Rain or shine! Write at the time when the national epidemic prevention and control interdiction war has made significant strategic achievements

 Rain or shine! Write at the time when the national epidemic prevention and control interdiction war has made significant strategic achievements

As human beings enter the year 2020, history has written another exciting chapter.

Million people united as one man, led by the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core, to lead the 1 billion 400 million Chinese people to make a historic choice: to unite the people with one heart and one mind, and to fight the major epidemic with the power of the whole country, and to overcome the difficulties with the community of human destiny.

Great epidemic attack, dare to fight, turn the tide over

We should put peoples life safety and physical health first, make a thorough plan, organize all parties to carry out prevention and control, take effective measures, and resolutely curb the spread of the epidemic. -- Xi Jinping

2020, at gengzi.

It is unprecedented to control the flow of people in a city with a population of ten million. The traditional festival of family reunion is even more unusual.

General secretary Xi Jinping indecisive when decision is needed in January 22nd. He stressed: making this decision requires great political courage, but we must make a move when we are ready to go out, otherwise we will be in disorder and be in chaos.

In January 20th, novel coronavirus pneumonia General Secretary Xi Jinping was making an important directive on the new crown pneumonia epidemic situation in Yunnan. We should put the peoples life safety and health in the first place, formulate a careful plan, organize all sides to carry out prevention and control, take effective measures to resolutely curb the spread of the epidemic.

People first! This is the mission of the Communist Party of China, the ruling creed of general secretary Xi Jinping, and the power source of the whole nations fight against epidemic demons.

Peoples lives are more important than Mount Tai! As long as we are responsible for peoples lives, we must bear all the costs and consequences. General secretary Xi Jinpings words were extremely elegant and valuable.

Time, back to new years Eve.

This Spring Festival comes early. By the East Lake of Wuhan, thousands of lanterns are shining brightly; in the downtown city, the competition of simmering soup and challenge arena is going up.

Zhang Jixian, director of respiratory and Critical Medicine Department of Hubei integrated hospital of traditional Chinese and Western Medicine (taken on March 2). Photographed by Shen Bohan, reporter of Xinhua News Agency

A stream, B stream, syncytial virus, adenovirus, rhinovirus, chlamydia, Mycoplasma A series of tests were carried out, which made her more alert.

Then came four more patients with the same fever, cough and lung manifestations.

Its a disease weve never seen before. An alert thought came out, Zhang Jixian quickly reported to the hospital.

On December 30, Wuhan Health Committee issued the emergency notice on the treatment of pneumonia of unknown causes to the medical institutions under its jurisdiction. The next day, the Wuhan Municipal Health Committee released the report on the current situation of pneumonia in our city on the official website, and began to release the epidemic information according to law.

There are patients with pneumonia of unknown causes in Wuhan...

In the early morning of December 31, the national health and Health Commission made arrangements, sent working groups and expert groups to Wuhan to guide the handling of the epidemic situation and carry out on-site investigation.

On January 2, 2020, China CDC and others received the first batch of 4 case samples sent to Hubei Province for examination. Since March 3, China has regularly informed who, relevant national and regional organizations, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan of the epidemic information.

On January 7th, when general secretary Xi Jinping held a meeting of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, he made clear demands for the epidemic prevention and control work.

As the epidemic spread, fever clinics began to crowd up. The CT machine is overloaded, and the diagnosis given by doctors is almost the same - pulmonary ground glass shadow.

Soon, the ward was overcrowded, new ward areas were being opened up, and the protective materials for medical staff were running out. Request for support protective clothing, medical mask emergency, where to have goggles

By 24:00 on January 24, 30 provinces, districts and cities had reported confirmed cases, with more than 1000 confirmed cases.

Wuhan is in a hurry! Hubei is in a hurry! China in a hurry!

The novel coronavirus pneumonia is the most rapid public health event since the founding of new China.

At this time, we, a large developing country with a population of 1.4 billion, are entering the final year of decisive victory in building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way and decisive battle for poverty alleviation. In order to prevent and control the epidemic situation, we should not only control the actual situation of a wide range of control points, but also prevent the hard won construction achievements from being wasted, as well as the unpredictable risks such as economic suspension and social disorder.

Its a crisis and a big test.

January 25, the first day of the new year, Huairen Hall, Zhongnanhai. General secretary Xi Jinping and 6 other members of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee sat together.

I wanted to make you have a good year. Now that the epidemic situation is urgent, we have to call all of you together to study and deploy this issue. General secretary Xi Jinping said with a solemn expression, I cant sleep in the new year thirty.

Put peoples life safety and health first, and focus on epidemic prevention and control as the most important work at present.

As long as we have firm confidence, work together in the same boat, make scientific prevention and control, and make precise measures, we will surely win the battle of prevention and control.

It was at this meeting that the Party Central Committee made a series of major decisions:

Establish a leading group of the central government to deal with the epidemic and carry out work under the leadership of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee;

To send guidance groups to Hubei and other areas with serious epidemic situation, and promote relevant local governments to strengthen the front-line work of prevention and control in an all-round way;

The epidemic is like fire and the military order is like mountain.

