Strategic layout grasp the opportunity of hot spot rotation

 Strategic layout grasp the opportunity of hot spot rotation

Suggestions on the allocation of major assets

It is suggested that investors should adopt the allocation strategy of taking stocks as the main part and combining stocks with bonds in the allocation of fund assets. The specific suggestions are as follows: active investors can allocate 50% of active investment biased funds, 10% of index funds, 10% of QDII funds, 30% of bond funds; stable investors can allocate 30% of active investment biased funds, 10% of index funds, 10% of QDII funds, 40% of bond funds, 10% of money market funds or financial bond funds; conservative investors We can allocate 20% of active investment in partial equity funds, 40% of bond funds, 40% of money market funds or financial bond funds.

Strategy of partial stock fund

In May, the market fundamentals are expected to turn stronger, and the effect of a package of counter cyclical policies is gradually emerging. A new round of reform, such as the gem registration system, the new third board innovation layer, and the QFII quota liberalization, has further improved the market risk appetite. Benefiting from the urgent needs of foreign demand and domestic substitution, the main line of science and technology growth is still clear, and it is expected to continue to show high flexibility and lead the market upward strongly. The central bank requires to actively use big data, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, blockchain and other technologies to continuously enhance the financial risk prevention capability, and make good use of the relevant science and technology industry chain. In the later stage, a series of supporting policies may be issued, suggesting investors to continue to pay attention. From the perspective of performance, consumption and infrastructure are less affected by external demand, and continue to benefit from the dividend of expanding domestic demand policy, or take the lead to get out of the performance haze; at the same time, with the continuous increase of financial market opening, A-share attracts long-term funds by virtue of undervalue, high growth and high liquidity, and the performance of securities companies is expected to achieve more than expected growth. It is suggested that the strategic layout of investors is relevant Sector funds.

Bond fund strategy

As of May 15, the average growth rates of net worth of pure bond funds, primary bond funds and secondary bond funds in May were - 0.29%, - 0.50% and - 0.41%, respectively. Recently, the macro data is better than expected, and the return of pure bond fund has declined due to many factors such as the gradual strengthening of stock market. It is suggested that investors should choose a high credit rating bond base. In terms of segmentation, under the background of the governments counter cyclical policy, the urban investment platform may become one of the important drivers of stable growth, and the urban investment debt still has a certain coupon advantage; with the recovery of the real estate market and the relaxation of the real estate financing policy, although the price performance ratio of the real estate debt has declined, it is expected to contribute certain absolute income. In addition, the yields of treasury bonds and policy financial bonds are relatively stable, so investors are advised to pay attention.

QDII fund strategy

Source: Ren Hui, editor in charge of China Securities News_ NBJ9607