Farewell to 13 invites, 13 tours Xu Zhiyuan finally not embarrassed!

 Farewell to 13 invites, 13 tours Xu Zhiyuan finally not embarrassed!

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White shirt, black suit, jeans, messy curly hair, questioning all eyes, these are the key words of Xu Zhiyuans characters.

Talking about Xu Zhiyuan, we cant get around his thirteen invites, his one-way street, his cultural temperament and his alienation to this era.

Like Gao Xiaosong, who is short, big and tight, the word Wenqing has always been a label that Xu Zhiyuan cant erase. They all have the unique pride of Wenqing. They are so similar and so different. Xu Zhiyuan cant live as well as Gao Xiaosong. In this era of disorder that he thinks himself, he keeps a kind of examination and query on anyone and everything.

Gao Xiaosong is tolerant and compromising to this era. From xiaoshuo to Qipai Shuo, he has completed the qualitative transformation. However, Xu Zhiyuan, no matter how many mocks the public made to the 13 invites, still put forward his own questions as always, embarrassed or uneasy. He took himself as a target and stuck to his inner spiritual world.

There was a time when Xu Zhiyuan, surrounded by embarrassment, was not understood or even hated. This feeling reached its peak after he interviewed Yu Feihong.

Of course, among the many celebrities interviewed by Xu Zhiyuan, Yu Feihongs embarrassment is not a special case. Later, during the interview with Ma Dong and Li birthday, there were similar embarrassments. He always hoped to get the answers he wanted in the interview, but failed again and again.

However, these embarrassments do not hinder the quality of the program. As a high-end and thought-provoking interview program, it is still rare.

Thirteen invites breaks the neutral attitude of traditional news interview, asks questions in the form of Xu Zhiyuan and expresses opinions with Prejudice, which makes people have a positive reflection on real life.

I thought I could wait for the fifth season of 13 invites in the first half of this year, but what I didnt expect was the new program 13 tours created by the original team of 13 invites.

Whats different from the expectation is that Xu Zhiyuan in Thirteen tours changes his sharp questioning mode and becomes tender. Such Xu Zhiyuan is a little more grounded by ordinary people, and even you will find him a little cute. At least it wont make you feel embarrassed. Its no longer the Wenqing xuzhiyuan full of troughs in every sentence. Its more like a host People are more like an interview than a debate.

In journey 13, Xu Zhiyuan is more like a scholar. He listens to him modestly. After reading his interview with jiganglifan, he finds that he has changed!

Like Japanese opera friends should be no stranger to Yoshioka Lifan, she has played the topic drama how about the loose generation and the hit drama Quartet, which can be called the most temperament of Japanese dimple beauty.

Xu Zhiyuan has made a discussion with Yoshioka Lifan in terms of actors, family, times, dreams, freedom, beliefs, Chinese culture, Japanese culture and so on. They can be said to have a very good talk.

Although there is still a sense of distance between them due to their different nationalities, cultures, three outlooks and encounters, Xu Zhiyuan has grasped the right balance and occasionally joked with jiganglifan to enliven the atmosphere.

Near the end, Xu Zhiyuan invited Jigang Lifan to travel to China, recommended Hangzhou and Suzhou, and finally said goodbye under the cherry tree.

You can listen to the dialogue between them quietly, you can see the sincerity of the interviewees, you can also see the friendliness of the interviewers, the tense posture is replaced by the relaxed and happy time, can not help but sigh: Xu Zhiyuan has become soft!

This kind of softness is not a bad thing. Only when we make the program with harmony, can the audience be more patient to listen to and watch it carefully. Otherwise, most people will go to the slot, and who pays attention to the content of the interview.

One of the most favorite words in the poster copy of journey 13: we all need to understand ourselves by understanding others. In fact, meeting a new thing, meeting a new journey, hearing a new story... Are all different components of life, and people are the same. Understand the surroundings, understand others, and finally understand themselves.

Xu Zhiyuan is not embarrassed, maybe he is the most soft to this era!