The joint defense and control mechanism of the State Council has been put into operation, and major public health emergencies have been launched at the first level in various localities

Wang Wei, deputy chief physician of the Department of critical medicine of Shanghai Sixth Peoples Hospital, received a call: gather at the hospital at 8:30 tonight and set off for Wuhan.

For novel coronavirus pneumonia, Hu Shijie, a doctor of Huai, was sent to the CT, Hubei, Wuhan to ensure that the patient had sufficient oxygen supply. The 81 year old new crown pneumonia patient was escorted to the hospital for examination of the disease (photo taken in March 20th). Photo by Wang Yuguo, reporter of Xinhua News Agency

Almost at the same timeu2014u2014

In Xian, Hu Shijie, deputy chief physician of Neurosurgery of Xijing Hospital, Air Force Military Medical University, sent a message to his father: Dad, I have been transferred to Wuhan for antiviral treatment.

In Guangzhou, Peng Hong, head nurse of the emergency department of the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University, who participated in the fight against SARS 17 years ago, rushed to the airport.

In Chongqing, song Caiping, the nursing backbone of the Second Affiliated Hospital of the Army Medical University, and her 16-year-old son embrace each other and leave

At the critical moment, the first thought is the direction.

Fight! Fight!

Destination: Wuhan!

Devise strategies, make decisive decisions, and arrange troops to fight three major battles

We will fight this resistance war, the general war and the peoples war with confidence. We must build up confidence! It will win! -- Xi Jinping

If we come a little later, they may not be able to carry it. When they arrived at Hankou hospital, the members of the Southern Hospital of Southern Medical University were shocked.

The situation is urgent.

We should take more effective measures to increase the number of beds in medical institutions as soon as possible, make good use of the shelter hospital, increase the number of isolation beds through expropriation of hotels, training centers, etc., and try our best to collect and treat patients;

This is the shelter Hospital of Wuhan Sports Center (photo taken on February 17). Photo by Xiao Yijiu, reporter of Xinhua News Agency

If there is any situation or need in the guidance group, please call me directly. General secretary Xi Jinping worried about the epidemic situation in Hubei and Wuhan day and night, and made hundreds of important instructions to the central steering group, which provided the fundamental guidance for effectively guiding the epidemic prevention and control.

14 meetings of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee, 4 meetings of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee, 1 meeting of the Central Committee for the comprehensive rule of law, 1 meeting of the Central Committee for cybersecurity and information technology, 2 meetings of the Central Committee for the comprehensive deepening of reform, 1 meeting of the Central Foreign Affairs Working Committee, 1 forum for non party personages, 6 visits to local areas for investigation and research, 51 meetings with foreign leaders and international organizations Responsible person call

General secretary Xi Jinping personally commanded and personally deployed. The general mobilization of the party, government, military and civilian studies was launched in the East, West, north, South and Central Qi dynasties.

u2014u2014The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China printed and distributed the notice on strengthening the leadership of the party and providing strong political guarantee for winning the prevention and control of epidemic.

More than 4.6 million grassroots party organizations have built solid fortresses on more than 9.6 million square kilometers of land. Red party flag, green military uniform and white war robe convey the hope of victory.

The medical team of the Army Medical University began to enter Wuhan Jinyintan hospital (photo taken on January 26). Photo by Cheng Min, reporter of Xinhua News Agency

In order to win the victory of the fight against the virus, I will contribute my own strength, no regrets! 3306 people from Beijing Union Medical College Hospital asked for battle.

For the most difficult work and the hardest work, Party members must go first, without consultation! A big party with more than 90 million Party members has unswervingly set its heart on its own and is the mainstay of the party.

With unified leadership and command, the great energy and power of the Communist Party of China are fully demonstrated; with comprehensive deployment and mobilization, the institutional advantages of socialism in concentrating on major, difficult and urgent affairs are fully released.

Wuhan Tianhe Airport is in constant use day and night to welcome retrograde personnel and materials.

Within 8 hours after the closure of the city, 87 batches of 4041 key anti epidemic materials, such as anti epidemic drugs, medical devices, masks and gloves, were delivered on time.

In less than 24 hours, the medical expert group, the medical rescue team and the PLA commanders and men were ready to go.

A domestic transport-20 plane landed at Wuhan Tianhe Airport (photo taken on February 17). Photographed by Li He, reporter of Xinhua News Agency

Military aircraft, airliners, cargo aircraft Emergency landing of various models. At the busiest time, every three minutes, a domestic transport-20 large transport aircraft roared.

If one side is in trouble, all sides should support it.

346 medical teams and 42600 medical personnel from all over the country and in the armed forces went out in white with their armour in reverse.

Experts in respiratory and infectious diseases, including several academicians, and 10% of the countrys critical medical staff gathered in Wuhan.

19 provinces, districts and cities support 16 cities and prefectures except Wuhan.

Fujian Province provides counterpart support to Hubei Yichang medical team members to carry out medical treatment work in Yichang Third Hospital (photo taken on February 16). Xinhua Social Development Bureau (Photo by Zheng yuliu)

This is Chinas advantage and speed of one game for the whole countryu2014u2014

On the night of January 23, the designer of Xiaotangshan Hospital in Beijing who was fighting against SARS received a call from Wuhan urban and Rural Development Bureau for help. One hour later, the revised and improved drawings were sent to Wuhan urban and Rural Development Bureau for standby; less than 24 hours later, the two design institutes jointly formed a complete drawing.

