Winged flying Tianmen Mountain: the fork of heaven and hell

 Winged flying Tianmen Mountain: the fork of heaven and hell

Some people say that all extreme sports are to challenge the edge and limit, but only one is to surpass them - that is wing flight, also known as low altitude parachute jumping, which is one of the most crazy extreme sports in the world.

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Even if I die, I want Parkour!

The English word for wing flying is base jumping. Four capital letters represent the common things that athletes fly over: B represents the building, a represents the antenna, s represents the span, and e represents the terrain. Transliterated into Chinese, back dead jump is a very appropriate term.

Jeff Chris, the worlds most recognized winged flying God, said that he had been dreaming about flying since he was a child.

My aunt told me that people cant fly. Ill understand when I grow up. Now Im older and still dont understand, so I can fly.

When he was only 18 months old, Chris dared to go diving. The lifeguard told Chriss mother that he knew he was scared when he took the baby to the platform, but he didnt expect Chris to actually jump down and flop to the shore and say, jump again.

This is the purest flight behavior I can find. It attracts me so much that there is no language to describe the power this sport gives me. He said.

Chris has always been attracted to dangerous things in his childhood, such as crocodiles, giant spiders, rattlesnakes, poisonous scorpions (not hard to find in his hometown, New Mexico), which are almost his only playmates.

He was diagnosed as a wonderful fear without phobia by the psychiatrist. After school, because of too many fights, the parents finally only let him go to school at home.

For me at that time, there was no difference between life and death. He said.

When the 16-year-old first heard about wing flight, he found the direction of life. That may be too much, but I really didnt want to live. I didnt care. I didnt care about anything. I felt like a walking dead man.

At the age of 22, he started flying wing, and by the time he made his sixth attempt, he was almost there. He was going to jump a 90 meter tower. He was scared, but he jumped at that moment. In the process of falling, he almost gave up the hope of survival, but the parachute suddenly opened, and he fell to the ground alive.

It was my strongest experience. He said.

He also had a parachute accident in South Africa in 1999, when he fell into a waterfall and could hardly climb out.

In 2012, in South Africas famous table mountain (1084 meters above sea level), he hit a rock with his left foot during a flight of about 190 kilometers an hour, and finally the whole person hit the mountain, resulting in multiple fractures. If he didnt open the emergency parachute, there would be no one.

Later, GoPro released a video of his accident, with nearly 9 million hits.

I dont take painkillers, he said on social media during more than a year of recuperation in South Africa. I just have pain.

Chinas diverse geographical conditions also have a strong appeal to Chris.

In 2011, Chris came to Tianmen Mountain

In the spring of 2013, as soon as his injury in South Africa was cured, he was invited by Chinese sponsors to test fly to Jianglang Mountain, Zhejiang Province. After looking at the picture of Jianglang Mountain, Chris considered refusing for a while. The table mountain accident still gives me a big shadow. He said.

But the other side kindly asked him to visit the local area, and he finally agreed. What he wants to challenge is to fly over the narrow gap between the two giant peaks. The widest part is 18 meters, and the narrowest part is only about 4.5 meters, which is very dangerous. Chris decided to challenge, completed the classic flyover on September 28, and couldnt help but cry after landing.{text-decoration:none;color:#000;}{color:#d34747;}{overflow:hidden;float:left;list-style:none;width:132px;height:118px;position:relative;margin:8px3px0px0px;},{text-decoration:none;color:#fff; }{text-align:left;padding:0px6px;background-color:#313131;font-size:12px;width:120px;position:absolute;bottom:0px;left:0px;height:26px;line-height:26px;overflow:hidden;color:#fff;}{border-bottom:8pxsolid#c4282b;}{width:20px;height:20px; background:url(;position:absolute;right:12px;top:62px;opacity:0.7;color:#fff;filter:alpha(opacity=70);_background:none;_filter:progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.AlphaImageLoader(src=;}{opacity:1; filter:alpha(opacity=100);_filter:progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.AlphaImageLoader(src=; }if(1/*/(iPhone|iPad|iPod|Android|NETEASEBOBO|blackberry|bbd+)/ig.test(navigator.userAgent)||/safari|chrome|firefox/i.test(navigator.userAgent)*/){varstr1=; C6c7ec6c754979bdd1960df6687daa4734917fe0984cb013. MP4 > your browser is temporarily unable to play this view Parentnode), g=; ). Attr ( style , background: u0dcf000; ;} h. $(. Video ) [0]. InnerHTML = g;}, InnerHTML = (source: + b.getattribute (source) + ), f (b);}; window.continuePlay=function(){vara,b=d(d(.video-list.on)[0].nextSibling);3==b.nodeType&&(b=d(b.nextSibling));if(b&&d(.video-innerinput)[0].checked){e(b);}},function(){vara={init:function(){if(d(.video-listli)[0]){d(d(.video-listli)[0]).addCss(on),this.eventBind();}},eventBind:function(){d(.video-listli).addEvent(click, function(b){e(d(this)),b.preventDefault();});}};a.init();}();}(NTES);

