X-37B sixth launch test, US black technology or space weapon

 X-37B sixth launch test, US black technology or space weapon

At 9:14 local time (21:14 Beijing time), the U.S. Air Force X-37B orbital test vehicle launched, according to nasa.com on May 17. This is the sixth flight test of X-37B, mission code orbital test vehicle 6 (otv-6).

Recently, X-37B appeared in the first propaganda film of the U.S. Army of heaven, which caused the attention of the outside world. So what new black technology will X-37B bring to the sky? Whats the significance to the military space force of the United States?

The X-37B has always been veiled with mystery

Disclosure of X-37Bs show off space supremacy

The launch was originally planned for May 16, but was delayed to May 17 due to weather.

The U.S. Air Force said the otv-6 mission conducted more tests than any previous X-37B mission. Among them, the aircraft carried a satellite, falconsat-8, a micro deployable satellite developed by the US Air Force Academy, and two NASA payloads. This time, for the first time, X-37B has added a special service module for various tests. This service module is installed at the tail of X-37B, which can expand the capability of spacecraft.

Its worth mentioning that an experiment at the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory will test the conversion of solar energy into RF microwave energy that can be transmitted back to the ground, the aerospace news network reported.

It is speculated that this black technology shows that the United States may be exploring space radio frequency attack related technologies, which can be used in electronic warfare and suppress the enemys command and communication system and other electronic equipment once successful.

On April 22, 2010, X-37B launched for the first time, including this flight test, X-37B launched six times. For ten years, X-37B has been wearing a mysterious veil,. Although the U.S. Air Force has released some payloads for the X-37B, most of the shuttles onboard equipment and details of its orbital activities are confidential. This kind of secrecy has aroused a lot of speculation from the outside world that this kind of aircraft is a kind of space weapon or a prototype for exploring space weapons.

On May 6, U.S. Air Force Secretary Barrett and U.S. space operations Secretary General Raymond attended the online activity of the first recruitment propaganda film of the U.S. celestial forces, in which X-37B was the main character. Its no coincidence, Barrett said, as an example of the Pentagons commitment to a more open stance on space capabilities. The X-37B is worth disclosing, and the American public should be familiar with this area. Barrett stressed.

According to spacenews, the disclosure of more information about the X-37B is a show off of Americas dominance in space.

The X-37B orbital test vehicle (otv-5) returned to earth after 780 days in orbit, setting a new record for its in orbit flight time

Although more information about the X-37B was disclosed this time, the specific mission of the payload and the orbit information of the aircraft are still confidential. The launch was broadcast live, but the rocket was cut off ten minutes after takeoff. We have to cut off the live broadcast so that we dont provide the opponent with some data about the flight. Torry Bruno, chief executive of the joint launch Alliance (ULA), which carries out the X-37B launch, explained to the media.

The X-37B was originally designed for 270 days in orbit, but the specific time of each mission is different. On October 27 last year, the X-37B (otv-5) returned to earth for 780 days in orbit, breaking the 717 day record set by the fourth mission (otv-4). The X-37B (otv-5) was launched by SpaceXs Falcon 9 rocket on September 7, 2017, which is the first time that a private aerospace enterprise in the United States has carried out the X-37B launch mission.

The X-37B is just a test platform. Some critics call it a space fighter or a space plane. These are inaccurate terms. It is more like the incubator of many cutting-edge space technologies, which have a wide range of uses in the military field. Huang Zhicheng, an aerospace expert, told the surging news (www.thepaper. CN), take this X-37B with a microsatellite as an example. Because X-37B is equipped with a mechanical arm, it should mainly carry out the test of releasing and grabbing the satellite. This technology has great military potential and can be used to capture or destroy satellites of other countries in wartime.

The size of X-37B is relatively small, and the space of load cabin is also relatively small. Its OK to grasp some microsatellites, but it cant do anything for some large satellites. But the U.S. Air Force has always wanted to develop an enlarged version of the X-37B, which will be more suitable for anti satellite, ground attack and other missions when the size becomes larger. According to Huang Zhicheng.

In May 2019, Heather Wilson, a former Air Force Secretary, referred to the X-37B. It looks like a smaller version of NASA, but its unmanned, she said Its extraordinary maneuverability in the universe will drive the enemy crazy.

Us heavenly army continues to brush the sense of existence

Unlike before, the launch, on orbit operation and landing of the X-37B will be carried out by the newly established us Tianjun, which can be said to be the first show of the US Tianjun.

U.S. military officials disclosed on February 8 that the military operated Cape Canaveral space launch site will soon be renamed Cape Canaveral space station to reflect its transfer from the U.S. air force to the newly established U.S. space force.

In December last year, President trump signed the bill, and the new independent service of the US Army, the Tianjun, was officially established. After the establishment of the Tianjun, the troops managed by the air force space command were transferred to the Tianjun. A total of more than 15000 military, civilian and contractor personnel work at Cape Ca and Patrick air bases.

In the near future, the newly established Tianjun frequently brushes the sense of existence, criticizing the Russian satellite for nonstandard maneuvering, announcing the first recruitment propaganda department and displaying the military flag We should try our best to deepen the impression of the American army and people on the heavenly army.

On May 15, Admiral Raymond and senior soldier adviser sergeant taubowman showed president trump the official flag of the US heavenly army in the Oval Office of the White House. Defense Minister esper, air force minister Barrett, general Miley, chairman of the Federation, and special adviser Kellogg attended the ceremony. Esper called the ceremony a very historic moment..

The US military officially displays the US flag

According to aerospace news, the flag was derived from Trumps approval of the Tianjun military emblem in January. The flag was on a black background, with the core elements of the emblem on a black background, and the words were Tianjun of the United States and the Roman numeral mmxix (2019). (Tianjun was officially established on December 20, 2019). The dark blue and white in the military emblem represent outer space, and the delta wing symbol represents the early days of the U.S. Air Forces space sector, as well as all kinds of space vehicles. The stars on the logo represent the earth base of the U.S. celestial forces, the white Polaris is the light of safety guide, and the three larger stars represent the organization, training and equipment function of the celestial forces. The U.S. military said that Polaris symbolizes the core values and guiding light of the United States, and the global orbit symbolizes the space ability to promote the American way of life and the American way of war.

As a newly established independent service, the Tianjun has a lot of work to do, such as facility naming, organization adjustment, establishment, personnel establishment, etc., to reflect its independence. The high-ranking officials of the Tianjun frequently make various comments in the media to deepen the impression of the government and the public on the Tianjun, and to be conducive to future military expenditure, conscription, etc., which are all expected moves. Han Dong, a military expert, said.

In February this year, Raymond said that the recent orbit change maneuver of a Russian satellite was unacceptable and seemed to threaten a national security satellite of the United States. These satellites have been active in the vicinity of a US government satellite, Raymond said in an interview at the time This is the first time that U.S. officials have made a public statement on the suspected pursuit of U.S. satellites by Russian satellites.

The Russian Ministry of foreign affairs subsequently replied that the movement of Russian satellites does not pose any threat to the space objects of the United States, nor violates any norms and principles of international law. Russias foreign ministry stressed that the U.S. provocative attack is to justify its deployment of weapons in space and to blame others for undermining space security and stability The implementation of the U.S. space weapons program will cause irreparable damage to the current space security system. All previous attempts by the U.S. side to safeguard its military superiority have resulted in increased tensions and an arms race.

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