On New Years Eve, huoshenshan hospital was built; three days later, the project line of leishenshan hospital was on fire.

The two suburbs of the city are like day all night. More than 40000 builders from all over the country live on beach slopes. Hundreds of millions of netizens became cloud overseers.

There is no buffer time. We can only dig trenches and block at the same time. Under normal circumstances, the two infectious disease hospitals, which can be completed at least a few months ago, took only a short period of more than ten days to open the life ferry.

Construction site of large machinery in Wuhan huoshenshan hospital (photo taken on January 24, UAV). Photo by Xiao Yijiu, reporter of Xinhua News Agency

The epidemic situation got stuck. The Party Central Committee made a decisive decision. Hubei and Wuhan changed their horses.

A large space, multi bed shelter hospital must be used. Wang Chen, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering and expert in respiratory and critical care medicine, was in a state of great anxiety.

In late January, the analysis and evaluation of critical cases found that ECMO (artificial membrane lung) can win valuable time for the rescue of severe patients.

Let the patient use the best equipment at all costs. General secretary Xi Jinpings request turned into a sleepless night.

In less than a month, Hubei Province has more than 100 centralized machines, about 80 of which are in Wuhan.

This is a total war. General secretary Xi Jinping clearly stressed: the fight against epidemic prevention and control is actually a logistics support war.

As of April 19, financial departments at all levels have allocated 145.2 billion yuan for epidemic prevention and control, which has been effectively guaranteed.

I have meltblown cloth. Who has a mask machine? We will build whatever Hubei needs. During the Spring Festival, more than 3000 enterprises returned to work for resumption and cross-border production transfer.

Once the engine of world factory is started, the output of masks is rapidly increased from 8 million per day to over 100 million per day.

Front line soldiers should ensure safety, and the people in the epidemic area should ensure the peoples livelihood.

Under the general secretary Xi Jinpings concern, vegetables in Shandong, rice in Northeast China and fruits in Hainan everfount to Wuhan. Wuhan people like to eat live fish and should organize more supply when conditions permit. General secretary Xi Jinping made a special exhortations in Wuhan to implement the care for the masses.

This is the power of Chinau2014u2014

At 2:45 p.m. on February 10th, general secretary Xi Jinping came to Anhua Li community in Chaoyang District, Beijing. Wearing masks, rolling sleeves and taking body temperature, he practiced in the community neighborhood committee, calling for the epidemic of the whole people.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control work is a peoples war, we must believe in the masses, mobilize the masses, give full play to the community in the epidemic prevention and control work blocking effect . General secretary Xi Jinping said.

In Wuhan, more than 3300 communities and villages are under closed management. 12000 grid members are responsible for epidemic statistics, purchasing and transporting on behalf of others;

In Hubei Province, more than 13.15 million people have been investigated and verified, more than 274000 people have been closely followed up, and more than 82000 people have been transferred to four categories of people, including diagnosed patients, suspected patients, fever patients and close contacts;

In the country, more than 4 million urban and rural community workers have been strictly guarded, 650000 urban and rural community prevention and control networks have been continuously organized, and hundreds of millions of people have taken the initiative to cooperate to connect the invincible great wall of war epidemic.

The greatest strength is to work together, and the most solid defense is the peoples war.

At the gate of Yanjing Hangcheng community, Sanhe City, Hebei Province, residents are undergoing a temperature test (taken on February 23). Shen Jizhong

From both sides of the Yangtze River to Baishan and Heishui, from the Central Plains to the coast of the East China Sea, under the leadership of the Party Central Committee, group defense and group control have forged a city of unity.

Chinas mobilization is unprecedented in the history of global public health. Thats what Robert Kuhn, an American expert on China, said. Ive never seen such a mobilization in my life, said Tan Desai, who director general

Decisive achievements have been made in the Wuhan and Hubei defense wars, and major strategic achievements have been made in the national epidemic prevention and control interdiction war.

According to the time and the situation, make precise measures to promote epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development as a whole

Novel coronavirus pneumonia is a major challenge to integrate strength and fight against the epidemic in a relatively short period of time. After the epidemic situation is slowing down, how to co-ordinate the prevention and control of the disease and resume production is a great challenge. -- Xi Jinping

China has taken strong measures to avoid hundreds of thousands of peoples infection.

Chinas WHO China novel coronavirus pneumonia joint expert group Bruce Elward, senior adviser to the director general of the World Health Organization, is evaluating the 9 days visit to Beijing on the evening of February 24th.

Earlier in the day, the national two sessions scheduled for March 3 and March 5 were postponed. This rare move reflects the challenges of extraordinary times.

In Wuhan and Hubei, there are nearly ten thousand critical patients whose lives are in danger. Life first is the solemn commitment of the party and the government, and also a great test of the treatment work.

Intensive care and intensive treatment for critically ill and critically ill patients should be focused on the families of patients, especially those with relatives. The general secretary Xi Jinpings instructions, medical staff and community workers should not forget.

The number of cases is large, there is no specific medicine, and the condition changes rapidly General secretary Xi Jinping took the rescue work as the key to reversing the war situation, and conducted several field visits and research guidance.

