In the age of independence, why do we need marriage

 In the age of independence, why do we need marriage

XX is suspected of derailment, but his wife walked into the hotel quickly without any response

XX couple divorced and took off the wedding ring

XXs first show after divorce: skinny and sleepless


At the same time, I feel sad. In this era when everyone pursues independence and flowers and all things flow in an endless stream, is marriage our only choice?

At present, divorce should not be regarded as the standard of a persons failure, but we should also hold the basic awe of marriage, live in the marriage, and have a clear understanding of the essence of marriage.


Marriage should not be fragile

Last week, my cousin was going to divorce her cousin who had been married for many years. Our sisters were very surprised and asked.

My cousin gave me the most ridiculous reason for divorce in the past two years, which was called growing out of sync, which made my 10-year-old married housewife thoroughly and firmly smile: ha? Sync? Isnt marriage about learning from each other? Why keep in sync all the time? Do you practice immortality and alchemy?

Remember last years divorce of a big V in the Internet self media? The reason for the divorce between the big V and the frail fro is that they are not growing at the same time.

Soon after the event, she published her own interview divorce record through a certain media. I read the whole article and scolded ghost talk with hatred, but I envied that she had such a husband who would buy her peach juice in the middle of the night with knee high snow.

The big V said that she is a person who believes in pure love. Love is gone, so she wants a divorce.

She said that she once wanted to share some troubles with her husband, but slowly she didnt want to talk. She was too tired and couldnt get resonance

The wife is worth more than 100 million yuan, and the husband is a full-time father. Their growth is really not synchronized. In many peoples eyes, this is the biggest obstacle to marriage.

However, I still think its ghost talk.

I first heard that it was in Qiongyaos TV series that the growth is out of sync. The plot was that the wife accompanied her husband to start a business together. In addition to taking care of her husbands daily life, she also worked hard for her childrens education and growth, busy day and night.

After her husbands fame and wealth, she met a beautiful young girl. She felt that she had no common topic with her, so she wanted to be separated from her.

Decades on, I am the one who stands at the top of the mountain to see the magnificent scenery, and you are the one who always stops at the foot of the mountain. The two of us have different experiences and different growth rates, so tying two people who dont have the same language together with marriage is the harm to each other!

With such a set of words, the husband hurt his wifes heart, taught his daughter a marriage science course and got her daughters understanding for her affair.

At that time, I was young and ignorant, and I was convinced by such a strange brain circuit.

But did she ever think that if it wasnt for this man to unconditionally support her to start her own business, to accompany her to overcome her previous illness and heal her inner wounds, to follow her all the way from Shenzhen to Beijing, and to resign and bring her children at home, how could she have the ability and opportunity to earn all this?

In marriage,

Growth synchronization is a false concept, because marriage itself is to connect two people of different backgrounds and experiences with a contract.

The three views, habits, cognition, growth environment and job opportunities of the two people are not the same, and the growth rate in marriage is certainly not the same. The reason why it will become similar later must be that one or both sides make concessions and reach a balance point.


Sacrifice and sacrifice

Its a must in marriage

At this time, her lover Jiang Shan is willing to sacrifice her career to be her coach and accompany her in the battle.

Li Na is an emotional player. Jiang Shan is struggling to make her have fun in training. When practicing serving, he put the marker on the bottom line. As long as Li Na can hit it, he will give her a small gift.

Looking at the gifts carefully prepared by her lover, Li Na was also very moved, with stable mood and good mentality. With her lovers company, Li Na has entered the top ten in the world since she got married.

Entering the international competition, Jiang Shan knows that Li Na needs a better coach if she wants to continue to improve. So he automatically let senior foreign teachers, concentrate on his wifes sparring and assistant.

In life, Jiangshan is both a training companion and a nanny, which is extremely hard.

In one competition, Li Na was furious with Jiang Shan in front of the worlds hundreds of millions of live viewers and drove him out of the competition. Few men can bear this kind of grievance, but Jiang Shan, who knows Li Na, said quietly: she is a world-class player, with too much pressure, just needs a channel to vent..

Now, the two heroes of the idol in the tennis world have turned back to ordinary couples. Jiang Shans decades of efforts and sacrifices to Li Na have made their feelings stronger and stronger. Li Na wrote affectionately in her autobiography play alone that: as long as Jiang Shan is around, I feel that I havent fallen to the bottom and will always have a chance to turn over..

Poison articles on the Internet all advocate that the divorce of rich and beautiful girls is not called divorce, but should be called return to single.

Because marriage is the strongest net in your life.

No one can guarantee that his life will always be smooth. One of the great benefits of marriage is that:

If your trough meets his peak, the other party can pull you; if both are in the bottleneck period, at least someone can cry with you and mourn together.

You help me, I help you, I cant bear it, you take over again, this is the most common, the most real, the most essential appearance of marriage.


Marriage is your shell

Every time he said that, the anger that I accumulated in a few days would be like a deflated ball, whew and fly away.

Because he said it so beautifully that I couldnt have a fit.

In my family, not only do not want to throw garbage, do not want to answer the phone, do not want to eat food, do not want to wash clothes, do not want to drag the ground and do not want to take baby (occasionally do not want to take) All of them can be thrown to him, because I am very determined to know that when I am so bothered by trivial matters that I will collapse, there will always be such a person around me to hold the bottom for me.

In an interview, poet Li Tan said these words, which made me nod in agreement.

He said,

Marriage is a shell, not to protect marriage, but to protect us. Two adults should say all the worst things, and make the marriage shell strong enough.

Although love will fade, but marriage will not, it is your warmest shell.