People like friends, its time for you to be black

 People like friends, its time for you to be black

The picture book Ali forever stands says:

We will meet 8263563 people in our lives, greet 39778 people, get familiar with 3619 people, and get close to 275 people.

Life is a process of going back and forth, and going back and forth is its normal state.

During this period, we will continue to know and be known by some people.

But in the end, everyone will have their own choice and take a different path.

It would be a great blessing in our life if we could meet the people who are in line with the three views and communicate smoothly.

But for those of us who do not want to agree with each other and are in conflict with each other, it is not necessary to make do with them.

Life is short and bitter. Its the right choice to leave those who block you.

Try to keep a distance with the following three kinds of people, so that you wont be bothered by distractions.

After a long-term study of human psychology and behavior, David Hawkins, a famous American psychology professor, came to a conclusion:

The influence of mental energy on people is incredible.

When people with positive energy appear, TAs magnetic field will drive things around them to become orderly and beautiful.

I think so.

Yanyan is a friend I have played since childhood. We used to talk about everything, but now I want to stay away from her more and more.

The husband makes little money, the child is not obedient, the mother-in-law quarrels with her again

But last year, she gave up the chance to work in Chengdu, the provincial capital.

Unlike her now, she only needs to go to school when she has classes. She can arrange her time when she has no classes.

During the outbreak, she was kept at home with her baby, complaining about being bored.

It is suggested that she make good use of her home time to enlighten her 3-year-old daughter.

Just a few days after she got the picture book, she also taught her daughter very seriously, but it didnt work very well.

She slowly relaxed and stopped reading her daughter any picture books until she put them on the shelf.

She told me:

The child is still young. He cant understand the picture book or what Im talking about!

I tried my best and she didnt respond much. Ill teach her later...

After listening to her words, I felt a sense of inexplicable cold.

It turns out that even if you are full of positive energy, it is difficult for TA to make any change when you interact with people with negative energy.

If you dont pay attention, you may be eroded by TA, so its better to stay away early.

As the old saying goes, long time into the room of Zhilan without smelling its fragrance, long time into the Abalone Restaurant without smelling its odor.

People with negative energy are not bad, but they will hurt you imperceptibly.

No one can live as an island, and the interaction between people can not be avoided.

But be sure to cherish your positive energy and stay away from those who have a negative impact on you.

A meddler.

A few days ago, on the know, netizens make complaints about their sister-in-law.

The sister-in-law is the most nosy person in the big family.

In addition to constantly nagging and worrying about everyones eating and drinking in the family group every day, she also likes to make decisions for others.

A few days ago, the cousin of the aunts family just proposed to borrow money to buy a house. The aunt arranged a loan task for each family in the wechat group.

Xiaoyan tries to discuss with her sister-in-law, but she meets her directly in the group:

Its easy for you to make money on weekdays. Why lend more? Im afraid your cousin wont come yet.

Xiaoyan is too angry to speak.

She is a single mother. In addition to raising her daughter, she has to pay more than 2000 yuan of mortgage every month.

My daughter is going to take the college entrance examination in July, and the tuition has not been settled since then.

Whats more, Xiaoyan saw his cousins loan list later. This time, his family didnt lend much money, usually 30000 or 40000 yuan.

But to her little sister-in-law, although there are nearly a million savings in her family, she still borrows 50000.

They often stand on the high ground of morality and review the words and deeds of others.

However, what this brings to others is not welfare, but disaster.

When we cant go through other peoples experiences and live other peoples lives, please also respect their choices.

Dickens, the British writer, said in the case of Druid:

The best manners are not to meddle.

To be able to distinguish oneself from others is not to ignore the internal affairs, but to invite others to ignore their private affairs, which is the real accomplishment of life.

Life is a journey to the future.

If everyone has the same way, they can go together for a journey. If the way is different, they will not conspire against each other.

People who dont know how to be grateful.

Do you remember brother overcoat Zhu Zhiwen?

Recently, the video of his house door being kicked showed a hot search.

He kicked open the door of brother overcoats house and took away the dignity he wanted to leave to himself.

After that, brother overcoat came out with some helplessness.

I dont know how many times its been the coat brother who has been squeezed by them.

In recent years, almost all of him have to live under the camera of the villagers, a rare moment of leisure.

Since becoming famous, brother overcoat has helped the villagers a lot:

Donate money to build roads in the village, perform for the neighbors free of charge, and borrow money when knowing whether to collect or not.

He was almost responsive.

But his wholehearted feedback to the villagers did not earn their respect and gratitude.

They not only do not know how to remember others good, but also use others good to seek more things that do not belong to themselves.

When Xiaohui, a friend, arrived at the purchasing department for the first time, he was relatively idle.

Always willing to help colleagues, cleaning, receiving express delivery, helping to bring food, etc.

But later, with more work, she had no time to help her colleagues with their chores.

All of a sudden, everyone had a variety of negative emotions towards her, and there was a lot of discussion, and her face became ugly.

Xiaohui feels aggrieved, and the help is not her duty.

Frustrated, she took the initiative to apply for a transfer to another department

Its really sad to get along with people who dont know how to be grateful.

The writer Sanmao said:

Among friends, its reasonable to ask for small things and follow the flow of people.

The quickest way to lose a friend is to ask too much and push too far.

In people who dont know how to be grateful, the most important thing is their own interests.

Their ungrateful nature makes them automatically block the kindness given by others.

Life is hard and long.

If you are lucky enough to meet someone who is in line with your goal and really understands you, you must treat them sincerely.

If you cant meet it, you dont have to strive for it. The quality of interpersonal relationship is more important than quantity.

People with negative energy will be like the haze that blocks the sun.

Blinding your pursuit of beauty, blocking your pursuit of freedom and progress.

Always in your quiet life, set off waves.

Its like walking in the mud to associate with people who dont understand kindness and gratitude.

The longer the time is, the more filthy it is, the less conducive it is to move forward.

When people communicate with each other, they should not only have the breadth and depth of emotional input, but also know how to keep the proper measure and distance.

Life is too long, to leave love to the people who really understand you.

Life is too short, dont aggrieve yourself and the unworthy people.

I hope that whenever and wherever you are, there will always be someone close to you. When you are happy, you can have fun together. When you are depressed, you can share your heart.


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