General secretary went to novel coronavirus pneumonia hospital to understand the situation of hospitalization and treatment. Video link Wuhan severe patients admitted to the hospital, to the vast number of medical staff to condolence, make requests; special trip to Wuhan Fire God Mountain hospital, for patients to cheer up for medical staff.

A staff member collected a throat swab from a teacher at a testing point in Fancheng District, Xiangyang City, Hubei Province, on April 18. Xinhua Social Development Bureau (Photo by Xie Jianfei)

From screening more than ten thousand drugs to determining effective diagnosis and treatment plan, from summarizing three drugs and three prescriptions to using recovery plasma and other treatment methods The CPC Central Committee pays close attention to and supports every scientific research deployment, and the general secretary has a detailed discussion on every major breakthrough.

Science is the fundamental policy of the national war epidemic; overall planning is the way to win in crisis management.

When the mobile China presses the pause key, a series of practical problems and potential impacts come:

The longer the outbreak is blocked, the more difficult it is for economic and social restart and recovery

The epidemic situation should be controlled to death and the economy should be released. At both ends of the scale, the weight is as heavy as a mountain.

The year 2020 is the end of the decisive battle against poverty. There is no way out to fulfill the promise of the party and the government to the people!

On February 23, a special teleconference was held in the East Hall of the Great Hall of the people.

Prevention and control of the epidemic is about life, and resumption of work is about livelihood.

The spring breeze is warm and the earth is green.

In the satellite remote sensing picture, China in spring is brightening upu2014u2014

In the satellite positioning and navigation system, China is running in springu2014u2014

From the coast to the mainland, the movement lines of freight vehicles running track are multiplying. A flow curve contains infinite vitality of people and goods.

At 13:24 on March 19, the g4368 train left Jingzhou station slowly. A train bound for spring is full of the love of holding hands and pulling hands, and 40000 Hubei migrant workers are arranged to return to Guangdong to work.

Employment issues care clauses, approves and realizes remote connection, more precise and effective regulation and control policies to reassure the market, and tax relief to inject strength into enterprises Various departments of the central government have launched new measures to inject more warm colors into Chinas economy.

Return to school in batches and times, customize return to work special train, unify Health Code and travel at ease, make appointment for recovery tourism in time All parts of the country should actively respond to the new changes and let the Chinese society return to the normal state as soon as possible.

The factory and workshop are busy with production; the countryside and fields are busy with spring ploughing.

In Mahui village, Datong Town, Wuan city, Hebei Province, farmers are busy driving agricultural machinery in the field (photo taken on March 20, UAV). Xinhua News Agency reporter Wang xiaophotographed

On March 3, the peoples Government of Guizhou Province announced that the poverty-stricken counties are getting rid of poverty. This marks that Zunyi has achieved overall poverty alleviation and 8.12 million people in the old districts bid farewell to the history of poverty.

In the workshop of Guangzhou Skyworth Graphic Display Technology Co., Ltd. located in Guangzhou Development Zone, workers work on the assembly line (photo taken on February 10). Photographed by Deng Hua, reporter of Xinhua News Agency

Jiangnan Spring rain, moistening things silent. Xi Jinping, general secretary of Ningbo, Zhejiang, came to the frontline workers who resumed work and resumed production, urging everyone to ensure the production tasks and ensure good health.

On April 22, in the evening, the lights began to shine. Xians Datang night city walking street, general secretary Xi Jinping, who is studying in Xian, came here to understand the night economy to resume operation.

The general secretary stressed that under the premise of scientific prevention and control of the epidemic, we should orderly promote the resumption of business and market of all kinds, and strive to restore normal life order.

The NPC and CPPCC General Secretary Xi Jinping novel coronavirus pneumonia has launched the sixth local investigation since the beginning of the two national meetings. It urged Shanxi to overcome the adverse effects of the epidemic and make greater strides in the transformation and development of high quality.

It is not only a kind of ability, but also a kind of fixed force.

General secretary Xi Jinping repeatedly stressed: we need to strengthen our confidence and not be intimidated by problems and difficulties. China is a big country with strong resilience, great potential and great room for maneuver.

Some foreign netizens lamented that in the face of unprecedented epidemic situation, China has achieved the goal of 1.4 billion people, continuous water supply, power supply, heating, communication, material supply and social order!

Danger and opportunity always coexist. Overcoming danger is opportunity. Facing the market turbulence caused by the overseas epidemic and the serious impact of international trade and economic activities, general secretary Xi Jinping has firmly declared that China is determined to safeguard the global industrial chains supply chains openness, stability and security. On the one hand, it actively encourages domestic enterprises to seize the opportunity of technological innovation and industrial upgrading.

According to time and situation, powerful and orderly. There are thousands of troops and a steady command.

At 0:00 on April 8, after 76 days of Fengcheng adherence, the hero of Wuhan officially restarted.

On April 17, China released economic data for the first quarter of 2020. Affected by the epidemic, GDP fell year on year in the first quarter 6.8% u3002 Since March, the main economic indicators have improved month by month. In April, industrial added value and export growth rate changed from negative to positive. The epidemic has given birth to the rapid growth of new industries and new formats, and Chinas economy has shown great resilience.

