Early comments: Shanghai index opened 0.14percent higher, and the concept of western development went up strongly

 Early comments: Shanghai index opened 0.14percent higher, and the concept of western development went up strongly

According to Guojin Securities Research Report, the A-share market has gradually stepped into the two sessions window. At present, there are some differences on the strength of financial policies in the market, and the strength of financial policies is expected to exceed the market expectations. A-share market risk appetite or further rise. From the perspective of stock risk premium, the current A-share stock risk premium is still in a relatively high position. Under the impact of the epidemic, the current market risk preference is not high, and the subsequent risk preference is expected to be repaired under the catalysis of the stimulus policy. In addition, emerging markets represented by a shares will continue to benefit from the global liquidity easing environment. It is suggested to focus on industries benefiting from both supply and demand, such as consumption + infrastructure.

Guo Lei, chief Macro Analyst of GF Securities, said that the stage of the biggest impact of the epidemic on the global economy is passing, and Europe and the United States are also actively returning to work. Although there are still many new cases in Europe and the United States, the gradual return to work has begun. The current stage of the epidemic is the top platform stage, which has passed the stage of rapid rise, but the main indicators have not come down, and the internal structure of the epidemic has changed.

According to Zhongtai Securities Research Report, previously affected by the epidemic, the national centralized procurement and other work were delayed. With the epidemic under control, all work began to recover gradually, and the third batch of national centralized mining is expected to gradually enter the promotion stage. In the long run, with volume purchase will become the conventional sales mode of generic drugs. With volume purchase, generic drugs will tend to compete with the integration of cost control and industrial chain. Enterprises with API production capacity and strong cost control ability have more competitive advantages. window.__ STOCK_ COMPONENT__ .push({code:000001,type:SH_ Index , tag: time }); source: Yang Qian, editor in charge of Finance and economics of Netease_ NF4425