Jeff Chris crossing Tianmen Mountain (source: Netease sports)

There is no doubt that Chriss legendary experience has inspired countless extreme sports fans, and Tianmen cave has become their goal of challenge.

However, in 2013, Victor Kovac, a Hungarian wing pilot who had completed more than 700 flights, suffered a test flight accident in Tianmen Mountain and failed to open the parachute in time.

At 11:19 on May 12 last week, Tianmen Mountain reported another flight accident. A female wing mounted pilot who participated in the short documentary of extreme sports deviated from the planned route during the flight and lost contact for more than 140 hours. At 11:30 on May 18, Zhangjiajie blue sky rescue team confirmed through the official microblog that the woman died of an accident.

It is understood that the pilot surnamed Liu is still a college student, a senior skydiving enthusiast, and belongs to the God level in China. She has received professional skydiving training abroad and has completed hundreds of skydiving.

Chris, of course, has seen the tragic death of countless colleagues and friends. He also said, I am surrounded by killing.

His own back, ribs, feet, knees were all broken.

One of the most terrible accidents he had ever seen was in 2003, when he and his best friend Dwayne Weston wanted to fly over the Royal Canyon bridge in Colorado. They were supposed to have a fight, but Weston hit the bridge in full speed flight, died immediately, and his body fell into the canyon. He was flying at least 160 kilometers an hour. His death video has been viewed on YouTube more than 6.5 million times.

Chris had to stop flying to avoid his friends body, and what he saw after landing was a broken leg.

Wing flight is one of the most dangerous recreational activities in the world. According to research, its injury and death rate are 43 times higher than that of parachute jumping, which is called death movement.

Non professionals experience wing flight

In 2016, the number of known wing mounted flight deaths reached 37, including the tragic live death accident. At the age of 28, almin Schmidt fell and died in the Swiss Alps. Before the flight, he told the audience: today you take off with me.

To some extent, people like Chris who can survive by skipping hundreds or thousands of times are survivors.

Modern wing flight appeared in the 1970s. Carl bonnish, an American free fall photographer, was called the father of modern wing flight. In 1978, he took photos of people equipped with ram air parachute bags jumping from Emirates rock in Yosemite National Park.

At present, there are about 600 winged flight athletes in the world, less than 10 in China. However, with the improvement of living standards in developed areas, more and more people have tried to fly with wings (as well as flying accidents) in recent years.

A set of wing mounted flight equipment includes a ram type inflatable air bag wing made of high-density nylon material, which can withstand the impact of super strong wind speed of more than 300 km / h; in addition, there are anti-collision helmets, goggles, parachutes, GPS, cameras, etc., which are not small costs to purchase.

Players have to consider the terrain, weather and other factors of flight. Ordinary wing packs and parachutes cost thousands of dollars, and professional ones cost tens of thousands of dollars.

Professional players like Chris have been able to get a lot of sponsorship. Red Bull, GoPro and other brands are his long-term sponsors, and every performance he performs can cause a lot of commercial repercussions. As for the missing college student, its not hard to imagine how superior the family conditions will be.

According to media reports, the girl surnamed Liu has signed a volunteer form for donation of human organs, and she has been prepared for the God of death who will visit at any time.

Every flight and landing, is a only belong to their own afterlife.

After successfully flying over Tianmen cave in China, Chris said to the camera, Im very happy. Im very happy to be alive. My time in this world is limited, but what I can do in this limited time can be infinite. Source: Netease sports writer: Kewell, editor in charge: Ma bile, ns4800

After successfully flying over Tianmen cave in China, Chris said to the camera, Im very happy. Im very happy to be alive. My time in this world is limited, but what I can do in this limited time can be infinite.