On April 29, the news of the upcoming national two sessions came. Novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control normalization of the special background of convening this remarkable event, fully demonstrates that Comrade Xi Jinping as the core of the Party Central Committee is firmly in control of Chinas giant wave breaking the wave.

Mankind is a community of shared destiny. Unity and cooperation are the most powerful weapons in the fight against epidemics that affect the safety and security of all peoples. -- Xi Jinping

Thinking of this, he wrote with deep touch: in front of the epidemic, where there is any difference between US and them , everyone in every country is US.

The world is hot and cold. On the night when the kingdoms wrote these words, President Xi Jinping and UN Secretary General Guterres made an overseas call:

The outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia has once again demonstrated that mankind is a community of common destiny. The international community must establish a sense of community of shared future for mankind, keep watch and help each other, work together to cope with risks and challenges, and build a better earth home.

Fortune and misfortune depend on each other. As early as the outbreak, China has put itself into the worlds frame of reference and shouldered the responsibility of a major country.

On January 12, the World Health Organization announced that it had received the virus gene sequence information shared by China, which was released in the global influenza sharing database and shared by all countries.

The epidemic is the devil. We cant let the devil hide. President Xi Jinpings speech is clang, conveying a frank attitude towards China, showing the fearless Chinas role.

Tan Desai, director general of who, said that China has used a record short time to identify pathogens, and has taken the initiative to share the gene sequence of the virus with the international community in a timely manner.

Chinas anti epidemic war is also a war for the world.

President Xi Jinping repeatedly said: China holds the concept of the community of human destiny, which is responsible for the safety and health of its people, as well as the responsibility of the global public health service.

After the outbreak, President Xi Jinping met with foreign leaders and heads of international organizations for 4 times, called 51 times, sent condolences to leaders of the leaders of more than 10 countries and the heads of regional organizations such as the European Union, and also sent letters to the president of Argentina, and sent letters to Bill Gate, Utah primary school students, etc. to introduce the key measures of the Chinese people to fight the epidemic prevention and control. The international community has given China support and help, expressed Chinas positive will to provide assistance to all countries within its capabilities, and injected strong confidence into the international community to join hands in fighting the epidemic.

Adversity is love! Prime Minister Hong Sen of Kampuchea, President Bart Tuhr Yanga of the Mongolia and President Alwi of Pakistan visited China successively. President Xi Jinping thanked them for their sincere and steadfast support.

At the Zhukovsky airport near Moscow, Russia, staff loaded medical aid supplies provided by the Russian government to China on a transport plane (photo taken on February 8). Xinhua News Agency / Satellite News Agency

The Chinese people will always remember that Russia, Belarus and other countries sent special planes to deliver the urgently needed medical materials to Wuhan at the first time; the evacuation charter flights from Britain and Germany to Wuhan were loaded with medical materials; Equatorial Guinea, an underdeveloped country receiving long-term assistance, donated US $2 million to China; Mongolia donated 30000 sheep to China; Pakistan sent almost all of its reserves Masks

As pan Ki Moon, former Secretary General of the United Nations and chairman of Boao Forum for Asia, said, what history bears in mind is not only the advantages of the socialist system with Chinese characteristics, but also the common responsibility of all countries to work together to cope with the crisis.

The novel coronavirus pneumonia is a common enemy of mankind. It takes 67 days to report the first 100000 cases, 11 days to report the second 100000 cases and 4 days to report the third 100000 cases So far, there are more than 4.4 million confirmed cases in the world!

China feels the same way about the severe impact of the epidemic on other countries.

A condolence message from President Xi Jinping has been sent to heads of state and government of Italy, Iran, Korea, Spain, Serbia, Germany and France, as well as heads of the European Council and the European Commission.

The valuable experience gained by the Chinese people in the fight against the epidemic was unreservedly delivered to the five continents through a press conference of the joint prevention and control mechanism of the State Council, a press conference of all provinces, regions and cities, and a video conference of medical experts.

Standing by the gangway, President Vucci of Serbia warmly welcomed Chinese experts by touching each others elbows one by one, and expressed his deep gratitude by offering a loving kiss on the five-star red flag.

u2014u2014Sharing epidemic prevention and treatment programs with 180 countries and more than 10 international and regional organizations, and holding video exchange meetings with more than 160 countries and international organizations on epidemic prevention and control;

u2014u2014More than 20 medical expert groups have been sent to provide much-needed anti epidemic material assistance to more than 150 countries and international organizations;

u2014u2014Donate US $50 million to who and make every effort to facilitate the procurement of medical protection materials in China by other countries.

Give generously as you can.

Hassan ahmadian, assistant professor of the Institute of central and northeast African Studies at Tehran University in Iran, said that Chinas assistance not only embodies the humanitarian spirit, but also the responsible behavior of a major country.

The epidemic is not only a World War I, but also a big test. For China, so for the world.

President Xi Jinping profoundly pointed out: the spread of the epidemic is wide, the speed is fast, and the impact has not been 100 years.

In response to the new situation and new problems that have increased the number of confirmed cases and asymptomatic infections abroad, Xi Jinping, general secretary, has deployed to strengthen the care and care of Chinese citizens outside China, and on the one hand, switch the focus of epidemic prevention and control to external defense input and internal anti rebound in a timely manner.

