Dense investment layout, star organizations stirring up the pharmaceutical sector

 Dense investment layout, star organizations stirring up the pharmaceutical sector

In addition to kelleying, Hillhouse capital has invested strategically in a number of Listed Companies in the pharmaceutical and biological industries since this year. Recently, A-share medical device company kailitai issued a fixed increase plan, which shows that the company plans to issue no more than 58.5 million shares at a price of 18.73 yuan per share, with a total fundraising of 1.096 billion yuan. As a strategic investor, Hillhouse capital plans to subscribe 21 million shares. If it is successfully issued, Hillhouse capital will hold 5.13% of the total shares. Previously, Hualan bio disclosed that its subsidiary Hualan bio vaccine Co., Ltd. planned to introduce strategic investors. Hong Kong Kekang Co., Ltd., the second largest shareholder of Hualan bio, transferred 15% of the equity of vaccine company, while Hillhouse capital and Chenyi fund invested 1.242 billion yuan and 828 million yuan respectively to transfer 9% and 6% of the equity of vaccine company.

Star institutions have the golden finger effect. The individual stocks of these institutions have attracted capital attention in the secondary market, and their trend is worth looking forward to. There are secondary market investors pointed out.

Liang Hong, chairman of Shanghai Xiwa Asset Management Co., Ltd., said that the market will definitely fluctuate in the short term, but it will always develop in a good direction. In the long term, the pharmaceutical industry is the most optimistic. Although some stocks in the pharmaceutical sector have risen a lot at present, which is not a medium-term or short-term point of purchase, in a longer period of time, this sector is most worthy of configuration, because the growth rate of the whole industry is very fast. With the acceleration of the aging of the population, the pharmaceutical sector will be a large industry with uncertain long-term growth in the future. Liang Hong predicted that the whole industry will have a performance growth rate of 15%, and some sub sectors such as orthopedics may have a growth rate of more than 20%, while the growth rate of high-quality companies in the industry may be faster.

The latest strategic view of a shares issued by jingling investment also indicates that it focuses on investment opportunities in the areas of large consumption and health. Zou Wei, general manager of Jingling investment, said that with the impact of this years epidemic, the main structural opportunities of this years A-share market are expected to come from domestic demand. Consumption, medical and other just needs will not disappear due to the epidemic. At the same time, due to the high long-term certainty, the market will use the method of future cash flow discount to value, so that the impact of short-term epidemic fluctuations on the valuation and stock price will be weakened.

Drinking and taking medicine are generally considered defensive strategies. However, from the current situation, the biomedical industry is showing a pattern of both defensive and offensive. On the one hand, medium and long-term population aging and short-term epidemic disturbance can provide clear defense for the industry; on the other hand, the development of biomedical industry, especially innovative drugs and innovative biomedical technology, has brought about increasingly offensive. However, at present, the valuation level of individual stocks in the biomedical industry is generally not low, and the biggest pressure for investment comes from finding individual stocks at the right price. A fund company medical theme fund manager said.