Lu media: no one knows when the CBA will resume

 Lu media: no one knows when the CBA will resume

Xi Wang mens basketball team is actively preparing for the game

Affected by the epidemic, CBA League is suspended indefinitely. Starting from epidemic prevention and ensuring the safety of players, Xi Wangs mens basketball team took a month long holiday during the Spring Festival, and only on February 23 did it play the rally number, becoming one of the latest teams in the CBA team to start school. Under the guidance of coach Gong Xiaobin, Xi Wang mens basketball team actively prepared for the next round of the competition. In an interview earlier, Gong said that no matter how the league is restarted, it is fair to any team. The only thing the West Wang mens basketball team can do is to be good at themselves.

Due to the rapid spread of the epidemic in foreign countries, the date of CBA League rematch has been delayed, so far there is no official news. At the end of April, Xiwang mens basketball team had a vacation of about one and a half months to give the players a simple rest. In the afternoon of May 15th, the West Kings basketball tiktok just returned to training for less than a week. This open training course includes 1-on-1 full court attack and defense, multi person group confrontation, etc. In the process of attack and defense, the coaching team of Xi Wang mens basketball team requires the players to complete the attack after two or three passes to improve the speed of attack and defense conversion. In the live broadcast, the mens basketball team of Xi Wang showed an excellent state. The training intensity will be more and more, and the coaching team will gradually increase some targeted training. We also need to keep ourselves in good condition at all times to prepare for the restart of the league. Li Jingyu said after the training.

The use of foreign aid is still uncertain

Judging from the current situation of the global epidemic, it is almost certain that it will not be able to return to China in a short time without returning foreign aid. Hudson and mace, both foreign players of West Wang mens basketball team, are trained separately in the United States. Once the league is resumed, no matter what policies foreign players implement, the team can only play in all Chinese classes. Gong Xiaobin said in an interview that the team has been in close communication with the two foreign aid players to remind them to keep their state at all times. Once the policy allows, they can return to the team at any time. The team has also made a variety of plans for the next game.

Yao Ming becomes a PE teacher

During the outbreak, the Chinese Basketball Association has not been idle, through the way of online live broadcast organized a number of activities. Recently, with the school returning to school gradually, the China Basketball Association launched the live sports open class activity of I play sports, basketball cant live. On the afternoon of May 15, basketball association leader Yao Ming, as a guest of the first open class, transformed himself into a physical education teacher to attend a basketball class.

Yao Ming, who once killed all sides on the court, said that it was difficult to be a PE teacher. He said that when he went to Sichuan mountain area to teach, he went to Beijing Sport University to ask a professor for advice. Its not that you can teach basketball if you can play basketball, its totally two concepts. Its a kind of ability to organize ordinary actions and impressions in your mind into a language professor. Physical education is a very rigorous science.

In this live class, Yao Ming explained the shooting elements from body orientation, hand shape, position of force, arc of ball and other details. At the same time, Yao played a game of shooting with socks and table tennis with the host. As a result, Yao made nine shots in 45 seconds.

Yao Ming also shared his feelings when he was competing for the Olympic Games in the live broadcast, the first time (Sydney Olympic Games) was very excited, I felt that I ran a lot faster, but the ball was not well controlled; the second time (Athens Olympic Games) was excited, but it was much better; the third time (Beijing Olympic Games) was at home, I felt tears in my eyes.

After the host threw out the question my colleague said you seem to be thin recently, Yao Ming played another Yao style humor, you can check your eyes.

It is understood that in addition to Yao Ming, Wang Shaojie, Sun Yue, Lin Shuhao, Guo Allan, Hu Mingxuan, Zhai Xiaochuan, Shen Zijie, shaoting and other players will successively appear in the open class of I play sports, basket cant live , which will bring the fans extremely practical basketball training skills.

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