In the entry hall of Shenzhen Bay Port, the customs staff checked the health declaration card of the inbound passengers (photo taken on April 3). Photo by Liang Xu, reporter of Xinhua News Agency

From strict customs quarantine law enforcement to precise prevention and control of flight risks, from the implementation of closed-loop management of entry personnel to the enhancement of screening of asymptomatic infected people, from the return of Chinese citizens to the countries where the epidemic situation is serious to the deployment of health package to the countries where Chinese students are concentrated A series of measures have effectively consolidated the hard-earned achievements of epidemic in the war, and continued to defend the eastern defense line for epidemic in the world war.

In the face of a hundred years of rare epidemic, where should we go? What is the mission of each country?

On the huge TV wall came pictures of leaders of various countries and heads of international organizations, including Riyadh, Moscow, Washington, Berlin, Brasilia Novel coronavirus pneumonia summit was first held by video leaders of the group of twenty leaders.

Chinas Chinas novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control strategy is to firmly fight the new global prevention and control of the epidemic situation, to effectively carry out international joint defense and joint control, to actively support the role of international organizations and to strengthen international macroeconomic policy coordination. President Xi Jinping, based on Chinas practice, puts forward the 4 China Initiative on strengthening international cooperation and condense the victory of the epidemic.

The public health crisis is a common challenge facing mankind, and solidarity and cooperation are the most powerful weapons In the face of the great test of all mankind, Chinese voice has won more recognition and resonance.

For the sake of the people, relying on the people, the Chinese nation writes an indelible heroic epic with great power

When the sea is full of changes, you will be a hero. In novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control work, general secretary Xi Jinping quoted this sentence more than once.

Youve really saved lives, helped the wounded, and loved each other. In March 10th, at the command center of Wuhan fire god Hill Hospital, general secretary Xi Jinping and the medical staff working in the ward were connected by video. You are the messenger of light, the messenger of hope, the most beautiful angel, the real hero! The party and the people thank you!

Medical staff walk to the ward of Wuhan huoshenshan hospital (photo taken on February 4). Photo by Xiao Yijiu, reporter of Xinhua News Agency

The war epidemic was extremely tragic. They defended their lives with their lives:

Liu Zhiming, the president of Wuchang hospital, kept thinking about how many patients had been admitted until he was admitted to the intensive care unit, and whether the infection control was up to the standard. In order not to infect others, he told his colleagues dont intubate me

Yin and yang are separated forever. The wife who is also treating the patient comes here after hearing the news. She can only chase the car of the funeral home and cry the name of her beloved over and over

This is Liu Zhiming, President of Wuhan Wuchang hospital. Shen Jizhong

In the first time after the outbreak, Wu Yaling, a member of the military support Hubei medical team who participated in Wenchuan earthquake relief and Africa anti Ebola virus, did not hesitate to submit a letter of invitation and rushed to huoshenshan hospital.

Mother died suddenly. The sad news came that she just wept silently, made three deep bows towards home, and then returned to the patient.

This is an exclusive interview with Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhong Nanshan in Guangzhou (taken on January 28). Photographed by Liu Dawei, reporter of Xinhua News Agency

Zhong Nanshan, 84, packed into a high-speed rail dining car and rushed to Wuhan.

Li Lanjuan, 73, only sleeps for three hours a day. If the epidemic doesnt return, I wont return.

In the east hospital area of Wuhan University Peoples Hospital, Li Lanjuan (middle) took a photo with the discharged patients (taken on March 16). Photographed by Xinhua News Agency reporter Cai Yang

Zhang Boli, 72, put into work on the third day after cholecystectomy, and said only one sentence: look at each others heart, I left my gall here.

Zhang Boli answers reporters questions at a press conference held in Wuhan, Hubei Province (photo taken on March 23). Photographed by Chen Yehua, reporter of Xinhua News Agency

I am deeply moved by the noble spirit of the medical staff who are desperate to die. General secretary Xi Jinpings words came from the bottom of his heart.

The fingerprints that were pressed on the invitation for war on New Years Eve, the scars that were imprinted on the cheeks of the masks, the backs that were soaked in sweat under the protective clothing, the suicide notes that were secretly written and hidden They all remain in the memory of the motherland and the people.

You all wear protective clothing and masks. I cant see your true face. But you are the most lovely people in my mind! The words of general secretary Xi Jinping inspired the white warriors.

Bravery and sacrifice are hard to count in this war; commonness and greatness are incisively and vividly in this big test.

In March 10th, Wuhan East Lake new town community party service center, folding chairs, general secretary Xi Jinping sat down and communed with community workers, grass-roots police, health service station doctors, sinking cadres, volunteers, and so on.

The general secretary said: we have worked hard and silently day and night to serve the masses. We have made important contributions to curb the spread of the epidemic and ensure the lives of the masses. We have shown the spirit of Party members and cadres in Wuhan who are not afraid of sacrifice, are brave to take responsibility, take the overall situation into consideration and are willing to contribute.

Feng Feng, a grid member of huiminyuan community, hangs the medicine purchased for residents in Hankou pharmacy, Huangshi Road, Jiangan District, Wuhan (photo taken on February 24). Shen Jizhong

If we dont sleep, the city wont lose.

