A womans cheating in marriage is secretly recorded by her lover to extort her husband

 A womans cheating in marriage is secretly recorded by her lover to extort her husband

After receiving the police, the police immediately summoned Zhang to accept the investigation. At first, Zhang refused to admit to extorting Xus husband. At last, under the strong attack of the evidence and the police, Zhang confessed to the police the suspected criminal facts: his relationship with Xu, who was originally a lover, was discovered by his husband, and Xu proposed to break up. Zhang became angry. Later, he contacted Xus husband via wechat and asked him for 10000 yuan. If he didnt agree, he would spread the nude photos of Xu.

On December 12, 2019, the peoples Procuratorate of Fuyuan County initiated a public prosecution to the peoples Court of Fuyuan County for the crime of extortion committed by the defendant Zhang Mou.

Public prosecution charges: since August 2019, the defendant Zhang recorded the video of sexual relationship with his lover Xu on his mobile phone. On September 18, 2019, Zhang Mou, the defendant, sent their indecent video and wechat chat record screenshots to Xu Mou and her husband through wechat, and demanded 10000 yuan from their husband as a threat.

After the trial, Fuyuan County Court held that the public prosecution accused Zhang Mou of extortion, and the sentencing proposal was appropriate and should be adopted. The defendant is a criminal attempt, and has the circumstances of confession. He pleads guilty and accepts punishment. He may be given a lighter punishment.

Recently, the court of Fuyuan County made a first instance decision in this case: Zhang, the defendant, was convicted of extortion and sentenced to seven months imprisonment and a fine of 10000 yuan.