Poetry has gone so far just to meet you

 Poetry has gone so far just to meet you

At the beginning, I was speechless,

I dont want to go back to sleep and love the car.

One night, I cry about my fate,

I dont care about clothes.

You just understood what we were talking about, babbling and dancing every day, because you like the new car, you always hold it tightly, and even dont want to go to bed on time. Sometimes you cry loudly in the middle of the night. Its just because you dont like a golden flower embroidered on your clothes.

Only when I met you did I know how patient I am. When I saw you, I wanted to give you the gentleness of the whole world.

Meet the one you love

Jade case u00b7 New Years Eve

Song Dynasty: Xin Qiji

The sound of the Phoenix and the flute moves, and the light of the jade pot turns,

The smile is full of fragrance.

But in the crowd once and again, I look for her in vain,

Suddenly looking back, the man was there,

Where the lights are dim.

The crowd gathered in the street, the music, fireworks, peoples noisy whispers, all of which were silent in my ears. Anxious, eager, stuffy, want to ask loudly: where are you? Looking back, I found that you have been standing in the street with dim lights, smiling quietly at me.

Meet a good teacher

Fenghe orders gonglvye hall to plant flowers

The green field hall opens to occupy the world,

The passers-by points to the order of the government.

Make the world full of peaches and plums,

In confusion, in ignorance, in chaos, do not think, do not learn, do not understand.

When I meet you, the road ahead is illuminated. Because of your guidance, I began to think: who I am and what I will do in the future; because of your encouragement, I began to climb the mountain of knowledge; because of your help, I began to grow up.

Meet a close friend

Tang Dynasty: Li Bai

I love Mr. Meng. Im popular all over the world.

Hongyan abandons xuanmian, white head lies on pine cloud.

The mountains can be looked up, and the pure fragrance can be worshipped here.

When I met you, I had a corner of the world to live in, and a strong helper for my own course. From then on, I began to walk higher.

Meet yourself

Song Dynasty: Wen Tianxiang

After a hard time,

There are only four stars left.

The mountains and rivers are broken and the wind is blowing,

Fear, the beach says fear,

Who hasnt died since ancient times?

Keep your heart in the light of history.

Some people say that all our lives are spent to find ourselves, shape ourselves and achieve ourselves. Find your own position, shape your image, and achieve your faith.

If I meet myself, I must face the most real call of my heart frankly and live the most real self according to my heart.

Meet the scenery

Memories of Jiangnan

Tang Dynasty: Bai Juyi

Jiangnan is good, and the scenery is old.

The river is as green as blue in spring.

Sometimes, walking a long way, just to meet the beautiful scenery.