Day and night in Fengcheng of Wuhan, there are party members and cadres charging in front, public security police on duty day and night, community grid members on call, environmental sanitation workers cleaning at designated points, volunteers love relay These unknown people guard the lights of every house and support the lifeline of a city.

March 10, Wuhan East Lake New Town community. Residents who have been living in isolation for 48 days have seen the general secretary coming, and they have put their heads out of their balconies and windows to salute him, some waving their national flag and shouting: come on, China! Come on, Wuhan!

Come on, everyone. Hold on! This scene was viewed hundreds of millions of times. The voice of the general secretary and the voice of the people echoed, the party and the people thank the people of Wuhan.

German virologist drosten said that we really need to learn from Chinas experience and thank the Chinese government and the Chinese people for their dedication and collectivism.

This is Zhang Dingyu, President of Wuhan Jinyintan hospital (taken on January 29). Photo by Xiao Yijiu, reporter of Xinhua News Agency

Novel coronavirus pneumonia was not taken into account when the disaster came.

When the storm retreated, he thought of the lives that had fought against the disease, the volunteers who shuttled patients and samples, the patients who came to donate blood after recovery, and the isolation virus and non isolation love that kept swiping the screen in his mobile phone

Volunteers Li Wenjian, Zhu Wei, Wang Ziyi, Wang Zhen and Yang Xuebin (from left to right) cheer for Wuhan (photo taken on February 29). This volunteer team is responsible for transporting pregnant women who lack transportation to the hospital and becoming the ferryman of new life. Photo by Xiao Yijiu, reporter of Xinhua News Agency

Pull together in times of trouble, Chinas warm and warm winter is coming to Wuhan. The people of Wuhan are showing their strength and spirit in China, showing the feelings of the Chinese nation in the same boat and in the same way.

The disaster will pass, and my heart will stay with you forever.

Reporters in the red zone cant forget that the doctors who fought all night cried and said, Im sorry, Ive tried my best; patients in the shelter hospital cant forget that some even lost their close relatives and cried for everyones encouragement; millions of netizens cant forget that severe patients used their last efforts to write down my body donated to the country

The party and the state will never forget that the 1.4 billion people, young and old, regardless of their occupation, choose to defend their country and give up their homes for the country, and turn the impossible into certain ability with the great power of overwhelming mountains and seas.

The people are the real heroes. General secretary Xi Jinping praised the way with deep affection. The people are the source of strength for this country to continue to write miracles and move towards victory.

As general secretary Xi Jinping said, the Chinese nation has experienced many hardships in history, but it has never been crushed, but has become more and more brave. It has been growing up in tribulations and rising from the tribulations.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia is a kind of spirit that grows up in tribulations and rises from tribulations. This spirit is contained in the hardships of fighting against foreign aggression and striving for independence and liberation, and sharpens its struggle in the course of socialist construction and reform and opening up. It also shines in the harming of SARS, earthquake relief and the fight against new crown pneumonia.

Zero hour, April 8.

The words Wuhan will restart in spring will light up on time, heroic city, heroic people will light up the night sky of three towns in Wuhan.

This is a picture of Wuhan West expressway toll station (taken on January 23, UAV). Photo by Xiong Qi, reporter of Xinhua News Agency

The bells of Jianghan pass are heard everywhere. In front of the square, between buildings, in the live video, wechat circle of friends, one voice Wuhan will win! Long live the motherland! Usher in a new day with this city.

In a corner of the city, the clear cry rises in the delivery room of Hubei maternal and child health care hospital, which is the 5108th new life born in this hospital since the closure of the city.

The city is full of people.

The towering Yellow Crane Tower has witnessed the unyielding struggle of a city; the surging Yangtze River is surging with the blood of a nation.

Never forget the original intention, never forget the mission, and realize the historical progress in the historical examination

This epidemic is a big test of Chinas governance system and capacity. We must sum up our experience and learn from it. -- Xi Jinping

The memory of Qingming Festival in the year of gengzi is unforgettable.

10:00, April 4, 2020. Xi Jinping Huairen church, the Chinese novel coronavirus pneumonia party, and the leaders of the party and leaders of the Republic of China wore white flowers, solemn and solemn silence. Together with the 1 billion 400 million Chinese people, they deeply mourned the death of the new crown pneumonia and the dead compatriots.

In three minutes and 180 seconds, the alarm rang from the north to the south of the river, inside and outside the Great Wall. The country sent off the hero who died with the highest sacrifice and mourned the sick and dead compatriots.

On April 4, people mourned in Yiyuan square, jiangtan, Hankou, Wuhan. On novel coronavirus pneumonia, the Wuhan city held a mourning ceremony to express the deep condolences to the martyrs and the compatriots who died. Photo by Xiao Yijiu, reporter of Xinhua News Agency

General secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: the epidemic is a major test of our governance system and capabilities. We must sum up our experience and learn from it.

Facing the great examination, the political nature of the Communist Party of China is impressive.

On March 2, a special swearing in ceremony was held in Guangzhou and Wuhan.

According to the video, academician Zhong Nanshan, a 55 year old Party member, told Li Yingxian, a front-line nurse who joined the party on the hot line, now is the time when Communist Party members are needed to stand up. I see the greatness in your ordinary work.

