Be the best you can be

 Be the best you can be

Know that happiness is always in your heart. Day by day, people are always choosing how to go further and have a better life. Many people like to appreciate others and how happy they are, as if their lives are much better than their own, and they cant be happy. In fact, many times, we should praise ourselves. Only by accepting ourselves, can we not give up ourselves, improve ourselves, and continue to be excellent.

Reading yourself is the key to a happy life. Live happily, every day will be sunny. In fact, it is very simple to make yourself happy, that is, to learn to accept yourself, to let yourself bloom in front, and to smile when it is difficult. In the world of self-sufficiency, you can live calmly, face others generously, and live yourself well. Some people say that happy life is the most beautiful.

It is true that the premise for people to live in the world and accept themselves is not to lack self-confidence. Yang Lan once interviewed a lady and asked her what she was most insecure about? She said that she was not good-looking, self abased and didnt like herself. Time passed, her career was successful. Yang Lan asked her why she was older, but her temperament was better? She replied that it was because life was easier and self-confidence was better after she accepted herself. After hearing this, Yang Lan gave her a thumbs up.

To accept oneself is a full affirmation of oneself, a supplement to ones innate inadequacy, a reflection on ones efforts after tomorrow, a vision of future life, and a sufficient attention and concern for oneself. Years ahead, we should be with the people we like, appreciate ourselves, change our destiny, rather tired, also do not forget the original intention, towards perfection.

When people come into the world, heaven will surely arrange their own foothold. The strong is not born. The reason why the strong is strong is that he is good at overcoming his weakness and defects.

Aristotles communication ability is not good, but he has become a world-famous philosopher; Van Gogh is easily disturbed by emotions, and he has become a world-famous painter by his extraordinary vision; Beethoven is deaf, and he has become a famous musician by his extraordinary insight. These celebrities are the best winners in the world. They accept themselves and finally reach a high level of life. The greatness of a great man is that he always keeps a happy and upward heart.

Laozi said, he who knows others is wise, and he who knows himself is wise. Its not appropriate to be arrogant and belittled in the spirit of ambitious people. Self confidence is the first step to success. Everyone has something to appreciate. A person who knows how to appreciate it will surely accept himself. Sadi said that people who have potential but dont pour it into life are like a farmer who only ploughs the field but doesnt sow it.

The biggest problem of people is that they are easy to lose to themselves. Failure, it doesnt matter, a person cant not make mistakes, cant succeed in everything. People should treat their mistakes and failures calmly and rationally, learn from them, and negate themselves rashly, which is the great taboo of success.

In short, self acceptance, not only to accept the advantages and disadvantages of their own human nature, but also to accept their own shortcomings and shortcomings. On this basis, we can do our best by improving ourselves and improving ourselves.


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