Justin Bieber talks about love live: if you come back, you will keep your virginity for marriage

 Justin Bieber talks about love live: if you come back, you will keep your virginity for marriage

Justin Bieber and Haley

According to Taiwan media, Justin Bieber has been married to Haley for one and a half years, and his relationship is stable after marriage. He thanked his wife for accompanying him through many low tides. Two people are currently living in isolation in Canada. Justin Bieber has recently broadcasted talks with netizens on social platforms, chatting about her married life with Haley, which is full of sweetness and straightforwardness If everything comes back, I wont have sex before marriage.

A famous netizen asked Justin Bieber what he would like to change if he was born again. Justin Bieber first said I want to change a lot of things, and then confessed that he regretted having sex before marriage. If you can come back, dont face the pain, I should keep my virginity for marriage, which sounds crazy, but I think its necessary to meet the sexual desire before marriage Its confusing to have sex with other people, but Justin Bieber also believes that only by thanking those things that he regrets can he shape himself and learn from them.

Justin Biebers wife, Haley, disagreed. I think everyone has a different life experience, but I agree that part of the relationship, sometimes physical, is really confusing..

Justin Bieber and Haley met in 2009. They have been friends for many years. They didnt start to fall in love until Justin Bieber and Selena broke up. Haley accompanied Justin Bieber through the depression. Now two people have been married in September 2018, and they often express their love after marriage. Justin Bieber showed a picture with Haley on his birthday this year. You are my birthday gift, I Happy birthday, my best friend. Thank you for making me smile every day. I love you. she also responded with a picture of Justin Biebers love.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor in charge: Li siou nbj11322