word, no matter whether you make a sound or not, its a big mistake in the eyes of gangjing.

The process of his change is also the process of constant injury. Some things, we dont want to make a sound, really dare not.

In May 14th, Li Ronghaos own property in micro-blog Tucao was too close to make complaints about 500 words.

I believe that 99.999% of the properties in the world do not have this problem. They are all good people. Maybe Im in a special situation, so please property lovers dont DIS me. Im talking about my property.

Overflow the screens desire to survive, looking funny and helpless.

Todays public figures are always trembling when they say a word, even if they dont say it properly enough, they will be surrounded by a group of people.

Some people say that as public figures, they should have the consciousness of being scolded by others.

But dare to speak should not be the reason to be discredited. As long as it is not malicious output, everyone has the freedom to express their views.


Malicious speculation makes us more and more silent

Recently, Papi sauce was scolded for hot search because of childrens fathers surname. Some peoples comments have even refreshed the human bottom line.

From the rise of children with their fathers surname to the attack on Papi sauce herself, she abused herself as a strong slave and powerful donkey, and also referred to the majority of married women who have had children as donkeys.

Papi sauce didnt respond positively, but she posted a video that beautifully responded to the trolls.

Ma Dong said, to be misunderstood is the fate of the speaker. But I think some misunderstandings are not the fault of the speaker, but the malicious speculation of some people.

Just like the experience of Papi sauce in the video, Mingming simply boasted about the good-looking suit worn by the front desk girl with her colleagues, but was besieged by six colleagues for half a day. No matter what she said or how she said it, she could be challenged.

In the end, she had no choice but to shut up. Sometimes, choosing silence is the best response to gangjing. Ignore them, they have no sense of existence, no desire to fight.

In the Hong Kong opera bridge of sighs, there is such a scene, which is intriguing.

Fang Xiaowei, who goes shopping in the supermarket, will take the initiative to clean up the goods that are knocked down by others, but the staff members firmly believe that she did it. If she didnt do it, why would she help?

There is no use in her explanation. Later, when she saw the goods lying on the floor in the supermarket, she chose to ignore them.

Recently, I saw a piece of news. A man in Xian beats his girlfriend in the street, slaps her in the face, picks her up and throws her to the ground. He tries to pack her into the trunk many times. A BMW car is parked beside them.

Before the event was settled, a group of people came to the conclusion at the bottom of the video: cry in a BMW; pay money to a woman, deserve to be beaten; this is the price of finding a rich man...

Unexpectedly, the incident quickly reversed, and the woman said, BMW is mine. The untrue attacks against me on the Internet really broke me up.

Dont judge other peoples lives easily. You never know what they are going through. Its not only responsible for oneself, but also fair to others if we dont evaluate the whole picture.

There is no real empathy in this world

In last years fire drama the distance between us and evil, Li Xiaoming strafed the audience with a gun in the cinema, killing 9 people, injuring 21 and sentenced to death.

However, such a verdict is not enough to calm the peoples anger and anger, and transfer their emotions to Li Xiaomings family.

Li Xiaomings parents and younger sister have become the targets of internet violence. No matter what they say, netizens seem to be shirking their responsibilities.

Their home was smashed. Three people wore masks all day and wrapped themselves up tightly. Live in the old house, paste all the windows with newspaper, live a dark life, afraid of being recognized.

They were surrounded by reporters on the street, kneeling to apologize to the families of the victims, but the malicious voice still did not disappear, because of their sons mistakes, they were branded with guilt for the rest of their lives.

Later, they didnt dare to say anything and avoided reporters, which became their instinctive response.

The choice of silence is the result of forced helplessness. When a persons words are always maliciously misinterpreted, how dare he make a sound? He would rather be a mute.

There is no real empathy in this world.

A friend of my hometown, on Mothers day, sent a picture without filter in the circle of friends. Mother and son are in the same frame, with a bright smile. The first mothers day must be commemorated.

But within five minutes, it was deleted by her. My private letter asked her why, she reluctantly said: there is a person at the bottom of the comment, said my house is really ugly, the eyes are so small.

We chatted for a while, and she said, Im tired. I wont be happy if I dont make friends later.

Her experience reminds me of Chen Mings experience in the story of wonderful flowers.

One years June 1 childrens day, Chen Ming sent a photo with his eldest daughter at micro-blog, wishing her a happy holiday. It was a happy thing, but there was a vicious voice in the comment area: this child is really ugly. The gene of Hubei village goods is good..

See, no matter who you are, you will meet keyboard man.

My cousin once sent a picture of giving a drip in the hospital. I wanted to be comforted. In the comments, several people satirized her hypocrisy, this can also be done. Who hasnt been ill?

Theres a question on Zhihu: why dont many people want to make friends?

There is an answer that I quite agree with: humans joys and sorrows are not interlinked, they just think you are noisy.

Adults circle of friends, group visible is a daily operation, and there are some sincere words, set only visible to themselves.

Your happiness and happiness are likely to make others uncomfortable; your sadness and sadness will also be interpreted as affectation.

Those late at night editors mood, just sent out a few seconds, think or delete.

Its not that Im in a better mood, but that Im afraid of being misunderstood, over interpreted, leaving a bad impression in other peoples hearts, or being labeled by others.

When you are more and more silent, its really because you are tired.

As for whether we send friends, I think there is a sentence that is the best answer:

When I dont send a circle of friends, Im living seriously. When I send a circle of friends, Im loving life.

Dont ask for empathy, but for kindness.

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