We can rush up at the critical moment and get out at the critical moment. In the face of this life and death examination, a total of 440000 people across the country have submitted applications to join the party.

In the anti epidemic front line, a total of 244000 temporary Party organizations were set up; 396 party members and cadres died in their work (sacrifice).

Be ready to sacrifice everything for the party and the people at any time is a solemn oath that rings through Shenzhou, and the bright red party flag is flying high in the front line of fighting against the epidemic.

Facing the big test, the advantages of the socialist system with Chinese characteristics are more prominent.

Under one command, thousands of miles of rapid assistance; unified scheduling, collaborative promotion; multiple lines simultaneously, advance and retreat orderly There is nothing comparable to this: General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: the reason why our countrys epidemic prevention and control and resumption of production and rehabilitation can be effectively promoted is that the leadership of the party and the superiority of our socialist system have played an incomparable important role.

Sincere words and earnest wishes, in reply to the students of University of Tibet medical school who were intern in Shougang Hospital, general secretary Xi Jinping encouraged them to take the white angels in war as an example and strive to be good doctors who rely on the party and the people. When they wrote back to the whole body 90s party members of the medical team of the Peking University, the general secretary Xi Jinping encouraged the young people to be fearless and brave. Bear in mind, let youth bloom gorgeous flowers in the places most needed by the party and the people. Always on the alert, in reply to all the community workers in the East Lake new town community of Wuhan, general secretary Xi Jinping has high hopes that they will make new contributions to win the epidemic situation and prevent and control the peoples war, the general war and the blocking war.

On the eve of the May 1st International Labor Day, I wrote back to encourage the working people. On the occasion of the May 4th Youth Day, I sent a message to the youth of the new era. On the occasion of the international nurses day, I sent my congratulations and sincere condolences to the nurses across the country General secretary Xi Jinpings kindly concern, inspiring and inspiring fighting spirit.

A little light makes a little light, and a force makes a force. The 1.4 billion people have opened a safe model for the whole people to fight against the epidemic with the love of their families and countries and the national righteousness of trying to work hard at one place.

The big test is like a mirror, reflecting the advantages and exposing the short board.

In January 2018, in the study and implementation of the nineteen spirit of the partys seminar, general secretary Xi Jinping listed 8 aspects of 16 specific risks, clearly mentioned: like SARS major infectious diseases, we must always be vigilant and strict prevention.

In January 2019, change constantly like cloud and wave, the complicated and sensitive surrounding environment and arduous tasks of reform and development, we must always be vigilant. We must be vigilant against the black swan incident and prevent the ash from the ashes. Xi Jinping, general secretary of the provincial and ministerial level leading cadres, insisted on bottom line thinking and efforts to prevent and resolve major risks. Rhinoceros.

The sober study and judgment of the Party Central Committee is by no means alarmist. The novel coronavirus pneumonia is a warning sign for the decisive link between the success of building a well-off society and the decisive battle against poverty.

The hospitals bed reserve is insufficient, the grass-roots medical treatment is obviously weak, the distribution of donated materials is not smooth, and the prevention and control notice is not the same before and after In the voice of doubt, Chinas shortcomings in major epidemic prevention and control system, public health emergency management system and other aspects need to be supplemented.

To sum up experiences and lessons in the war epidemic and focus on long-term peace and stability is the proper meaning to promote the modernization of national governance system and governance capacity.

The construction of river levees and sea walls, as well as the construction of anti-seismic buildings, should be prepared for disasters that will never happen in a hundred years. Investment in public health is also better prepared than not used.

Focus on the root and plan for the long term. General secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: man and nature must live in harmony. Once human activities exceed natural carrying capacity, they will be retaliated. The implementation of the concept of green development is not only related to the sustainable development of economy and society, but also to the harmonious coexistence of man and nature.

He who observes the trend is wise. In the face of this major global crisis and the common war of all mankind, general secretary Xi Jinpings voice is firm and forceful: only by working together can we win the war.

General secretary Xi Jinping tirelessly counsel his words:

Todays world is undergoing a major change that hasnt happened in a hundred years. China is in a critical period of realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. Our party is leading the people in a great struggle with many new historical characteristics. The situation and environment are changing rapidly, the task of reform, development and stability is of great importance, there are many conflicts and risks, and the test of our partys governance is unprecedented.

The more severe and complex the development environment is, the more we need to unswervingly deepen reform, improve all aspects of the system, improve the governance system, promote better transformation and integration of system construction and governance efficiency, and be good at using institutional advantages to deal with the impact of risk challenges.

At the meeting of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee held in May 14th, general secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that the current situation of epidemic prevention and control in the whole country is generally good. Meanwhile, the epidemic situation outside the country is grim and complex, and the task of preventing the epidemic is still arduous and heavy. We should resolutely overcome the paralysis, weariness of war, fluke mentality and relaxed mentality, continue to grasp the work of external defense input and internal defense rebound, never let the hard won achievements of epidemic prevention and control be abandoned, and ensure that we can complete the decisive goal of poverty alleviation and build a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way.

To sum up experience and lessons from the war and draw wisdom from the big test, the Chinese nation will certainly be able to turn from danger to opportunity and move forward in spite of difficulties!