The ending of husband and wifes world hides these 10 hidden rules of life (women should have a look)

 The ending of husband and wifes world hides these 10 hidden rules of life (women should have a look)

In the eyes of outsiders, she has a decent job, a considerate husband and a happy family. She always thought, everything around me is perfect.

Her husbands infidelity caused Chi Shanyus world to collapse, so she began to carry out revenge plan.

She confided to her friends, but they all said she was too sensitive.

However, many people in their lives lack the ability to think independently. The book mob says:

Most people are lazy to think on their own. Especially when in a complex and changeable society, individuals will be led by groups, which is the most common thing.

The best life for an economically independent woman

Chi Shanyus work is very profitable, but he usually neglects the financial management.

Chi Shanyu was very angry for a while. In fact, all the money she earned was taken by her husband to raise her junior.

As the saying goes, if you want to catch a mans heart, you need to catch his stomach, but I think you should catch his money.

Whether you are a single aristocrat or a housewife, you need economic independence, which is the best guarantee you can give yourself.

What other people think is none of your business

Chi Shanyu wants to divorce, but his friends say that there is prejudice against divorced women in the society. However, after divorce, men can still live a good life.

She was shaken by this remark.

People have and only have one life, unique, and can not repeat, no one can replace us to experience and feel.

If you care too much about other peoples opinions, then life will become a pair of underpants. You have to go on with what others fart.

Know how to stop loss in time

Xianrui is a patient of Chi Shanyu.

One day, when Chi Shanyu was looking for Xian Rui, he happened to see her boyfriend beating her. Shan Yu saved Xian Rui.

However, when Chi Shanyu asked about Xian Ruis future plans, Xian Rui said he would still return to his boyfriend.

But Chi Shanyu thinks that she shouldnt waste her life so much. With her strong persuasion, xianrui finally decides to send her boyfriend of domestic violence to prison with her injury identification.

Thats why she started a new life.

There is a saying in Jack Ma Nanbo: dont stop running, dont look back on the way, there is no sentimentality in the way, only the front is worth looking forward to.

Yes, there is only hope ahead, so we need to learn to stop loss in time after being hurt.

Calm down

When Chi Shanyu finds another mobile phone hidden in her husbands trunk, her world collapses.

She was so desperate that she even picked up a pair of scissors and tried to stab her husband in the chest, but in the end she didnt.

She calmed down, did not directly pierce her husbands lies, but on the surface accompanied her husband in acting, but secretly launched their own revenge plan.

As a magician, the most important thing is to have a poker face. No matter what happens to a good card or a bad card, you should be calm and not let the audience guess your mind

Its better to fight back calmly than impulsively. Compared with crying, you can protect yourself by calmly dealing with it.

The husband just used this point to make her lose her mind in front of the hospital director, and wanted the hospital to judge her mental problems, so as to seize the custody of the child.

Trauma is like an untimely bomb, which can explode at any time, and it also gives others a chance to hurt themselves.

Lin Dihuan once said, often a person breaks down alone, and another person recovers quietly, so is the world of adults.

There are many people with wounds, and few who dare to heal themselves. Learning to self heal is a required course for all of us.

Handle your desires

She knew that the man had a family, but she was still desperate to get along with him.

There is nothing wrong with Lu Duojings desire.

Whats wrong is that she let her desire grow and went on the wrong path.

Chi Shanyu once said: in marriage, women do not believe that they will not cheat, but that as husband and wife, they must abide by their faithfulness to restrain themselves.

The reason why Chi Shanyu is powerful is that she knows how to find a balance between desire and reality.

To deal with ones own desires is the task of ones life.

To help others is to help yourself

Later, Chi Shanyu happened to help a female patient prescribe medicine. In order to repay her, the patient promised to investigate for Chi Shanyu.

Thats why she found her husbands other cell phone.

President Cuis wife was also helped by Chi Shanyu, who later supported her to enter the girlfriend Association.

That gives her the power to protect herself.

Because of mutual help, so strong.

Settle your mood before you deal with things

Chi Shanyu was worried about his sons fight at school. He even knelt down in the hospital ward to ask for forgiveness.

But after the problem was solved, the son left without looking at his mother.

The next day, a patient came to the hospital with severe abdominal pain after taking the medicine prescribed by doctor Chi.

Chi Shanyu woke up because she forgot to help the patient with an important examination, which led to misdiagnosis.

Regretful, she had to decide to resign in advance.

If she can take a leave to deal with her mood, she can largely avoid such a bad thing.

Only when you are in a good mood can you handle things well.

Its better to live your own life than to please others

One day, Xue Mingshu found that the position of vice president was likely to change, so she was eager to try.

Later, when the deans wife satirized her lowliness, she no longer begged, but attacked boldly.

At this time, her face was full of self-confidence, and people who had despised her also looked at her with great admiration.

Han Han said: to abandon blind obedience and live a self is the real life.

Only when you are you can everything make sense.

Women are not appendages, women are not appendages to anyone. Women are just themselves. Even if there are no such or such men, then women can independently hold up the sky above them.

Which woman hasnt experienced social malice?

But life is like this. No matter how hard it is, we must go on and carry on.

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